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30 June 2011

It Takes Five People to Replace One Glenn Beck

For now, at least, a rotating ensemble of five Fox personalities will be filling up Beck's time slot.  Gutfeld sounds intriguing, Williams bores me already when he subs for O'Reilly, I have no idea what to think about Beckel...

Here's the money question:  Did they even ask Breitbart if he wanted the slot?

The Glenn Beck Program, June 30 LIVEBLOG -- LAST SHOW

"Yes, we buy chalk by the case."
I'm gonna be doing less transcript work and more talkin.  Eventually I'll get the transcript up at TTHNA.

Beck is outside the building, showing the outside of the studio.  They're starting to take the set apart.  "We've really done some amazing things together."  And now... time for a clip show.

  • Question with Boldness
  • Hold to the Truth
  • Speak without Fear

Less of a clip show, more of a clip montage.

TV goodbyes

Today, it's the end of an era.  (Can two years be an era?)  TV enters our homes, be it Walter Cronkite or Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and it becomes a welcome visitor and a part of our routine.  Similar to high school, when you'd always see specific friends between classes -- not necessarily because you liked them more, but because their locker was by your math class -- TV shows on the faces on the screen can become entwined with our everyday life.  Change is strange, and it can be hard to say goodbye.

When Twin Peaks ended, my sister and I drove to a doughnut shop in silence.  I've still not fully accepted the end of Buffy, partially evidenced by my refusal to watch the last two episodes of Angel.  Somehow, that keeps Buffy alive for me.  I felt empty when LOST ended, but to be fair, that might have something to do with the big middle finger that was the final episode.

Point being -- today is Glenn Beck's last show, and I'm feeling sad.  I'm suspicious yesterday was his last real episode and today will be a clip show, a tour of the new frontier, an hour long prayer, or something equally bleck.

I've started blogging about Beck.  On this blog, I type while watching Beck -- which has morphed into me pausing to catch every single word, sometimes inserting my own commentary -- and elsewhere I take my transcript and insert pics, links, and video.  It's a lengthy process, and it's led to me spending many hours everyday working with Beck material and his primary sources.  I've not been doing it for a long time, but I've highly enjoyed the time spent doing it.  I plan to continue to do this work with his older shows, but it obviously won't feel the same.

I have a feeling that my live blogging will be commentary, not transcript tonight.

Village Voice Silenced by Staff?

One of the nation's staple alt-weekly newspapers is in a sticky situation.  Village Voice staffers are threatening to strike over contract negotiations.  They have set up an alternate website to continue publishing news in the event of a strike.  (Who wants to bet that the primary news covered will be their strike?)

29 June 2011

The Glenn Beck Program, June 29 LIVEBLOG

Hello, America.  This is the last audience that will join us, because tomorrow it's just you and me.  And tomorrow is our last episode on the FoxNews Channel.  You don't want to miss it.

I have a lot to share with you.  Tonight it's big picture.  When you're down to the last episodes of something you've worked in for five years and you're trying to think "What is it I want to leave you with?  What is the most important..."  I haven't been good at narrowing things down.

Today I want to spend time on two things.  Most important things.
- What's coming our way?  (One last stab at it.)
- And, who do you trust?/ The Media.
Tonight I want to talk to you about those things.  But I have to start over here [walks to chalkboards] with Israel, because you are being lied to.  Absolutely, positively -- you're being lied to.  And you need to know what the truth is.


Lindsay Lohan recently tweeted


When Obama went to Brazil, I was horrified by the results, and I began referring to his foreign trips as his Rainbow Tour, a reference to Eva Peron's 1947 trip to Europe -- as well as a reference to a song from the musical Evita.

To be honest, the bulk of my Argentinian historical knowledge comes from and/or stems from that musical.  (I'm okay with that.  You gotta start somewhere.)  While I'm not naive enough to make Andrew Lloyd Webber my sole source for Argentinian history, there was some niggling thing about Obama that reminded me of the Rainbow Tour -- and the Perons.

Then I came across this nugget from Abraham H. Miller over at Pajamas Media.  Stop reading here and go read what he has to say about Obama & Juan Peron.  It's great stuff.

Oh, fine.  Here's a sample:
Predictably, Peron’s reforms led to a bloated government bureaucracy that drained resources from the private sector. Universal health care and high social security benefits further increased the bureaucracy and monetary liquidity. Pumping money artificially into both social programs and wages caused an inflation rate of 52%, by 1951, coupled with a massive trade deficit — as money chased foreign goods.
Okay.  Now stoppit.  Stop reading here, and go check out Miller's piece.

Buffy nostalgia

This makes me ridiculously happy.

Alec Baldwin "Casts the First Stone", Palinizes Bachmann

... and might be upping the ante.  Let's review: Palin's pretty thus dumb.  That meme's already been taken.  So the Bachmann meme is that she's serious thus dangerous.  So far, all of the smears I've noticed have been falling squarely into that category.  But Baldwin offers a new twist.

28 June 2011

Idiots beg Hillary for HALP

Teenagers are asking their parents for a way to safely get in the car with a drunk driver.

Oops, I mean six Democrats have asked Secy of State Clinton for help to keep Americans safe on the Audacity of Hope, a boat sailing with the "humanitarian" Flotilla 2.  The fleet, due to start today but now appearing to be delayed, is a repeat of last year's Flotilla.  Ships that say they carry humanitarian aid will attempt to sail to Gaza and break the Israeli Gaza blockade.

