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18 June 2011

Glenn Beck & Van Jones: Am I the Asshole?

I got the video and link from this post off Twitter, where people are tweeting that Van Jones has challenged Beck to a debate in his last days on Fox.

Dumb me, I did not check the article for a date.  It's over a year old.  Oddly, when I went back to check the article (and noticed the date), they had updated it to include Beck's year-old twitter reply:  I love you too,Glad to all live in one country.Will it be the founders country or the one you pushed when with storm?

There is no indication that Van Jones replied to this tweet.  (If there is, please post in comments!)

So now Van Jones is pushing it again?

Still, I ask, why wait a year?  Why not push it back then?  What's the deal, Jones?

Also, why is that old article being recirculated as if it contains new news?  Yeah, yeah, I should have noticed it was out-of-date.  But seriously, folks, wtf.

ADDED: Here's today's link about the story.

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