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01 September 2011

Ratings: Did Boehner fall into a trap?

Why the hell would the POTUS pull this?  Why announce a Sept 7th speech in front of Congress without talking to the House?  Why?!

I'm inclined to believe he fumbled.  If Obama hasn't stopped playing ball, then here's my theory -- in which Boehner has helped Obama.

THEORY:  Obama doesn't have a speech.  Not the presumed "speech about an actual, on paper, CBO-score-able PLAN".  Obama has a speech about the concept of ideas related to jobby-job related economicking.  In other words, Obama knows his speech will suck.  Obama wants to take back the promise of a speech.  Obama is scrambling.  Obama needs to have the least amount of people watch the speech, and he needs as many gimmes in his pocket as possible.  He needs the majority of people to hear about the speech from the forgiving media instead of hearing the bungling live...

"Hey, guys!  I got it!" Obama yells out to his advisers.  "Thursday is football night, eh?  Let's do the speech then!"
"There's one problem, sir.  You will look like a dick if you schedule a speech for Thursday."
"But, but, but..." whines Obama.  "I want it!  What can we do to get me Thursday night and not make it my fault?  Geez Louise.  So I guess that means Tuesday?  It's not like we can schedule it for Wednesday during the R debate.  Oh my.  Oh, wait..."

Thus, Obama schedules the speech for Wednesday, and he makes it a Congressional Speech.  Boehner will get pissed about the power struggle and insist on Thursday (which was Obama's first choice all along.  "Whatever you do, don't throw me in that Briar Patch!").  Then, on Thursday, Obama can have a little-heard speech.  And, he can blame the scheduling on the Republicans.  Republicans hate football!  Republicans care more about their debate than America!  Republicans are playing partisan games while I, the mighty orator, arise above it all.  YOU SHOULD ALL LEARN FROM ME, THE MIGHTY COMPROMISER

Now, it's time to compromise: everyone do what I tell you to do.

(Oh, and second-best scenario:  Do the speech on Wednesday, during the debate.  At least that will mess up the conservative press and make it more difficult for them to bash Obama and also help Perry ride the wave.  Only one thing can take center stage at a time.  Whatever, whatever happens, the president CANNOT speak on Tuesday.  That gives the Republicans a solid 24 hours to prepare for each of their zingers.  No Tues.  Gotta be Wed or Thurs.  GOTTA!)