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05 September 2011

Right to Work Day!

Happy Right to Work Day!
In celebration, I spent the day investigating and learning.  Then I ate a porterhouse. Rare.  (And, honestly, don't tell my bbq-meister-Dad, I woulda eaten it rare-er).  We opened less-than-fancy wine with our steaks, and we toasted in honor of the day that workers in my fuckin' state (/all states) might be allowed to cash in a pay check without bending to Senor Union's will.

After that, we watched Undefeated.  Yeah, that movie.  The Palin movie.

Before watching the movie, I told my mother that I was going to have a difficult time returning to Madison (after spending the summer in northern WI w my folks).  Gotta say, the movie didn't change my position at all.

Gotta say. Aw, shit.  Negate the coupla paragraphs I was gonna write and reduce it to this: Happy Right to Work Day!  Palin 2012!

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