The Glenn Beck Program, June 28 LIVEBLOG

Welcome to the Glenn Beck Program.  I want to go over a few stories that came across my desk this morning, and I want you to see if you can figure out what they all have in common.

First, Greece is rioting.  [video.]  These are the police in Greece.  More violent clashes as the youths throw rocks and gas bombs at the Greek Finance Ministry over the cost cutting measures being taken by the government.  They bombed a satellite truck, they blew up kiosks, they attacked police.  The protests and strikes have brought the economy to a grinding halt.  Everything from the electric company workers to ambulance drivers to air traffic controllers to public transportation employees -- they all walked off the job.   Greece is lovely today.

We told you about this two years ago.  We told you it was coming.  Nobody believed us then.  There's much more coming.  Okay, there's story number one.

Chokegate or Whiner-gate?

More details emerge about the Prosser/Bradley WI SC debacle.

Long story short, Prosser was acting in self-defense, and other justices agree that no "choking" occurred. What is also becoming obvious is that Wisconsin's Supreme Court is embroiled with more dysfunction than Homer Simpson at a vegetarian picnic.

Perhaps that is the reason that this story broke at the same time that the press was announcing Walker's signing of the Budget Bill which curtailed public sector unions' ability to collectively bargain.  That way, when people read about Wisconsin, they will also read about the dysfunctional Supreme Court which is responsible* for pushing the law forward.

*Note.  The Supreme Court had nothing to do with the publication of the law.  The court case regarded the meetings rules in which the legislature voted to pass the bill.  The court had no authority at that point to make claims about the bill/law's legality, and they made that clear in their ruling.  Regardless, presumed conservative Justice Prosser wanted to wait to announce the ruling.  This would not only relate to partisan perceptions, as the article notes -- doing so would have meant the Wisconsin legislature would have put the bill back up for vote in the Senate and Assembly, essentially re-passing it and taking the Supreme Court entirely out of public perception regarding the law.  Honestly, of everything that's emerging about the WI SC, waiting to announce their decision would have been a good decision.  Even if its intention was solely to give the perception of non-partisan whatevers, it also would have given the protesters and Dems a second chance to get their representatives to rule against the law...

Taliban claim responsibility for Intercontinental hotel bombing


Suicide bombers + the Intercontinental hotel, a popular spot for Western journalists and ambassadors.  As I listen to cable news, they say there may have been some sort of negotiations taking place at the hotel, which could provide a reason for the attack.

Speaking of cable news, they had to interrupt Casey Anthony trial coverage to bring us the Intercontinental Hotel story.  What a shame.

27 June 2011

The Glenn Beck Program, June 27 LIVEBLOG (with Rick Perry)

Welcome to the Glenn Beck Program.  Oh, to be young again!  Who doesn't remember being a wacky, crazy kid and organizing mass mob attacks on businesses and random strangers on sight?  Besides me, and maybe you.  50 young people stormed in Chicago a Walgreens.  They took bottled drinks, they took sandwiches, other items off the shelves, and then they left.  (

26 June 2011

Walker signed the budget.

Whew.  Here's a list of additional budget vetoes.  

Freedom Flotilla 2: now, with journalists.

The anti-Israeli fleet of small ships is planned for this Tuesday.  Oddly, Turkish IHH has dropped out, leaving the flags of NATO and EU countries to represent the ships.  Another twist has developed: American journalists from CNN, CBS, et. al. plan to accompany the flotillas.  They might call themselves embedded reporters, except that implies the ships are engaging in violent actions, which they vehemently deny.  And yet a further twist: Israel is threatening sanctions, of sorts, against journalists who participate in the flotillas.

Palinizing Bachmann: Think Progress joins the fun

A Think Progress article opens with a description of a candidate who is extremely well-liked by their base and is an extremely effective fundraiser.  Sounds like Obama, no?  Nope, it's presidential candidate Michelle Bachmann.  Supposedly, she is Dangerous!, has Radical! Ideologies!, and recognizes that she is a Kook!

The article then lists the ten "nuttiest" things Bachmann has ever said.  Ever.  Ever, ever, ever!  (Does this mean that Think Progress's work is done, and they won't be publishing any further Bachmann smears?)

WI Supreme Court: playground shenanigans or serious business?

I have been trying to ignore this story, but I just can't seem to do it.  Apparently, A Situation occurred behind closed doors between Wisconsin Supreme Court Justices on the eve of announcing their ruling on the Act 10 case.

Who said it: Democrat or Republican?

A Wisconsin blogger has asked an important question regarding the celebrations -- the "glory" -- at the end of the road when questionable tactics wereused to achieve victory.  In other words, do the means justify the ends?  I've clipped some quotes from the blog.

Coulter's Mob & Le Bon's Crowd

In Demonic: How the Liberal Mob is Endangering America, author Ann Coulter cites sociologist/psychologist Gustave Le Bon's work The Crowd: A Study of the Popular Mind (1895).  This was a new one for me.  A brief review of wikipedia portrays Le Bon as a formative element of the field of group psychology, especially as it relates to group think and propaganda.  Wikipedia notes that Edward Bernays -- who was influence by Le Bon -- wrote a work titled propaganda, in which "he declared that a major feature of democracy was the manipulation of the mass mind by media and advertising", in addition to both Hitler and Mussolini making use of Le Bon's findings.

