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25 March 2012

WI Bar Discriminates Against Conservatives

Last night I went to the Rox Bar and Grille in Pewaukee, WI with five conservative friends.  On our way out -- after spending money in their establishment -- the doorman said to never come back, due to wearing gear promoting Governor Scott Walker.

Walker supporters and former Rox Bar patrons have swarmed the Rox Bar's Facebook page to express their outrage.  We await comment from the bar's owner.

For those outside of the area: the bar is in Waukesha County, near the hometown of Governor Scott Walker.

the controversial -- & awesome -- shirt

The shirt, a favorite among Walker supporters, can be purchased online at B&D Embroidery.

UPDATE: The bar has posted an apology on Facebook. (Spoiler alert: It's lame.  Also, it's not an apology.)  Click (below) to read the non-apology apology and read updates about this developing incident.

As the owners of the Rox Bar & Grille, we are quite sensitive to the fact that Wisconsin is a place where political passion runs high. We respect the rights of our patrons to believe and discuss what they choose. We do ask, however, that they do not advertise these political beliefs in any form (including distributing pamphlets or wearing politically affiliated clothing). We are neither pro-recall nor pro-Walker. We are an establishment that is trying to provide our patrons with an enjoyable, safe, adult environment.
Dennis Hronis, and Peter Hronis - Owners 
Please note: There was no written statement anywhere outside the building or inside the building that indicated this "policy".  Also, the doorman checked all of our IDs before we entered and did not inform us of this "policy", even though our "advertised political beliefs" were visible as we entered the building.

UPDATE:  Here are pictures showing no indications that the Rox Bar has a "No Political T-Shirts" policy.  They warn that you must be 21 to enter and that no guns are allowed, but nothing else.

exterior door

interior door

side wall between exterior and interior door --
the only policy posted is regarding concealed carry

Update: On the Charlie Sykes radio show, a former waitress called in and said that she was never aware of a "no political shirts" policy.

Update:  Rox Bar Apologizes... Sort of.

Also, a few more pictures (with awesome glare).  (There is a short video of the entrance way at the above link.)
exterior door
exterior dooor

exterior door

interior door


  1. If they care about the safety of their patrons, it's the liberals they want out!

  2. Their arms policy alone would deny them my business. The additional policy of interfering with freedom of expression, a long standing tradition in taverns across our land, is further proof that they aren't interested in remaining in business.
    If I don't feel free to relax at a bar, why bother going in?

  3. They "asked you NOT TO COME BACK",then said"it's NOT their policy".SO WHICH IS IT??Not their policy or DON'T COME BACK".So they are Socialist Liars.!!! Last time i checked discrimination was Illegal.