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14 June 2011

The Glenn Beck Program, June 14 LIVEBLOG (with Rick Perry cameo)

I'm gonna try a new thing tonight -- typing more summations and less literal tidbits.  Then, over at, I'll type the word-for-word transcript (+ links & pics & source material, oh my!)

As always, we'll see how it goes.  And, as always, please comment if you have suggestions or requests.  [Check out for a more complete transcript with links, resources, etc.]

Welcome to the Glenn Beck Program!  [Two chalkboards remind us that the final episode is June 30th, and there are people's pics on the other one.]

Did you see the presidential debate last night?  [Grumph.] [Beck looks at the chalkboard of pics.]  May I give you  my analysis?  There's a way to categorize all of these people.  [moves pictures around on chalkboard.]  Power tie, two yellow ties (they're out).  So the real tie is blue tie vs. yellow tie.  (Bachman's out, she didn't even wear a tie.)  Now, you want somebody tough?  This guy!  (CNN debate host.)

CNN, what the hell is wrong with you? I've never seen anything like this.  Beck mocks the "Coke or Pepsi" this-or-that questions.  "And you wonder why you guys are losing."

Coming up on tonight's program, we have Weiner news.  But not the one you're thinking about!  In a real world, one that made sense, you'd be amazed that no one's talking about this Weiner.


Actually, I was surprised (by the debate).  I thought they all did well.  Grumble.  It's the ties, though...

Thirteen shows remaining.

Hello America.  Hard to believe that there's 13 shows left.  I plan to use that time wisely.  At the beginning of this year, I signaled to you that I was going to be leaving this broadcast, because I said to you I was tired of talking about the problems and wanted to roll up my sleeves.  I laid this out for you -- E4.  I believe this is the solution. Everything that is coming down on our head is going to come down to the individual.  I told you last night about a book I've been reading.  I have forgotten about what I have learned about Islam... the world is at a tipping point, this author says there are seven.

It was because of individuals that have tipped it in Freedom's favor.  (Mentions book about Moses, israel's Father).  He has great optimism for the Middle East.  He's right, it could tip the other way, but it will all come down to the individual.  Beck adds an O to E4 = organized.

Tonight I want to focus on E4, entrepreneurship.  I think a lot of people thinks this means you have to start your own purpose.  That's not it.  I meant it = be a part of a creative force.  Build something up.  Be innovative, creative, be a part of something.  But remember, creative is amoral.  It can be a force for positive or negative.

There are a lot of creative people out there right now who are looking to take a stab at the U.S.

The Federalist Papers (9 or 10) talk about how there would be forces who want to tear things apart, and they would use violence to do it.  That was in 1787.  They knew.  It requires a thinking human being to evaluate what are these people doing, who are they, what are they creating?  You can't just go by the names of groups anymore.  [give examples of misleading names.]  You have to listen to their words and watch their actions.  Is it building something up, or is it tearing something down.  And is the result good or bad?

Judge a man by the fruits of his labors, by his fruits, ye shall know him.   [Brings crew member on camera to give her a hug, because she was body-language asking him, "please don't shake your bootay."]

Osama bin Laden was buiding something.  He used e4.  Was is good or bad.

Let me show you tonight what's being developed in Egypt today + mind-blowing comments from the Egyptian sheik, who said that Muslims' financial problems stem from abandoning jihad.  His solution?  He's got one.  The probelm is they weren't going on raids anymore to nab women and children so they could be sold on open market like "groceries."

Last night he said that he was taken out of context and was talking about something perfectly legal in the Koran.  He said he was just talking about the spoils of war.  Watch.

Shaykh Al-Huwayni, June 10.
You go into the market, look at the sex slave and buy her.  She becomes your wife, but she doesn't need a marriage contract or a divorce like a free woman.  When I want a sex slave, I just go to the market and choose the woman I like and purchase her.  I choose the man I like, one with strong muscles, or if I want a boy to work in the house, and so forth.  I choose one, and pay him a wage, I employ him in the variety of tasks, then I sell him afterwards.

What?  Slavery?  It's a legal transaction.  Now, this is a clarification of his earlier remarks.

Lemme tell ya, it's not legal or illegal.  It's evil.  This is accepted in many part of the Middle East by many Muslim extremists.  I'm gonna show you a woman who's been standing up for this and saying "hello, hello, sex slaves".  She has talked to some of the most prominent Imams in and around Kuwait.  Watch her.
[video May 25]
The law pertaining to slave girls is not the same as for free women.  Free women must cover their bodies except for their hands and faces.  The slave girl must cover up from her bellybutton down.  There is a big difference with the free woman and the slave girl.  With a free woman, the man must make a marriage contract, but with a slave girl -- all he has to do is buy her.  It's as if he married her.  So there is a big difference between the free woman and the slave girl.  Here in Kuwait too, I asked religious scholars and experts about this, and they said that for the average, good religious man, the only way to avoid forbidden relations with women is to purchase slave girls.

