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07 June 2011

Obama Two: Electric Boogaloo

2012 is drawing closer.  The economy is ugly.  The Middle East is on fire.  They're flicking matches in Europe.  The nation is swimming in debt.  Unemployment is back above 9%.  Gas prices are sucking the life out of the economy.  Obamacare is a disaster.  Obama promised us the the moon, and we've been waiting in the dark.

According to USA Today, Obama is looking for a new image.  Obama-2008's Hope!and!Change! has hit a wall, as nothing has changed and we've run out of hope.  Apparently, the New Obama is running around telling people that he just needs more time.

Dude should just take responsibility.  Say, "Hey.  I know I promised you things like, oh, eliminating the national debt within a year.  The plans I had to do everything were sound... but you get additional information once you take office, and with that new information, I've had to change course.  Here's the good news: I have steered a new course, and real change IS possible.  Our situation is just too intense to manage in four years.  I've made mistakes.  I recognize that.  But I have new plans to change the world.  Vote in a new guy, and that person is going to be in the same situation I was in 2008 -- grand ideas that can never work once you learn the secret government stuff that only a president knows.  We shouldn't start over again, America.  Let's stay the course."

To an extent, he is saying this.  Except with none of the accountability for having messed stuff up and not fulfilled promises.

Telling people that it's not as bad as it is, asking them to believe in him even though there's no proof that they should, and pointing to some unknown utopia that he will eventually lead us towards... Actually, that sounds a lot like Obama 1.0.

Can't wait for 2012.

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