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14 June 2011


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Collective Bargaining News in Wisconsin

The Supreme Court has ruled to allow the collective bargaining limitations to go into effect. That's all over twitter, and I just heard it on a news channel. Still waiting to find an article to link. Will update this post when I do.

Time to open the champagne...

ADDED: Wisconsin Supreme Court overturns Open Meetings ruling, upholds Act 10;
text of the state supreme court decision

The Glenn Beck Program, June 14 LIVEBLOG (with Rick Perry cameo)

I'm gonna try a new thing tonight -- typing more summations and less literal tidbits.  Then, over at, I'll type the word-for-word transcript (+ links & pics & source material, oh my!)

As always, we'll see how it goes.  And, as always, please comment if you have suggestions or requests.  [Check out for a more complete transcript with links, resources, etc.]

Welcome to the Glenn Beck Program!  [Two chalkboards remind us that the final episode is June 30th, and there are people's pics on the other one.]

Did you see the presidential debate last night?  [Grumph.] [Beck looks at the chalkboard of pics.]  May I give you  my analysis?  There's a way to categorize all of these people.  [moves pictures around on chalkboard.]  Power tie, two yellow ties (they're out).  So the real tie is blue tie vs. yellow tie.  (Bachman's out, she didn't even wear a tie.)  Now, you want somebody tough?  This guy!  (CNN debate host.)

Collective Bargaining in T-2days

Last I heard, collective bargaining would be back on the legislative table today if, by now, the courts had not settled (e.g. mad legal) the issue.  The newest info shows that "Senate Org scheduled the budget for floor action on Thursday, contingent upon Assembly passage."  Assembly ashmembly.  The Senate's where it's at.  I'm terribly excited, and sad that I won't be closer to the action.  While we wait, here are some juicy bits from Twitter and Facebook...

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Puppets!  (clap.)  Okay, not really.  But there is a Stuffed Animal photo diary, including this one.  
Other notables.  A group of puppets mocking Walker; a rabbit whose clothing makes it appear as if he's missing all limbs and who wears a shirt that appears to threaten students' lives (not a good mix); the "monkey off their backs" monkey, of course.... If you want a headache, check out the Wish List photo.  Of the sign maker is in the arts or going for a graphic design degree, they should consider the chance that their joblessness MIGHT not have anything to do with the economy.  Just sayin'.  

I want that stuffed kitty.  He reminds me too much of my own beloved (deceased) cat.  And he looks like he would be very soft.  Stupid hippies, hoarding toys.