Well, it'd be cool to see the cleric as a televangelist on TV saying, "I sinned against you, Allah, I had sex and she wasn't my slave."  That'd be good, wouldn't it?

So, let's just recap here.  There's a guy in Egypt saying heh, it's legal, and it'd be a way to solve our financial problems.  Let's go attack the West, grab some American women and children, and bring 'em back over here and sell them as sex slaves.  Then we have this woman in Kuwait saying that she's talked to all of the big Imams, and this is what they're saying.  Alright, she seems like a nice enough woman, right?

Imagine if you were an activist mom.  Here's June Cleaver from Kuwait.  Listen now to the rest of her conversation.

I very much hope that such a law is legislated.  Just like they allow servants, they should allow slave girls, and legislate a proper law in this regard.  We don't want our children to fall into the abyss of fornication and similar filth, God forbid.  There are countries like Chechnya, which are at war with another country.  In such a case, there must be POWs.  So why not go and buy those prisoners?  Is it better for them to be slaughtered over there?  Go and buy them, and sell them to trade here in Kuwait.

Oh.  Gee, Wally.  Dad and mom are gonna be upset when they found out you have a sex slave and they don't have one yet.  I mean, isn't that every 12 yr old boy's dream com true?  I don't want my son to fall into the sins of fornication, that's why I got my son a new sex slave!  'Scuze me??

This comes back to the spoils of war.  If you think that the world is gonna continue to rotate and we all think alike, you are wrong.  Hey, slavery's better than getting your head cut off on the battlefield?  No, i don't think so.

No, it's the human thing to do.  No, I don't think so.  [Me: "Live free or die."]  Maybe I'm just old-fashioned -- but not too old fashioned, like 7th century old-fashioned.  I asked my team, did you guys know that that's the accepted position on slavery by all of the scholars on the Koran?  I didn't.  I knew abuot the 12th Imam.

We've been fighting radicalized Islam for a decade, and we have something big like this that we still have to learn about?  I think we're in trouble.  I don't think we really  know who these people are.  What do ya say we don't arm them??  Let's just keep that between us.

Lemme ask you this.  Where are the voices of condemnation on the increasing bigotry coming out of the Middle East, like this:
[video, April 28]
Homosexuality leads to the destruction of the homosexual.  That is why, brothers, homosexuality carries the death penalty.
<another clip that I didn'tcatch>

Now, may I ask you, I'm a white, Christian Morman, male.  I'm in the biggest hate group of all time.  Why is it that it takes me to point this incredible hatred out?  I'm supposed to be the crazy bigot.  Why isn't this news?  Why isn't this the battlecry for LGBT groups?  How about GLAAD?  They were Johnny on the spot when Kobe Bryant called a referee a gay slang term.  These are religious leaders calling for the stoning of homosexuals, and we're helping them.  Our prez is saying let's sit down with them.

Let's put this in perspective.  The world is at a tipping point.  The Muslim population is increasing dramatically.  These are the people involved with the Arab Spring.  They are about to affect the entire world.  before we run to arm and organize them, with these kinds of numbers, maybe we should just pause for a second and try to sort out the good and the evil.  What do ya think?  Back in a minute


[Beck draws a new candidate onto the chalkboard, red tie.  Hey, it's Rick Perry!]

RP: since June 2008, about 48% of all jobs created in America were in Texas.  [They shake hands while walking to chairs.]
GB: I have no idea who that man was. [Jedi hand wave] That's not the candidate you were looking for.
[But it's not time for Rick Perry yet...]

Alright, I have some news for you.  The Senate Arms Committee just approved the next Sec of Defense.  He's fantastic.  If I told you we had a guy who was not strong on defense and was kind of a socialist BUT he could be unanimously endorsed, what would ya say, huh?  [Picture of Leon Panetta on the screen.] Full Senate is gonna vote on this next week.  We got him!  He's transitioning from his post at CIA.  He leaves a legacy behind him of revolutionary, ground-breaking leader.  He was the only CIA chief to get all of his info from watching TV.

[video, Feb 10]
I got the same information you did.  That there's the strong likelihood that Mubarak will step down this evening.  

He didn't know.  But he only had the full resources of the CIA.  A Senior official was left to clean up them mess saying that he was "clearly referring to press reports... His statements were not based on intelligence reports." (WaPo Feb 11)

He also gave America a fresh new take on the Muslim Brotherhood.  This guy wasn't worried about them.  video, feb 16:  "This is not a monolithic organization.  It's an organization that goes back to the  1920s, and it varies from area to area,, and so it very difficult to say they are [airquotes] extremists."