Note: The work appears to be amoral; it is an academic study of the collective consciousness as opposed to an Alinksy-style how-to manual.

The Democrats Stole Your Birthday Cake!

Today was my mom's birthday.  I'm the cake-maker (and that went great, thank you very much), and my cake-themed card was a hit, too.

Cover: picture of empty cake platter.
Text:  The Democrats stole your birthday cake!

Inside, text: They sliced it up and gave it to people who aren't fortunate enough to have a birthday today.

Heh.  Heh heh heh.

24 June 2011

The Glenn Beck Program, June 24 LIVEBLOG (with Chris Stewart)

Hello, America.  We are counting the days down.  Next Thursday is the last broadcast -- eh, this broadcast -- on this network.  And I can't thank you enough for joining me for the last couple of years for what has been an incredible journey and life-changing journey.  For me, and I hope that in some way you have been affected [Editor's note: More than you can ever know.] and now go out and affect or infect others.

buy here
Join us all next week for the final episodes here on Fox.

Now, tonight we're gonna talk a little bit about history.  This book [holds book, does not yet show cover] was written by a friend of mine.  We talked a little bit about it last week.  Trust me, if you're going to order it, you should order it at the beginning of the episode.  I understand it's already three weeks out of print.  So it's going to be...  They're printing them as fast as they can.  [picture of The 7 Tipping Points.]

Chris Stewart is a guy who I read one of his other books on my last vacation, I think it was in January, and I actually called him while I was on vacation.  I actually got yelled at by my wife [voice] "What are you doing?  You're on vacation."  I said, "I have to talk to this guy."

Books & Cakes!

If only the emperors would give us cakes and BOOKS instead of cakes and circuses.  That'd be a swell world.  (Of course, with all of the learnin' that accompanies readin', that's just not a good move for the emperor.)

I woke up this morning and inexplicably walked outside.  I usually wait a few hours to do that.  There, outside, were my parents (in their car), whose summer home is next door to my current summer lake house.  And who I rarely see until evening.

They were holding two packages for me.
1. A shipping box full of books, on which I've been waiting for days (weeks! months!)
2. Chocolate chip pancakes & bacon.

What a treat!

On the summer reading list:

How Will Wisconsin's Budget Cuts Affect YOU?

The IWF has a "non-partisan" answer.  Since I'm currently not in Madison (and embrace the northwoods -- and any chance to pretend I actually live up here year-round), I checked out the stats for my current little town.  According to these stats, my town will have $9,127 less moneys.  The town's population is just under 1000, so that will affect each town member by about $9.

Sounds okay to me.

The website also notes
There are 1,943 public workers in Vilas County. Under the proposedstate budget, each will lose about $2,071 in take‐home pay.  This will reduce local buying andeconomic activity by $4 million leading to closed businesses and retail job losses. 

23 June 2011

Time Magazine: Does the Constitution Still Matter?

Does Time Magazine still matter?


The Glenn Beck Program, June 23 LIVEBLOG (Rick Santorum)

Welcome to the Glenn Beck Program.  Good news!  Come here. [Motions at the camera.]  Come here.  This is the last show Erin's doing with me.  [Hugs Erin.]  No, that's actually really sad news.

Caliphate: Hizb ut-Tahrir

Hizb ut-Tahrir is an international pan-Islamic political group with the goal of uniting a Muslim countries intro a caliphate.

They are planning a conference in July in the U.K., and I believe they have already held a conference in the U.S.  I'm still researching about the U.S. conference, but here's a link to the trailer for the U.K. one.

I went to the organization's website.  It had options to view it in different languages.
I opened both the English and Arab options.  For the Arab page, I used the Google Chrome option to translate the page from Arabic to English.  (Note: Text is translated.  Text within graphics, as shown in this pic, cannot be translated in this manner.)

Here are some shots of the English and translated-from-Arabic texts, side by side.  (Click to enlarge.)

Facebook continues to piss me off...

This status update is polluting my Facebook wall.

Oops, wrong button!  I meant to say
Remember when teachers, public employees, Planned Parenthood, NPR and PBS crashed the stock market, wiped out half of our 401ks, took trillions in tax payer funded bailouts, spilled oil in the Gulf of Mexico, gave themselves billions in bonuses and paid no taxes? Yeah. Me neither. Pass it on.

22 June 2011

Dear Democrabeepers: KNOCK IT OFF

What's a democrabeep?  It's a car horn honking to the protesters' beat of this-is-what-democracy-looks-like.  And for those living within honkin' ear shot of the WI Capitol for a month this winter/spring, it was the devil.  El Diablo.  Ned Flanders' "Howdily Doodily" hurt less to Homer Simpson's ears than those damn car horns did to people living nearby.

The battle is won.  I know.  So why am I bitching?  I follow all sorts of people on twitter, and tonight I noticed this in my feed.  A celebration of the democrabeep.

The Glenn Beck Program, June 22 LIVEBLOG

Waiting for the show to start, I realize that at this time, a week from tomorrow, it's gonna be super weird.  Last show.

Welcome to the Glenn Beck Program.  [Beck seems a bit more somber than usual.]  Tonight, we're gonna talk about the education program in this country.  We have an audience full of college-aged Americans who are chomping at the bit to have their voice heard and have their chance up to bat.

But first, we have -- it says eight, but I don't actually think it's eight, and I don't think I have an eraser here -- we have seven shows left.  Six after tonight's program.  And I have so much to cover.

