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17 June 2011

The Glenn Beck Program, June 17 LIVEBLOG -- QUIZ SHOW

Beck's Final Exam!

note: I am going to mangle spellings and back up to correct them after the show.

Hello, America.  They're very excited.  Hard to get tickets to this show.  Tonight is a very special night.  It's our first ever quiz show, and it will be our last ever quiz show on this program.  We're calling it The Final Exam.  We're gonna put some of our ultimate viewers -- how many people have watched every single episode of this-- [people raise their hands] WOW.  What the hell's wrong with you? [to a man who did not raise his hand.]  [Laughter.]  YEAH, I make time for it, pal.  Whatever.

WI, you fucking son of a bitch

yoinked from althouse.  "have a heart" & "tax, tax, tax the rich/Walker you fucking son of a bitch"

Greed vs. Honesty

This reminds me of Wisconsin.