Some areas they play pinochle, that's all they do.  Pinochle, kills all the jews -- we don't know.  So I'm looking forward to him being Secretary of Defense and bringing that same cable news philosophy with him.  Take him seriously, because he is a serious dude.

The president doesn't need anymore logs on the fire in the Middle East right now, I'll tell you that, and this isn't... he's gonna be great as Sec of Def.  Does anybody find it odd that's he's moving from the CIA to Defense, and we have General Patraeus replacing him at the CIA?  I don't think I've ever seen that flip before.  I don't figure it out.  He's [Panetta] a leftist, he's not a big numbers geek... and nothing screams defense like budget crunching.

I'm not gonna speculate.  I'm instead gonna let one of the terrorists from the Weather Underground, Mark Rudd, I'm gonna let him speculate.  But not today.  He speculated right after Obama got in office. Listen to this:
 "Obama had to basically play to the center to not be run over... He has a narrow mandate for change... The economic agenda will stress stimulation from the bottom...  Sometimes and handouts to the top at other times.  It will be pragmatic... Move on the stuff you can to a small but significant extent, gain support and confidence... Leave the military alone because they're way too powerful... by the second or third year of this recession, when stimulus is needed at the bottom, people may begin to discuss... cutting the military budget if security is being increased through diplomacy and application of nascent international law... but one thing I do know is that you'll have to be able to look like you're doing one thing but do another."  (Nov 28, 2008)

[Me: stimulation from the bottom -- dirty!]

Again, that's a Weather Undergrond terrorist, this president knows nothing about these guys.

On the debates last night, a Navy guy said, "we have issues at home, and we have to reduce our expenditures.  Weird.  A Navy guy... Do ya think that Mark Rudd got this one right?

You just trust the senators.  They'll look into it.  And in case they don't, there are plenty of people in the main stream media who will follow this story for you.  Trust.


President's in Puerto Rico today.  he should get out more.  Seriously.  Travel the world, take some time off.  Man.  Nothing goin' on.

Did you hear the strange story today, gold may be $5000/ounce.  Can you imagine what the chaos of this planet has to be for it to be at $5000. Oh, and the whole debt ceiling thing, but don't worry about it!   I hope he gets the chance to shoot some hoops down there.

FBI report -- activists upset by FBI probes.  In Chicago, FBI agents took boxes of books, family photos, artwork, etc from the home shared by Stephanie Weiner.  Now.  No relation, that we know.  [Puts her pic on the chalkboard.]  THe agents seem more interested in the home-based business, Revolutionary Lemonade Stand, that sells standard merch with precious socialist slogans and phrases.

The search was part of a nation-wide organization with unusual targets: peace activists and labor organizers.  (me: !!)  Yeah.  Heh.  Needless to say, peace activists and labor organizers are freaking out. How could this administration allow such a thing?  I know!  It must be overwhelming.

The FBI is "examining possible 'material support' for Colombian and Palestinian groups designated by the U.S. government as terrorists."  (WaPo June 9, 2011)

No way, no way!

The targets of the raids insist they are not connected to terrorists and say the government is targeting them because they're critical of U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East and South America.

Well, let's play a game and find out something about the real participants, shall we?  [Beck has pics ready for the blackboard.]
[cards in bold]
Stephanie Weiner, Revolutionary Lemonade Stand.  Temporarily shut down.  She was just selling anti-capitalist paraphernalia using capitalism.  Oh, how she must hate herself.  But who is she?  She's just a revolutionary who taught English at a Chicago college for 25 years.  She's a member of the Palestinian Solidarity Group.  one of their goals is to end Chicago's sister-city relationship with a city in Tel Aviv.  She's also a founding member of the Local Municipal Workers Labor Union, and she is also an adviser to the Chicago SDS.  She's also been an adviser to the Peace and Justice club since 2002.  She and her husband were involved in a New Wave party in the University of Iowa in the 1970s.  Part of the progressive party within the university student government.  She's a member of the Socialist Chicago New Party, which was founded by Joel Rogers.

Now, her husband, who is not a Weiner.  He's an Iospaker.  He's employed at the University of Illinois at Chicago.  Well, that school comes up a lot, doesn't it?  Joe's involved with the campus chapter of -- one of my favorites -- SDS.  And a member of the Freedom Road Socialist Organization.  They stand for the right to self-determination in the African American nation in the black-belt South.  But who's not for that?  He's an executive board member for SEIU, what?!  And along with his lovely, lovely wife, he is also a member of the Chicago New Party.  And last but not least, he's a supporter of Bill Ayers.  But wait, there's more!  You gotta meet these crazy kids, man.


I'm very excited because we have more peace activists that the FBI are beating down the doors of.  They've gotta be bad if this FBI is coming after them.  By the way, I'm looking for a connection, and I don't know why these guys hate hispanics so much, but I believe this is a flotilla [double ll pronounced Spanish way, like a y.]

