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03 June 2011

Glen Beck Countdown

It's official. Beck's last show is June 30th.

The Glenn Beck Program, June 3 LIVEBLOG

This is a liveblog.  I type while I watch.  Sometimes I find appropriate links during commercials.  I type as fast as I can, so it's riddled with typos.  Pbbb.

Brett Baier!  A special edition of Special Report!  WTF.


The Glenn Beck Program, June 2 LIVEBLOG

I'm catching this at the 1:00 a.m. second-cycle, so I'm not gonna have the same mental energy to try and trype every word.  We'll see how it goes.

Also, I heard elsewhere that Beck has announced the date of his last show.  JUNE 30th.

I didn't think there was a chance it'd be so soon.  I thought August at the absolute earliest.

This sucks.

Palestinian propaganda video.  It was hosted on Coldplay's site.  Good/evil, the lines are being blurred.  Might be puppets, who knows.  Made for refugee camps under "Israeli occupation".  Dangerous words.  Supported by same groups that supporterd british gaze flotilla.  packaging it in a way that everyone can embrace, if you're paying attention.

we are behind the curve.  thought we were ahead, but we're not.  it's not about destroying israel, it's about palestine.

the artists are on the wrong side, beck makes call to artists/hollywood to stand up.  some of the people joining him in general and in jerusalem will be surprising.

this isn't about political views.  will you be a shield for israel.  everyone is welcome to be a shield and to stand up to the truth.  we all have our different points of waking up.

the world is lining up,, and they're going to start pointing at israel more and more.

people are waking up here.  in israel, they're awake.  told beck they feel along for the first time, fear it's happening again.  it won't happen again!  there are enough who are waking up.  the administration doesn't speak for the american people.  this time around, we won't be quiet.

join glenn in israel.  pledge <big breath to stop tears> that you know who you are.  list of ways to help.  like a blog, yard sign, etc.  take a stand, do whatever you can to tell people where you stand.  talk to strangers.  poeple have risked much much more in the past.  and tonight you are going to see the results of their labor.

Opening song.
Hello America.
"He who saves a single life save the entire world."
Oscar Schindler.  economic opportunist trying to profit off the war.  eyes were open to horrors, so he tries to save as many lives as he can.  At end, he weeps, because he realizes that everything he owns represented another life that could be saved.

Beck talk about seeing movie in theiater.  Guy ushered him out after the credits, because he was still bawling. You have to see it.  If you haven't, watch it this weekend.  Another powerful move is Life is Beautiful.  This one is about father/son, dad convinces son it's a game to help him survive.  When you couple such beauty next to such horror, it is staggering.

What hits you so hard is that they are true.  The story of the holocaust is true.

Beck said that he's going to do something that he never ever wanted to do.  Visit Auschwitz.  Before the Restoring Courage event in August.  Beck cries again.  Lots of places he wants to go, and Auschwitz isn't on the list.

Beck's of german descent.  Ancestors came over 1800s.  he wonders if any of them tried to do anything.  That's why he owns a copy of Mein Kampf.  To see if they knew.  They did.

In Turkey, it sold 100,000 copies in two months.  (JFC)

The hate that emerged in the 1930s, most people turned a blind eye.  They knew but chose not to stare evil in the eye.  once you wake up and face it, it changes your life.

70 yrs later, the world is finding itself in the same situation.  It's emerging from the shadows.  Fingers are pointing to Israel.  We are turning a blind eye.  There were a few awake last time.  This time there is no excuse.  We have electronics/TV.  And we have history.  If they yell kill the jew, they probably do

Encyclopedia among the Righteous of the Nations: Glenn shows stadck of books  for countries.

it's easy to stand up NOW.  Scare the monstres back into the shadows.  It only gets tougher, as it has in the past.

Shows card of "you help a jew, you get shot"

Staring this evil in the face and doing nothing just to live another day is a far worse punishment than anything the Nazis can dish out.  We must be the righteous among nations.  It's hard.  You have to fix yourself first.

If you just be who you were born to be, you can be amazing.

He who saves a single life, saves the world entire

Tonight, you will meet people who risked everything to save people.  You will hear their stories and I hope find your way and your place in the world.


I should have kept a tally for how often Beck cried.  (Or me, for that matter.)  I don't know how to make a difference in the world.  I rarely speak to people.  I have this blog, but it's small and strange and no one reads it.  I'm educating myself.  I just... don't know.


This a show that needs 2 hrs.  There are efforts to deny the holocaust.  When this generation passes, no one left to say "I lived it."

Christine & Marion.  Christine hid in a sewer for 14 months, had one green sweater the whole time.  What do you recall?
"I remember everything.  So shocking, experience like this you don't forget.  It was dark and loud, father had to push her to make her go in." Shows pic of her standing at sewer cover, going back to see it.  "I will never forget. Sometimes I have the dream where I wake up with the fear.  It was terrible experience."
The person who saved you family was a thief?
"he was in prison a few times.  Then he was working for the sewer department."  "After a few months of sitting there w/o seeing daylight..  Soha would crawl in to bring food everyday."  He brought her to a place where you could see a sliver of daylight,  "It was medicine.
Marion, saved by Oscar Schindler.  it was your family?  "No, me and my mother."  Thanks to him, we managed to get out, bribed the guard.
Beck: Where was everyone?  How did they not see it?
"You have to remember that we live in Poland.  Very antisemitic.  Very difficult to find somebody to help you, even friends."

Dr Mordecai Heldial -- "The Girl in the Green Sweater", "Defying the Tide", "Righteous..."
he's also a survivor.  When he was being sneaked out at night, they told him to b quiet and look up to the trees.  "We're taking you to see Tarzan."
What happened was they were suddenly challenged, faced with a few Jews, eye contact, and there's a transformation.  They have a right to live, so I'm going to do everything I can do. It's a mystery.  There is something in the human constitution...  when you ask these people, what caused you to risk your life (the Germans threatened with the death penalty) and they say it was the most natural thing to do.

Beck: America, you don't want to get to the point where you have to do THIS.

Ruth Bachner, hidden by nuns in a convent.  Beck shows the star she would wear, while she was still allowed to go to school.  "I am here because of a righteous gentile... He put himself into jeopardy to do what he did, and I am so forever grateful. And noow is the time to do for everyone what he did for me, because the situation is terrible."


He says, telling a quick version of story.  guy had to issue thousands of visas.  had a decision. help jews escape into spain, portugal?  govt says no, he says yes.
felipe proppper (son) says he did it because he didn't know how not to do it (lost everything)

Beck: in the end, i want my children to say that he wouldn't sit down, that he'd do the right thing.  is that what you saw?

guy: learned the importance of holding to one's own belief.  my father was only 45, i was only 10.he told those germans -- and i was amazed to hear it -- you have not won this war, you will win this war only when your troups will be marching in the streets of london.


Next up.  Hidden in an attic.  Sally Engelberg Frishberg.  guy found them, her mother persuaded him by telling him to talk to his wife.  he was bonded to this family, he called them "his jews".  he wanted to help them, the guy's wife wasn't so sure.  they gave her all of their jewelry, and they did it.

another one.  reha abraham sokolow.  her helper was apalled at what was happening, she made up her mind that she would try to help jews in need.  she looked for them, was following the speaker's mother, and after following for several days, she said she wanted to help "and my  mother was petrified"


these people are not used to telling these intense stories in soundbites.

From New York, Goodnight America

ADDED: video.  I will be doing a multimedia condensation of these episodes, as time permits.  As this happens, I will link them to the original LIVEBLOGS.