Palinizing Michelle Bachmann

Rolling Stone warns:  The Tea Party contender may seem like a goofball, but be warned: Her presidential campaign is no laughing matter.

Before you read the article or the excerpts I've pasted below, consider this quote from the article:
Asked about Bachmann's run, Pawlenty seethed, "I'm not running for comic- or entertainer-in-chief."

And then, consider this quote from the AP (linked from Yahoo):
Asked if he is capable of exciting voters as he competes for the GOP nomination, Pawlenty replies, "I'm not running for entertainer in chief."

And then watch this video (pertinent moment starts at 3:30): 

video linked from HuffPo

Jon Stewart: "Fox News viewers are dumb"

Well, he didn't exactly say that... "most consistently misinformed media viewers" and he backed up his claim citing generic "polls".  Politifact checked out this claim, finding it false.

The way Stewart phrased the comment, it’s not enough to show a sliver of evidence that Fox News’ audience is ill-informed. The evidence needs to support the view that the data shows they are "consistently" misinformed -- a term he used not once but three times. It’s simply not true that "every poll" shows that result. So we rate his claim False.

Politifact used several polls over the past several years, in which people were asked questions (to determine their level of mis/information) and asked where they got their news.

Here's my beef.

21 June 2011

"Democracy for Demmies"

click to enlarge

The Glenn Beck Program, June 21 LIVEBLOG

Well, hello.  Welcome to the Glenn Beck Program.  Back on October 5th, the White House said something -- By the way, final episode June 30th.  Eight shows left.  Don't miss a single one.  -- Tonight we're gonna talk about energy, because on the 5th of October, the Energy Secretary, Steven Chu, made America an exciting promise, and here it is
The White House will lead by example.  I am pleased to announce that by the end of this Spring, there will be solar panels that will convert sunlight into electricity and solar hot water heater on the roof of the White House.

While I waste time... Union History!

[Note: After I wrote this and came to a necessary break point, I felt the need to give you forewarning that absolutely no good information about Union History is contained in this post.  It's a prequel of sorts to posts-to-come.  Read at your own risk.]

My DVR messed up my recording of Beck this afternoon.  While I wait until 1:00 a.m. (it's midnight now) to
A. ensure the DVR records the second showing
B. watch A
C. try to transcribe what I missed before passing out
I'm going to spend time on a long overdue personal project -- researching unions.

I'm sick of being taught American Labor History by secondary sources, especially the public sector unions.  For months I've been poking around, picking up bits and pieces, but mostly I've been assaulted with contradictory information from opposing sides.  And none of it gels.  My critical eye doesn't buy any of the narratives.  My critical eye has discerned what I currently believe as truth, but my critical eye does not believe the whole narrative of both the Right or Left or Unions in this matter.  I'm sick of not knowing a more informed palette of information.  My palette is decent, I suppose, but not up to my personal standards.

20 June 2011

The Glenn Beck Program, June 20 LIVEBLOG

Welcome to the Glenn Beck Program.  Tonight I'd like to start here.  I'd like you to play TV Executive.  Now the producers have played their signature producing package that's going to kick off coverage of one of the biggest sporting events of the year.  The U.S. Open golf tournament.  You, the producer are about to watch it for final approval.  See if anything jumps out at you.
[video of "The Pledge of Allegiance" with "under God, indivisible" omitted]

I'm sorry, did I lapse into a coma there?  It was very, very subtle.  You might have missed it, Mr. Executive Producer.  The words "under God" and "indivisible"... just magically disappear.

Beck to Van Jones: Suck it

Van Jones challenged Glenn Beck to a debate.  On his radio show today, Beck declined.

Here's how Think Progress characterized Beck's reaction to Van Jones:
Glenn Beck took to his radio show to assault Jones’ record. Beck refused Jones’ debate challenge, claiming that Jones is hiding his true desire for a “violent overthrow for a Marxist government.” Beck continued his smears against Jones, comparing him to Mao, Che Guevara, and Joseph Stalin and saying the policies Jones supports — which Beck claims are communist — “only lead to death.”
Here's what Beck said according to an audioclip at Media Matters.  Read it, and you tell me if you think that Think Progress has accurately described Beck's response to Jones.  [For a complete understanding of Beck's tone, check out the radio clip below (cut by Media Matter).  Any mistakes or typos in the following transcript are completely mine.]
I just want you to know, Van, I truly love you as a brother as well.  I think you are so misguided.  I just said my prayers this morning with some members of my team where I prayed for people like you -- and you're included in this -- that I hope we become a nation that can weep for you, we can actually weep for your misguided action.  I love you as well, and I would hope that you would put your Communist revolutionary tactics aside, because it only leads to death -- as it did with Mao, as it did with Che, as it did with Stalin... as it does every single time anyone has the government try to solve things through Socialism and then surround themselves with people who are full of hate, cloak that hate...

Egypt Supports Spain: "Do you have Tahrir Square? We can bring it to you."

"The video [uploaded 19 May 2011] is a message of solidarity from people of the working-class neighbourhood Ard al-Liwa in Cairo", according to the video's description on YouTube.  

Click all images to enlarge.  Subtitled text written below each picture or series of pictures. Entire video is at the end of this post.

"May God give power to the people and remove dictators from all Arab and foreign countries.  And with the help of God the collective will be victorious over the Zionists 
and those who oppress the people."

