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01 June 2011

Reading up on Israeli/Palestinian conflict.  No simple answers.  But, still, can't help but think about Czechs.

In other news, while I'm sick sick sick of Weinergate, I love that Brett Baier used the word "drawers".

The Glenn Beck Program, June 1 LIVEBLOG

America, we've grown a little too accustomed to seeing scenes like this from the Middle East <clip of "Death to America, Death to Israel" chant>
We're desensitized to this hate, and the media doesn't show it.

1998.  radio clip of Beck warning about terrorism and buildings blown up.  no one took him seriously.

We look at pictures <clip of tahrir square celebration> and at the same time they were raping the journalist and yelling Jew Jew Jew.

The truth you will see tonight is the truth without an agenda.


Hello, America.  TOnight I'm going to continue my quest to wake up America, and tonight it will be the whole ball of wax.  Looking at the history will help us see what is coming our way.  Growing dark and sinister, comparison to 1930s.  The lengths that people have to go to to ignore it is stunning.

Prominent cleric yesterday came out urging to increase suicide bobing attacks.  good or evil?  say it and speak it by its name.

Nachbah Day.  N'Bah = the great catastrophe = the founding of independence of Israel.  Like the rest of the world chanting "Kill the Americans" on july 4th.
FB, youth of june 5th.  pro-palestinian groups (not anti-israel).  rush the israeli borders from all sides to force the israelis to shoot them.  Will Americans understand that Israel (and us) are being set up.

Now, people are gonna say that they always hated each other, just let them attack each other.

Beck talks about 9/11 attacks.  He used to be on Iranians and Muslim extremists.  Showing muslim extremists in their own words was like pulling teeth on the other network (CNN?).  It is no longer an acceptable position for any of us to close their eyes.  Not because we have the reposniblity to protect, but because self-imposed ignorance is dangerous.

As Israel goes, so goes the western wrold.  They are the keystone to democ in ME.  If they fall, we all fall.

Keep up. We're gonna cover 2000 yrs quickly.  Do your own homework.
People forget that our country is based on Jewish history.  Moses holding up something on a building.
Statue of Liberty, not a crown, the rays of light from god.  She's holding the tablets of 10 commandments.
QUote from leviticus on Liberty bell.
Seal of US, the original was moses holding a flame, leading people...
rebelliance to tyrants is obediance to god.  all this stuff center around exodus & moses

We're too far removed from the types of oppression of our founding fathers and ME.
If you fundamentally transform America (the best country ever), you should explain what you are changing to. No one will lay that out for you, not even Obama.  Same happening in ME.

We are a Judeo-Christian society that protects all religions so long as you are not trying to blow things up.  Will we remain this way?

TONIGHT.  No accusations.  Lots of hate in the history.
175-163 BC in Syria.  King of S was the first to try and outlaw Jews (Sabbath, circumcision).
1215 - Pope Innocent the 3rd, Jews should wear a yellow circle, said
1240 King Louis arodered the Talmud on trial
list of dates of jews being kicked out of different places,
1543 martin luther, fundamentally changed christianity but also wrote "the jews and their lies" (hitler liked martin luther)
1555 jews forced to wear yellow hats in the ghetto
missed the date

1925 Mein Kampf
1939 -- jewish ship carrying german refugees denied entrance here
1945 attempt at extermination.  67%. that was done without any real technology.  imagine it now with GPS, internet.  how to escape.  or, if you're all gathered in one place like israel...  and if allah says it's your job.,..
<clip> memri TV.<>

What else was happening at the same time?  Will explain why they want to push Jews into the sea, why they deny the holocaust.

I'm so glad I was reading about WWII yesterday.  Hmm.  He waited til after opening monologue to start with ME history.  yikes.

beck agrees with chuck schumer (wow, he says).  clip.  arabs don't believe in peace in the ME, and anyone who tries to figure out a way in this conflict w/o realizing this is screwed.  clip from 29 may.
THe left is trying to convince the world that Israel is oppressing the Palestinians, but when you see how steeped in Israel -hate, you see that chuck chumar is right.

guy was grand mufti of jesursalem.  this was when brits owned the whole area.  he led violent riots for a national home for

hassan albana 1928 founded a group called the muslim brotherhood. allied with the mufti.  cos they both hated the jews.  slognas: down with the jews, get the jews out of palestine.
they pulished a regular column.  called for the boycott of jewish goods.

mufti made a new friend -- Hitler.  pic of them meeting in germnay

mufti sent ideas to germany, he was eventually tried for his role in shit, led to tons of jews being murdered.

the hassan was also close with germany.  brotherthood became an arm of the nazi party.  provided them with anything they needed.  helped train, build #s

persia changed its name to iran due in large part of influence of nazis.  iran means aryan

current muslim leader -- missed name -- has broadcast each week that is heard/seen by 40 million arabs.  he says scary stuff (me, from memory: about not only killing jews but that hitler's stuff will look weak in comparison, and that the muslims are gods true chosen people to carry out this mission to extinguish the rats)

beck shows recent article.  new nazi party (muslim nazi party?  in muslim brotherhood?  i didn't catch  it).  but it's a problem with the frame of reference, they say. as if the problem with the nazis were outdated uniforms

I wonder if there's any way for me to back up and smooth out this recap with links and whatnot.  DVR (damnit, not yet) will help.  Hopefully I'll be able to link some of the documents or fill out some of the empty dates.  I'm just guessing about some of the names and spelling.  hanging on here, typing as fast as i can...

