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07 June 2011

Walkerville: days 2, 3 & 4

Day two:

I get that they are against the budget.  What are they for?

Cakes and Circuses: stupid cable, BECK liveblogging 7 June 2011

My cable is choppy right now, so liveblogging Beck will be a nightmare.

Weiner.  Everyone's favorite topic.  Chalkboard.
Studio Audience.

We're gonna play a game called Newsroom.  Should a story be on the air.


I'm proud to be built like a big bag of marshmallows -- no women throwing themselves at me.  You'd think the same would be true for Anthony Weiner.

Said on the radio today that I feel bad for Weiner.  He has fallen into the internet trap.  Blackhole.  It is good/bad simultaneously.  You can choose, he chose incorrectly.

You are the newsroom director, which story do you put up?
- the latest pic of Weiner (barechested) OR
- the housing market of 2011 being worse than the great depression

- revealing details about weiner OR
- the revelation that geithner doled out billions secretly to his favorite banks
(at a special interest rate -.01%)

- weiner's chest
- china pumping money into <missed the rest>

chalkboard headline list -- the stuff not being covered while we focus on weiner

us weak dollar policy
china pumps big money into latin america
china sees risks in holding excessive US
china euro food companies
great recession could turn into great depression
geithner & goldman: thick as thieves

here are the weiner stories, here are all the "we're screwed stories".  what are the weiner stories telling us?
- excited, titillates
- watch the other hand
me: illusion that we have control
- would rather watch someone else suffer than realize that we're suffering, too
- american idealization has gotten to the point of serious competitive nonsense

writes on chalkboard: circuses

"cakes and circuses", are you familiar with that?
it's how the emperors used to control rome.
cake: food stamps.

what are ya gonna do about weiner?  you gonna call him?  seriously.  NOTHING.

we're laughing because there's nothing else we can do.  it's not funny.  horribly tragic.  he's putting our country on the ropes.  why?  he coulda been blackmailed, you're telling me that he didn't endanger the lives of his wife and people around him.  look what he did for 3, 4, 5 days. looked us in the eyes and lied.  we laugh because what else are we gonna do.

audience: don't mind what he did.  mind that he lied, hijacked our hope.  now he's told the truth, and it's supposed to be okay.  if we can't believe him as a person, how can we believe him as a politician
audience: i mind what he did. immoral.  this was really, really bad judgement. <audience giggles>

beck: how can you trust a guy in congress who is so stupid to do this stuff?
A. how can you trust him when he says "health care is good"
B. how can you trust him
C. how can you believe that this guy hasn't been compromised

audience: from a court perspective, once someone lies, everything they've previously said is useless.

audience: good/evil, morality.  there's a lot of people living in a bubble who just don't care about what's going on in the world.  people don't believe your picture.  there's a group o

chalkboard: beck writes CONTROL over headline list (this or that game) on chalkboard.
who ever has power controls you

it is damn hard to catch the words while my cable goes in and out.  sorry, folks.

Hello, America.

Now we go to this chalkboard, to the other headlines (non-Weiner).
US funding for promises lacks by trillions
     7.something trillion dollars behind now
you take every dollar made for an entire year from the entire world.  it's about 55 trillion.  that's how far behind we are.

there will be civil unrest -- the economy.  "civil unrest is imminent."  someone said.
who thinks this is true?
me: raises hand
beck: why?
me: i live in madison
audience member: well, just look at madison, wisconsin
me: HA!

beck mention the coming insurrection book, "hey, look what's happening in greece!"
audience: 40% of the country on entitlements... when the world goes under, what are they gonna do?

beck: what are we gonna do?

story about lima, latin america.  manufacturing plants.  food prices are gonna go up.  anyone shocked?

what's happening with food?  ecoli.  what's that gonna do to food prices.

look at all of these stories.  dollar going down, food prices high, imminent riots according to james someone, etc etc.  what do these stories tell us?
audience: perhaps we should prepare

beck: prepare.. for what?  the stories tell us Trouble is Coming.  what should we do?  Prepare for Trouble.  you're the POTUS, what would you do?  us is bankrupt, the world is on fire, food shortages are coming... what do you do?
audience: stop spending
audience: fiscal discipline
audience: warn your people, tell them to prepare (beck has her stand up to say this)

how do you do that?  you do it because it's your job to protect the people of the united states..

note: James Carville "Democratic Strategist" is the quoted guy.
“You know, look — this is a humanitarian — you know, you’re smart enough to see this,” Carville said. “People, you know, if it continues, we’re going to start to see civil unrest in this country. I hate to say that, but I think it’s imminently possible.”

Instead of talking about Weiner, let's look at how it could be affecting our lives.  It's bad, but there's nothing we can really do about him.  But that's the headline that people are focusing on.

