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25 March 2012

WI Bar Discriminates Against Conservatives

Last night I went to the Rox Bar and Grille in Pewaukee, WI with five conservative friends.  On our way out -- after spending money in their establishment -- the doorman said to never come back, due to wearing gear promoting Governor Scott Walker.

Walker supporters and former Rox Bar patrons have swarmed the Rox Bar's Facebook page to express their outrage.  We await comment from the bar's owner.

For those outside of the area: the bar is in Waukesha County, near the hometown of Governor Scott Walker.

the controversial -- & awesome -- shirt

The shirt, a favorite among Walker supporters, can be purchased online at B&D Embroidery.

UPDATE: The bar has posted an apology on Facebook. (Spoiler alert: It's lame.  Also, it's not an apology.)  Click (below) to read the non-apology apology and read updates about this developing incident.

Great AFP footage forthcoming

There was a kickass AFP Summit in WI today (yesterday).  I'll be posting footage throughout the week.  Stay tuned.