It seems like this doesn't mean anything here, but it does.  The Western way of life is at risk.  The economies will shake apart, we will be more active in places like Libya, and we'll all chase jews tot the sea...

Hamas & Hezbullah.
hez -1982.  goal to spread islamic revolution, goal inspired by ayatollah in iran.  iran's revolution believe they can spread it elsewhere.

before 911, hezbullah was the org responsible for more american deaths than any other org.  1983 ship bombing.  ufti.  anti british, anti jewish.

then we have hamas.  code pink (et al) standing with hamas.  hamas grew out of muslim brotherhood.  hamas charter rejects muslim brotherhood's policy of non-violence and very antisemitic.  "when the jews will hide behind the stones and trees..."

from spiritual leader of muslim brotherhood, 2009.  "even if in a wheelchair, i will shoot them dead.. (applause)"

Lots of criticism whenever beck tals about the nazis.  get over it, he says.  you don't have to go back to htler to find the desire to exterminate a race of people.  just turn on your news.  but most in the mainstream media will not connect these things together.

these are people surrounding israel.  flew planes.  other stuff.  they want to destroy the western way of life thru israel. stand up.  they are left alone.  does america still stand with israel?  they are our only true ME ally.  does america still stand?


I did a horrible job of capturing that last part.  damn it.
Ican't help but think about Obama's speech.  People made a big deal out of the 67 lines, which remind me so much of the Czech lines in 1938.  But the thing I heard that stood out to me was that Obama said that Israel has the right to defend itself BY ITSELF.  when we give billions in aid to both sides over there, what the hell does that mean?  Did Obama get us into Libya so there would be reason not to help Israel?
Those 67 lines are more than "we're throwing our ally under the bus".  We're setting them up, and at a time when their enemies are stronger than ever before, stronger even than 1939.
This will be WWIII.

i don'tk now if anybody even cares, says Beck, I just know what I'm supposed to do, and I'm hopingit connects somebody.
Tonight we've been going through a lot of history.  read it, share it, don't take it for gospel, question it,

Ben Shapiro.  quote with Sesame Street founder admiting to libneral propaganda with kids.
shows clips of muslim propaganda on kids shows.  many people were illed in wwii, they've over used the holocaust for the zionist cause/

After 911, the cries in the ME were the jews did it, the jews had advanced warning. it was all just a jewish conspiracy.  ahmadinejad reaffirms this and more recent stuff.

1920s.  germany.  mein kampf publish in 1925, millions killed by 1945.  the excuse, they said we didn't know.  we don't have that excuse anymore.

if you really want to look at for a group of the oppressed in history, it's clear that it's the jews.  shows scroll list of those dates. (D!V!R!)  why?  people don't pay attention.  some dismiss it, oh they'll never do that.  some just let stereotyupes fester.  but there are people who will do it.  it doens't change the meanings of their actions, or yours.  the choice is coming, is here.  we must choose.  are we going to be a force for good/evil.

to not speak is to speak.
to not act is to act.

after commercial, will go back to 175 BC and show something that is now happening in san francisco.

Tonight, we are going over history.  I want to go back to the first date, the king of syria, when they outlawed circumcision.  SF trying to do the same thing, saying it's health reasons.  It's commonly practiced by many, but it is a jewish RIGHT, a token of the covenant with god.  on the next city ballot, there will be a vote to ban circumcision.  beck believes it has nothing to do with health, it has everything to do with antisemitism.  beck says this is evil.  he knows that is a strong word.  Genesis 17, where it talks about the covenant.  They are forcing people to break their/a covenant with god.  and isn't it interesting that this is the covenant where, in exchange for circumcision, god will give the jews the land of canaan (Israel).

me: even if it's not antisemitism, it is.  even if the main reason is the more recent arguments that parallel female genital mutilation, they are ignoring that this practice has deeply religious roots for a totally legitimate and peaceful religion in the US that has the right to exist and practice its rights and traditions.  we look at sharia law and do whatever the fuck we can to make sure we're not being anti-muslim, but a large city in the US is putting something on the ballot that would make something like christian baptisms illegal?  even if the claim is that "we didn't realize that it was that important to the jews", its the antisemitism of ignorance.  well, if they really need this, they can go to other cities... but why should they?  why is it okay and progressive to pass a law against a deeply rooted tradition of one religion for which there is no proof that it is harmful etc etc.

plug for tomorrow's show, which i will likely miss.

me: i'm gonna need to go back and try to link some info.  first need to digest the show.