Then you look at the other headlines...  if you're POTUS, what do you do?  warn them.  What would you do to do that, how would you do that?
- food prices going up, buy some food
- pay down your debt as much as you can
- have extra in your sock drawers

what does POTUS do when he takes the oath?  say he'll protect the constitution

Who thinks our way of life is at stake?

If i'm the president, what does alqueda do?  chop the head off the snake, another head pops up.  tell people to know the constitution.

if your president, wouldn't you also say to read the founders, know the documents.

Beck's writing on chalkboard, i can't see it thru the fuzz.

Why do we wait around for permission, for someone else.

Connor, audience member, from Fairfield University: How do we protect ourselves from the government [causing it?]

2nd ammendment.  #2.  what does that imply?  you are in charge.  you are the guardians of liberty.  you have the right to protect yourselves.

i ain't going down without a fight.

if everyone in your family says you're crazy, who cares.

Beck's family members got 6 months to a year's worth of food.  they thought he was batty.  who cares?

audience: how do you get people off the fence.  they're comfortable over there.

beck.  i've given up. they like the ride.

SE Cupp: politicians are just in it for the game.  washington was embarrassed to have innaugaural balls thrown in his honor.  our standards are low now.

forget about the people on the ferris wheel.  you ride too much, you'll throw up.

my family, we're moving on.


Guys on stage.  Beck and SE Cupp chat in audience "do you know any of these guys?"
They're all college students, and they're "looking terrified".  Beck is looking for comparisons between 1930s and today.  You guys are in school today, let's see what's being taught.

chalkboard, line down the middle, the kids (a few girls, mostly guys) are writing.

Beck is whispering something about communists, socialists, "they're working hard",
You have 30 seconds, 'cos we're bored to tears over here.

Can anybody tell me what you would put up here?
audience: failed socialism, government something, dustbowl, anti-jew

Let's see what you have:
stock market double dip
food shortage
govt expansion -- FDR/ Obamacare
excessive regulation
tyrants abroad


is history repeating itself? yes.  should we learn from it? yes, or we're doomed to repeat it.

chalkboard talk.  stuff with arrows.  looks like good stuff, but he's talking to quickly for me to catch any of it.

i am looking forward to trying to rewatch this on the overnight cycle.  with the heatwave, i don't know if i'll have the brainpower left to do it.  looking forward to next week, when i'll have a clearer connection + DVR

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I presume he's talking about GBTV, and I presume it's a contract violation to promote it on his current show. Douchebags.

note: it appears the phrase is "bread and circuses"

Obama Two: Electric Boogaloo

2012 is drawing closer.  The economy is ugly.  The Middle East is on fire.  They're flicking matches in Europe.  The nation is swimming in debt.  Unemployment is back above 9%.  Gas prices are sucking the life out of the economy.  Obamacare is a disaster.  Obama promised us the the moon, and we've been waiting in the dark.

According to USA Today, Obama is looking for a new image.  Obama-2008's Hope!and!Change! has hit a wall, as nothing has changed and we've run out of hope.  Apparently, the New Obama is running around telling people that he just needs more time.

Dude should just take responsibility.  Say, "Hey.  I know I promised you things like, oh, eliminating the national debt within a year.  The plans I had to do everything were sound... but you get additional information once you take office, and with that new information, I've had to change course.  Here's the good news: I have steered a new course, and real change IS possible.  Our situation is just too intense to manage in four years.  I've made mistakes.  I recognize that.  But I have new plans to change the world.  Vote in a new guy, and that person is going to be in the same situation I was in 2008 -- grand ideas that can never work once you learn the secret government stuff that only a president knows.  We shouldn't start over again, America.  Let's stay the course."

To an extent, he is saying this.  Except with none of the accountability for having messed stuff up and not fulfilled promises.

Telling people that it's not as bad as it is, asking them to believe in him even though there's no proof that they should, and pointing to some unknown utopia that he will eventually lead us towards... Actually, that sounds a lot like Obama 1.0.

Can't wait for 2012.

Google results: move "to avoid taxes"

click to enlarge


Beck's doing a new daily show online, on his new internetwork, GBTV.  A two-hour show.  I'm beside myself with glee.  The only downside: it launches in September.  (What are we supposed to do to bridge the summer gap?  Sigh.)

Andrew Breitbart Hijacks Weiner

Andrew Breibart took the mic not knowing that the cameras were rolling.  And he owned the room
"The media says Breitbart lies, Breitbart lies, Breitbart lies... Give me one example of a provable lie. One. One. Journalists? One. Put your reputation on the line here. One provable lie."

I love this man.

When Beck leaves Fox, I want Breitbart to take his old slot.