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08 June 2011


It's raining on Walkerville. I wonder how many are gonna stick it out through the weather.

Speaking of rain, this is from yesterday:

Walkerville, Day 6: Wisconsin Unions Hate the Special Olympics

Shame on you.  Shame.

While Governor Walker was speaking, a line of protesters walked between him and the Special Olympians, blocking their view...  As the Governor tried to talk to the Olympians and draw attention to their accomplishments, these protesters drew attention to themselves.

The Glenn Beck Program, June 8 LIVEBLOG (Herman Cain guests) + video

My cable's still jumpy, so we'll see how this goes.  I think my wires go funky in extreme.  This is a live blog, so I type while I listen.  Sometimes i have time to grab a link, sometimes I miss words and names.  (Okay, that always happens.  This show's got a lot of words!)

ADDED: there's video of the episode at the end of this post, and a transcript with source-links and pics can be read here.

Welcome!  Tonight I'm going to introduce you to someone you're going to like.  [spoiler]

Let's go back in the time tunnel.  Obamacare debate in it's peak.  Flashback to old Beck show foretelling current events.  "I'm not genius.  I listen."  Those pushing Obamacare, in their own words -- "Trojan horse, it's right there"; "it wouldn't let private insurance companies compete"; "potentially some transition process."

Their intent seemed clear, but we were called liars.  Clip of Obama calling Beck a liar.

It's found out that the # of employers who will stop providing insurance is vastly greater than expected -- 30%.  Employers who have a higher awareness of Obamacare that are projected to dump are higher, 50%.  Ooh, this will be so great for your tax dollars.  Soros: unintended consequences.

The economy, Middle East, and jobs.  Glenn will show us a guy that might be telling the truth.  And maybe he's a guy you could vote for...


Send Obama Your Gas Bill!

This is sort of brilliant.

Okay, okay, it's totally brilliant.

It's Like a Heat Wave

Wisconsin budget focus of broiling rally around Capitol Square and Walkerville reports the Isthmus. Broiling, eh?  



Except, not really.  "Hundreds of people braved temperatures in the low 90s for a march on Monday," so sayeth the weekly alt press here in Mad Town.  Ooh, hundreds.  I'm not sure why that's supposed to impress us.