ISO: Spain protest footage with "democracy chant"

When I was watching Fox News on Saturday, June 10th, they showed protest footage from Europe (Spain, I think).  They were chanting to the beat of This-Is-What-Democracy-Looks-Like.  The anchor did not comment on this, but it's been haunting me.

I don't remember which show I was watching.  (It was likely between noon and 7:00.  Small window, eh?)  I don't remember who was reporting.  I don't remember anything but the familiar chant in the background of the news report.

I've been searching the internet to find this footage -- either from Fox, the original source, or other footage of the same protest.  (Certainly there was more than one camera recording the large mass of people.)  I've had no luck.

If anyone out there can hook me up with this video -- or even just confirm that I didn't dream the entire thing -- I'd be incredibly grateful.


On this day in history...

Jaws opens in 1975 and begets my sister's ongoing fear of sharks.
The red phone WH-Moscow hotline begins in 1963 and begets hours of fun for political prop comics.
The telegraph is patented by Samuel Morse in 1840, begetting Twitter.
John Goodman is born in 1952, later warning America about the dangers of marijuana on Roseanne:

19 June 2011

What's next in Wisconsin? Unions make plans with maps.

"Making plans with maps" is a phrase I coined in a poem about a decade ago.  Surprisingly, it's not caught on.  (Heh.)  I use it to reference daydreaming or plotting for high-fallutin' or outlandish plans, in which the planning-for part is more complicated (and perhaps more emotionally fulfilling) than the actual execution (which rarely comes to pass anyways).  After one makes plans with maps, one might give up and just ask, Who is John Galt.

The WI unions are making plans with maps.  They are a wounded animal, licking their wounds, and they are an angered ex-girlfriend plotting revenge.  An angry ex-girlfriend with Borderline Personality Disorder will do something destructive to her ex-boyfriend to show him how much she loves him and how much she deserves to be taken back.  The stronger the emotion, the riskier the move.  I'm talking risky, like setting his car on fire.  (Emily Valentine in early 90210?  Classic BPD.  Just sayin'.)

The unions have lost the most recent collective bargaining battle.  They have retreated and amassed their army to fight on two fronts: recalls and federal courts.

European Summer: antisemitism in Italy growing at "alarming rate"

Italy Against the Jews

  • The first months of 2011 have confirmed Italy’s status as one of Iran’s biggest European trade partners, all while the ayatollahs pursue the means to perpetuate a second Holocaust
  • Meanwhile, a murky wave of anti-Israel zeal is also growing at an alarming rate in Italy. “The old anti-Jewish libels are now aimed at the State of Israel”, says Stefano Gatti, one of the top researchers at the Center for Documentation in Milan.
  • Pro-Palestinian activists are threatening to “ignite” Milan
  • Turin hosted a “cultural festival” where the image of Shimon Peres was used as a shoe-throwing target. For one euro, Italian students had the chance to hit the face of Israel’s president, who was fitted with a Nazi-style Jewish nose
  • An Israeli student at the University of Genoa has been harassed and threatened with death by Arab students. Muslim students shouted at him “Allahu Akbar” (God is great) and “Itbach el Yahud” (slaughter the Jews.) Another Israeli student at the University of Turin, Amit Peer, confessed that “the Jews here are hiding their own identity because they risk becoming a target.”
  • Leftist newspaper “Il Manifesto” published a caricature of a Jewish candidate for parliament, Fiamma Nirenstein, with Fascist insignia, a campaign button and a Star of David. The cartoon “Electoral Monsters” was dubbed “Fiamma Frankenstein.

18 June 2011

The Undefeated, early showing

Palin's film, The Undefeated, was shown to the Right Online convention in MN this weekend.  It will be released in Iowa (and a few other states?) on July 15th, rivaling the premiere of the last Harry Potter movie.  Har har.

It is important to note that the movie was produced by an independent film maker, and Palin had nothing personally to do with it other than writing the book on which it is based, Going Rogue.  Palin's voice over work in the film was taken from her audiobook.  Perhaps to maintain distance and to provide the film with indy cred, Palin did not give the audio to the filmmaker.  He had to buy it, just like anyone else would.

Obama on Seal Team 6: In His Own Words

2008: “Navy Seal Team 6 is Cheney’s private assassination team.” 
2011: “I put together Seal Team 6 to take out Bin Laden.”
2008: “Bin Laden is innocent until proven guilty, and must be captured alive and given a fair trial.”
2011: “I authorized Seal Team 6 to kill Bin Laden.”
2008: ” Guantanamo is entirely unnecessary, and the detainees should not be interrogated.” 
2011: “Vital intelligence was obtained from Guantanamo detainees that led to our locating Bin Laden.”
yoinked from Tom O'Halloran

Directive 10-289

In Ayn Rand's magnum opus Atlas Shrugged, a devolving economy fueled by crony capitalism and misplaced moralism destroy our country.  Moral capitalists attempt to save the world while others refuse to contribute to its demise (thereby going underground).

This is a must read for anyone paying attention to the world today.  This is a must reread for any Rand lovers.  This is a must re/read for anyone paying attention to the world today who dislikes Rand.  Lastly, this is a must read for anyone who has ever chanted "This is what democracy looks like."

About midway through the book, after the shadow government has passed myriad directives meant to improve the economy by limiting those participating in the economy and subsequently worsened the economy, the cronies bring out Directive 10-289.  Even they are nervous about it, nor do they know (or care) if it is legal.  When it is introduced to the public, it is clouded in "for the public's good" phrases that bring to mind contemporary phrases like "social justice."

