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05 September 2011

Right to Work Day!

Happy Right to Work Day!
In celebration, I spent the day investigating and learning.  Then I ate a porterhouse. Rare.  (And, honestly, don't tell my bbq-meister-Dad, I woulda eaten it rare-er).  We opened less-than-fancy wine with our steaks, and we toasted in honor of the day that workers in my fuckin' state (/all states) might be allowed to cash in a pay check without bending to Senor Union's will.

After that, we watched Undefeated.  Yeah, that movie.  The Palin movie.

Before watching the movie, I told my mother that I was going to have a difficult time returning to Madison (after spending the summer in northern WI w my folks).  Gotta say, the movie didn't change my position at all.

Gotta say. Aw, shit.  Negate the coupla paragraphs I was gonna write and reduce it to this: Happy Right to Work Day!  Palin 2012!

"Manufactured Crisis"

Listening to Obama's Labor Day Right to Work Day Speech, I heard him use that irksome phrase "manufactured crisis".  During (& since) the debt ceiling previews of 2012 talks, that phrase has been tossed around a lot.

It pisses me off.  Inconsistency pisses me off.  They call the Tea Party terrorists/hobbits for holding [insert whomever] hostage during the debt talks.  They also say the debt ceiling crisis was manufactured.  Finally, they also say that the Tea Party was willing to let the govt/country fall off a cliff if that's what it takes to get their way.


BUT!!!  But, I think I finally understand.  Something in Obama's (more passionate than usual) speech clicked something into place for me.  It's not that they think the crisis was both manufactured (e.g. non-existent, created for political manipulation) and used to threaten the country...  They think that the Republicans' refusal to approve a simple debt ceiling reduction CREATED the crisis.  IF the House had just okayed the increase like good little kiddos, then there would be no crisis.  The crisis was manufactured by the House insisting on the country getting something in return for raising the debt ceiling.

In other words, because the Republicans would not do what the Democrats wanted them to do, the Republicans/TP created a crisis, held us hostage, etc.  How bipartisan!

If you can figure out a different explanation that logically explains the seeming inconsistencies, please share.

ADDED:  Based on Obama's speech, I think part of his new jobs plan will, essentially, be large amounts of stimulus moneys funneled not to the states but directly to the mayors of Democrat cities in key states.  Like Detroit.  This helps to buy back votes of key demographics.  This gives those cities extra funds to keep their unions afloat.  This money could get laundered into campaign & GOTV efforts.  And, most importantly, if the Republicans try to block it, all the better!  Rage against Republicans denying people what's "theirs" is an even bigger motivator than Obama giving it to them straight up.  Hell, it's better, since Obama throwing money at those cities won't help them one damn bit.

I do hope Republicans let Obama do whatever he needs to do, so long as it's a one time shot.  (e.g. not starting new programs that will then need to be repealed.)  Sort of like giving your teenager a second chance to fuck up before grounding them...  Then they have no excuses to bitch.  Do whatever Obama says "needs" to be done & take away his whole "I'm a shitty president because Republicans are jerks" meme.  OH, and of course, write into the vote that there will be no increase in the debt ceiling until 2013...  In other words, the POTUS has a budget within which he must operate.  If his plans fail, he's gotta make CUTS.