Now, let me show you some other members of Congress that are speaking out against the FBI raids.  Well, these are Americans.  Sure, they have suspected ties to terror.  We just talked about a nice couple from Chicago, no doubt they've been wronged here.  Lemme show you a couple more.

Hatem Abudayya.  He is the executive director of the Arab American Action Network and a member of the Palestinian Solidarity Group.

Here is one of his sweet, sweet quotes.  "The U.S. and Israel will continue to describe Hamas, Hezbollah, and the other Palestinian and Lebanese resistance organizations as 'terrorists,' but the real terorists are the governments and military forces of the U.S. and Israel.  The vast majority of the world sees and understands this, and are in full support of the Lebanese, Palestinian, and worldwide resistance to Israel and the U.S.'s naked aggression, war, imperialism, and occupation." (July 22, 2006)

Here's Carlos Montes, on the flotilla.  He is the most recent person to have been raided.  Now, here he is at a protest.  Carlos is a founder of the Black Panthers-inspired Brown Berets.  He's a member of the March 25th Coalition, the campaign for Illegal Alien rights, and he's also the leader of Latinos against war.  So why has he been targeted?  That's why today the Committee to stop FBI suppression is sponsoring a national call-in day to support Montes.  Organizers are asking people to floor Attorney General Holder's office and demand that he drop the charges against this clearly innocent man.  Now, this is clearly blatant, ugly, anti-Hispanic racism.

Tomorrow there's a viewing of a movie about when Montes was the leaader of the Brown Berets.  Thursday, there's a big rally outside the Federal Building in Chicago, get your plan tickets now.

These people are coming out of the woodwork now.  This is why it should be important for you to be able to judge someone by the fruits of their labor.  You'll have to be able to figure out -- these guys [indicates chalkboard] good guys or bad guys?  They look normal, right?  How do I know the difference between right and wrong?

Education.  Enlightenment.  Empowerment.  And then, judge somebody by what they're creating.  The fruits of their labor.  And then, after you've judged good versus evil, join one of the groups.  You can stand with these guys [chalkboard] or you can stand with Israel.  (Find out how at


Alright, you and I know there is a lot of crap happening in the world.  How are you and I going to solve it?  That has been the things I've been wrestling with for a long time.  Well, that's why I gave you the E4 project.  I wanna tell you about someone who is using it in Palmer, Alaska.  Anthony Irsik.  He's not one to sit around and wait for life to happen to him or anyone else.  This is an ambitious young man.  He's already published a book on deep sea creatures that's coming out next year.  Last weekend, he wanted to accomplish what no one ever had before.  He's a member of the Palmer Church of God, and Anthony invited 37 members from more than 30 places to gather for a Singspiration on the Alaska State Fairgrounds.  Anthony said that Beck was one who originally inspired him to take action in his community to become shields to protect from negative outside influences, and he's trying to bring people together. 

By the way, I left out one thing that might be important.  Anthony is eleven.  Eleven years old.

He put this whole thing together -- have all of the local church communities unite -- not in theology but in spirit.  To conclude, he gave a speech at the event:

"I'd like to leave a thought with you from Dr. Bernard Nathanson.  Dr. Bernard Nathanson was one of the founders of the abortion movement.  He helped provide 75,000 abortions, one of them being his very own child.  He later became a pro-life movement leader.  Nathanson explained to the public how he got abortion legislation passed.  'We knew that the biggest obstacle in our way was not going to be the government or the media or academia.  We knew we had those and could easily get those on our side.  The biggest obstacle was going to be the church.  [Abortionists] never would have gotten away with what [they] did had the [churches] been united, purposeful, and strong."

THAT is from an eleven year-old American.  

I didn't even know who Dr. Nathanson was.  He's eleven.  It should give you some hope that there are people who are uniting, and they are starting to be active.  There are people doing their own homework all around the country.  

We have a couple of college girls who have set up something in support of Israel that's now in 30+ states.  E4 can create something of real value.  But you have to have a blueprint.  If you want to save something, you have to be educated.  Check out The Original Argument at

I'm just, ah, making a list... today, we are now 12 shows before the final episode.  [Chalkboard, checking off.]
Radical Islam, today we did E4, tomorrow is government control.  On Thursday we're gonna do a lot of stuff on history.  We're gonna have a special show for ya.  We've been asking the audience, what do you want to learn.  Please email us.  What do you want us to cover again?  When it came to history, people wanted to know more about the founding fathers and the roots of radical Islam.  People wanted to know how did we survive the Great Depression, how did we make it through?  And what can we learn?  Thursday, you're going to get some of those answers.  Make sure you join us, for every last episode.

From New York, Goodnight America.  

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