The actual purpose of Directive 10-289 is, essentially, to freeze the economy to give the great crony minds time to figure out how to solve the problem without the economy getting worse while they work on their plan.  (And, of course, to allow the cronies to remain in power.  All that they do has the underlying purpose of remaining in power.)

The problem, of course, is that the economy is a living thing that can only be halted via death.  Like any mighty beast, it also needs the freedom to move as it pleases; more restrictions lead to a psychotic beast that is difficult to predict and even more difficult to contain.  Some animals can never be tamed.  Some animals were never meant to live in cages.  Rand's cronies did not understand this, nor do our modern cronies.


Point One. The right to have a job.  No one can be fired, no one can switch jobs, and all children will be assigned a job by the government when they turn 21.
All workers, wage earners and employees of any kind whatsoever shall henceforth be attached to their jobs and shall not leave nor be dismissed nor change employment, under penalty of a term in jail. The penalty shall be determined by the Unification Board, such Board to be appointed by the Bureau of Economic Planning and National Resources. All persons reaching the age of twenty-one shall report to the Unification Board, which shall assign them to where, in its opinion, their services will best serve the interests of the nation.

This is What Democracy Looks Like, vol #38947203527

Here a Hitler, There a Hitler, Everywhere a Hitler Hitler

I have had it up to here with the union's Nazi rhetoric.  First thing the Nazis did, they took away the unions... it took WWII to get rid of Hitler... what will it take to get rid of ["union buster" du jour]...  


In Hitler's own words, unions were an essential part of his master plan.

Mein Kampf:
I am convinced that we cannot possibly dispense with the trades unions. On the contrary, they are among the most important institutions in the economic life of the nation. Not only are they important in the sphere of social policy but also, and even more so, in the national political sphere. For when the great masses of a nation see their vital needs satisfied through a just trade unionist movement the stamina of the whole nation in its struggle for existence will be enormously reinforced thereby.
Bing Bang Bam. And pbbbbb.

Hot Air June Poll

Palin, Perry: lookin' good.

Check out the purty graphs and data here.

Breitbart crash a Coffee Party?

Mediate says yes... and no.

I say, Brietbart's balls are so big that they oughta be tweeted.

Will she or won't she??

Is Sarah Palin running?  In case I've not yet done so here, I want to go on the record with my prediction.  Palin will announce her intentions to run for president during a Fourth of July celebration.

Til then, she will tease us mercilessly.  And we will eat it up like Augustus Gloop.

Libya: Is an impeachment pending?

The NYT ran an article about the whole Libya fiasco.  No, not that we're involved with a war (or whatever ya wanna call it).  It's the War Powers Act, and Obama's desire to do whatever the fuck he wants to do, the Constitution be damned.

Hot Air sums it up thus
What they’re basically saying here, without actually saying it, is that the president’s own lawyers told him that the Libya war is illegal and he responded by looking around for other lawyers who’d tell him what he wanted to hear.

Glenn Beck & Van Jones: Am I the Asshole?

I got the video and link from this post off Twitter, where people are tweeting that Van Jones has challenged Beck to a debate in his last days on Fox.

Yep, Van Jones wants to debate Glenn Beck. Asshole.

Here's the article from Think Progress, and its accompanying video.

"I issue a personal challenge to my beloved brother Glenn Beck.  I will debate you anytime, anywhere, at any point.  I'll give you an hour, you give me five minutes, and I will stand up for our values.  But you have to stop talking [expletive] about us and start talking to us.  You got one week left before your show goes off.  My phone is ringing.  Call me.  Call me, Glenn Beck.  And let's have this fight.  Let's have this discussion.  Let's have this argument.  Let's have this battle of ideas.  Battle of ideas.  And let's fight for liberty and justice for all."

Van Jones wants to debate Glenn Beck?

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New is Always Better: "Jumbo Jim's Grape Scotch. Don't Let It Touch Your Skin"

New Coke, Ghostbusters 2... why depend on the originals when New is ALWAYS better?  Why get back to basics when Van Jones wants us to REbuild the American dream?


In no particular order...

ronnocomot‎ If you stood there and watched Gov. Walker get everything he wanted but still claim victory #YouMightBeAWisconsinProtester #wiunion #idiot

gl33p‎ They say #YouMightBeAWisconsinProtester. Rest easy, you are. You just#mightnotrealizeityet

annaironside‎ RT @wiartteacher#YouMightBeAWisconsinProtester you know every product Koch makes.

G0vSWalker‎ If you can look at a map and mentally fill in the reds and blues#youmightbeawisconsinprotester

MollyMag‎ #YoumightbeaWisconsinprotester if you have ever thanked the cops "guarding" the Capitol or seen them carrying signs the next day

BattiestGrrl‎ If your spouse has ever referred to him/herself as a #WalkervilleWidow/er, #YouMightBeAWisconsinProtester

4SHCrane‎ #YouMightBeAWisconsinProtester if you sing #wiunion songs while mowing the lawn

MollyMag‎ #YoumightbeaWisconsinprotester if you never used to vote a strict party ticket but refuse to ever vote Republican again. Ever. Ever

17 June 2011

The Glenn Beck Program, June 17 LIVEBLOG -- QUIZ SHOW

Beck's Final Exam!

note: I am going to mangle spellings and back up to correct them after the show.

Hello, America.  They're very excited.  Hard to get tickets to this show.  Tonight is a very special night.  It's our first ever quiz show, and it will be our last ever quiz show on this program.  We're calling it The Final Exam.  We're gonna put some of our ultimate viewers -- how many people have watched every single episode of this-- [people raise their hands] WOW.  What the hell's wrong with you? [to a man who did not raise his hand.]  [Laughter.]  YEAH, I make time for it, pal.  Whatever.

WI, you fucking son of a bitch

yoinked from althouse.  "have a heart" & "tax, tax, tax the rich/Walker you fucking son of a bitch"

Greed vs. Honesty

This reminds me of Wisconsin.

16 June 2011

Recall Fever!

Surprise, surprise!  Now people are talking about recalling WI Supreme Court justices.  Is that what democracy looks like -- forcing elections until the "right" person is elected?

WI's Collective Bargaining law...

is going to take effect in late June.

Secretary of State Doug LaFollette said Wednesday that he would publish the bill June 28, meaning it will be effective June 29....  Some critics have questioned why La Follette is delaying the law's publishing. He said Wednesday he didn't understand the hurry to publish a law that is going to "harm and affect" thousands of people.  "I just don't see what the big rush is here," he said.
Dear SoS LaFollette,
It is not your job to determine if a law is good or bad, worthy of enactment or not worthy of enactment.  That is the role of the legislature.  The WI Supreme Court just ruled about separation of powers, dude.  YOUR OPINION about any given law is just that.  Your opinion.  Your civic duty as Secretary of State is to publish the laws determined by the legislature and signed into law by the Governor.  You have a legally defined maximum of ten days to publish a law.  In case, ya know, you have the flu or there is a blizzard which prevents you from coming into the office.  OR in case a crappy, partisan SoS oversteps and thinks it's his duty to evaluate laws and determine whether or not a given law harms people, subsequently attempting to thwart the political process by not publishing a law.  Oh, but that would never happen, eh, Doug?

WI budget is almost done. Almost. Finally.

The budget is expected to go to final vote sometime tonight.  The article notes
But for every person who fears the passage of Walker's budget, there is another one who applauds the measure's fiscal restraint. They feel Walker's approach will ultimately lead to putting the state on better financial footing.
It also notes
More than 130 Madison teachers are retiring this month, a 62 percent increase from the average number of retirements over the previous five years.

Hey.  Weren't the protests supposed to be about the children?

This is what democracy looks like: Bike-lock necklaces

Designing Women, "Julia Gets Her Head Stuck in a Fence"

Sorry.  Wrong pic.  This is from the Capitol...

The Glenn Beck Program, June 16 LIVEBLOG

Welcome to the Glenn Beck Program.

Well, today around 2:00, Anthony Weiner announced his resignation.  This is a man who, arrogance and out-of-control doesn't begin to describe him.  Sending naked pictures of himself.  Texting porn stars.  Even driving around with a car with a license plate that wasn't even the right licence plate for the car.  The car wasn't even registered.  This guy was totally out of control.

15 June 2011

The Glenn Beck Program, June 15 LIVEBLOG

Welcome to the Glenn Beck Program!

The Leftist utopia of Europe -- love them, especially this time of year, they're doing great, especially when Greece is ON FIRE, who woulda seen that coming?  The communists are out rioting in the streets again.  Workers from the Communist Labor Movement join the strikes in Athens calling for the end of austerity measures.  Gang, this isn't gonna end well for Europe, and it isn't gonna end well for us if we don't realize we're being played.

WI unions: when in doubt, sue

Reuters reports that Wisconsin unions are suing to block the state's new collective bargaining (limitation) laws.  The basis?  The law creates two classes of public workers (those who receive extended collective bargaining privileges and those who don't), and this "differential treatment violates the constitutionally protected equal protection rights of the employees covered by the law."

1.  The current firefighters and cops are grandfathered in, but new ones will not be exempt.  Originally, this was not the case, but new legislation sought to correct this inequity without fanning the flames.  So, what would make the unions happy?  No collective bargaining for current cops & fire fighters, too?

2. While some cops and fire fighters donated money to the Democrats, some donated money to Walker's campaign in 2010.  The cops and fire fighters were exempt from the collective bargaining limitations when the issue was first presented in February's Budget Repair Bill.  The unions said this was evidence of preferential treatment to the groups who donated to Walker.  So which is it?  Or was that so long ago that it no longer matters?

Golly, I hope they don't waster all of their money in court and subsequently leave their recall candidates high and dry.  Wouldn't that be a shame?

Republicans = BAD. Unions = GOOD. Critical Thinking = Huh, ooh, look, a shiny thing...

In which a Berkeley professor abandons rational thought and logic, and demonstrates that correlation is causation.

Shame on you, Robert Reich.

It's sad to know that people not only buy this crap but also advertise it on their blogs and Facebook walls. So sad.

14 June 2011


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More from Nick Nice.

Collective Bargaining News in Wisconsin

The Supreme Court has ruled to allow the collective bargaining limitations to go into effect. That's all over twitter, and I just heard it on a news channel. Still waiting to find an article to link. Will update this post when I do.

Time to open the champagne...

ADDED: Wisconsin Supreme Court overturns Open Meetings ruling, upholds Act 10;
text of the state supreme court decision

The Glenn Beck Program, June 14 LIVEBLOG (with Rick Perry cameo)

I'm gonna try a new thing tonight -- typing more summations and less literal tidbits.  Then, over at, I'll type the word-for-word transcript (+ links & pics & source material, oh my!)

As always, we'll see how it goes.  And, as always, please comment if you have suggestions or requests.  [Check out for a more complete transcript with links, resources, etc.]

Welcome to the Glenn Beck Program!  [Two chalkboards remind us that the final episode is June 30th, and there are people's pics on the other one.]

Did you see the presidential debate last night?  [Grumph.] [Beck looks at the chalkboard of pics.]  May I give you  my analysis?  There's a way to categorize all of these people.  [moves pictures around on chalkboard.]  Power tie, two yellow ties (they're out).  So the real tie is blue tie vs. yellow tie.  (Bachman's out, she didn't even wear a tie.)  Now, you want somebody tough?  This guy!  (CNN debate host.)

Collective Bargaining in T-2days

Last I heard, collective bargaining would be back on the legislative table today if, by now, the courts had not settled (e.g. mad legal) the issue.  The newest info shows that "Senate Org scheduled the budget for floor action on Thursday, contingent upon Assembly passage."  Assembly ashmembly.  The Senate's where it's at.  I'm terribly excited, and sad that I won't be closer to the action.  While we wait, here are some juicy bits from Twitter and Facebook...

click to enlarge
Puppets!  (clap.)  Okay, not really.  But there is a Stuffed Animal photo diary, including this one.  
Other notables.  A group of puppets mocking Walker; a rabbit whose clothing makes it appear as if he's missing all limbs and who wears a shirt that appears to threaten students' lives (not a good mix); the "monkey off their backs" monkey, of course.... If you want a headache, check out the Wish List photo.  Of the sign maker is in the arts or going for a graphic design degree, they should consider the chance that their joblessness MIGHT not have anything to do with the economy.  Just sayin'.  

I want that stuffed kitty.  He reminds me too much of my own beloved (deceased) cat.  And he looks like he would be very soft.  Stupid hippies, hoarding toys.                                                                                                                                                    

13 June 2011

CNN Republican debates -- And, the winner is:

Yoinked from HotAir's comments about the New Hampshire debates tonight:
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Glenn Beck liveblog updates

I've got DVR now (and subsequently messed up recording Beck today).  The good news: my liveblogging is gonna get a shiny, new overcoat.  The bad news, I'm starting out the week running late.  Sigh.

June 13th

Madison's Flag Day festivities include: brewing hostility and rage

The legislature will add collective bargaining to the budget by Tues (tomorrow) if it's not handled in the courts by then.  Conveniently, the legislature is scheduled to begin "extraordinary session" on Tuesday as well.

The Dems are freaking out.  FREAKING out.  Check out this FB page where the totally legal process of extraordinary session is described as financial martial law.  OR...

Corporate Agenda to be Hidden by Faux News Riot
Wisconsin, A State of Emergency -- a call to re-mobilize
Extraordinary Measures for Extraordinary Actions
Rally at the Capitol: The People vs Scott Walker
Nick Nice reports via Twitter that there are (currently) roving gangs of cops outside the Capitol.  Heh.
(please add links in the comments section)

I'm surprised no one thought to blame this on the Koch Bros.  At least they found a way to pull out a Fox News joke.  Whew!

Seriously, though, I'm a bit concerned about tomorrow.  I'm also bracing myself for any violence to be blamed on "plants."  (I brace myself, in hopes to prevent my inevitable the rage heart attack.)

ADDED: Some are pissed that education moneys were rerouted to roads.  WELL, for those living outside of Madison/Milwaukee/Greenbay... Much of this state is super spread out.  Where I'm staying right now, the regular school bus is an HOUR ride.  That's two hours/day on a bus on a good weather day -- in an area of the country that's covered with snow over half of the year.  PERHAPS, that was part of the reason to give money to roads instead of schools.  I mean, what's the point of having school if the kids can't get there?

12 June 2011

What a difference 200 miles make!

I drove 200 miles north today, to the northern part of the state.  On the local news tonight, collective bargaining was not mentioned as a "right", and the story was buried halfway thru the broadcast, right after a report about a kayak trip (organized in memory of a child who died from brain cancer) that 70 attended.

Honestly, you'd think they were reporting about a different state than Madison.

I don't know if that says more about Madison journalism or the journalism up here.  I look forward to reading the Lakeland Times, tho.

(Re: Lakeland Times.  I'm embarrassed to admit that I've not considered looking it up online 'til just now, when I linked it.  Sheesh.)

11 June 2011

June is Great Outdoors month...

... so sayeth Obama.  Well, when the economy goes bust and we all lose our homes, nice to know we'll have the great outdoors on which to depend.  

Won't Somebody Think of the Children?

GOP set to rolls back child labor laws, reads the headline of the self-described progressive Cap Times.  Not included in the headline?  The laws in question are being rolled back from WI-level regulations to... federal level regulations.

The horrors!

Those against it worry that children (in this case, 16 and 17 year-olds) will be wooed by shiny coins and let their studies slide.  That sounds like a moral argument: working hard for grades vs. working hard for money/experience.  Shouldn't a moral argument be left in the hands of the parents and family?

What if the child does not have a good family situation?  Well, perhaps that should be a larger priority than limiting work hours.  It's not like this law allows 6 year-olds to work in sweatshops. 

Hello, European Summer