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29 September 2011

Palin = Democrat Nominee?

No, I'm not saying that Sarah Palin is a Democrat.

I'm saying, what if she runs as a Democrat.  What if she primaries Obama!

25 September 2011

Obama: "Asking a billionaire to pay the same amount as a Jew..."

Yep, he said it.  The money shot is at the end.

Psst.  Weren't we totally better off with a president whose gaffes were as horrible as saying nuke-u-ler?


If health insurance = healthcare...

why doesn't my car insurance cover oil changes?

21 September 2011

Weathermen, Cops, Vietnam Vets, & the New New Left

Yesterday I started thinking about the old New Left, the new wave of old protests, and the tight rope between the two.  Here's the small nugget that I'm stuck on right now.

One of the differences between then and now: people have learned that when it comes to soldiers, one should love the sinner but hate the sin.  In other words, spitting on returning vets doesn't help anyone (except helping the establishment make the protesters look heartless).  So I've been thinking about what other things the protesters might have learned.

In the 60s, cops were pigs.  They were the house nigger who enforced the establishment's bogus rules.  Now, the protesters are quick to point out that the cops are on their side.  WTF?  Oh...

Is it possible -- possible -- that the protesters realized that if you want to break the rules, it's best to have the first line of rule-breaking-enforcers on your side... not wanting to enforce laws against you... doing whatever they can to secretly help you (or, at least, not mess you up)?...

But, how do you get the pigs on your side?  How do you get them to trust you?  Just telling them you're on their side is not enough.  You gotta make it seem like your actions benefit them.  You gotta make them feel torn, such that they must make a Sophie's choice between (A) doing their job and enforcing the law lest they lose their job and (B) not doing their job which somehow will help them keep their job.  In other words, if the protesters accomplish their goal, the cops benefit.

<b>Enter the new alliance of the New New Left, in which they support and promote the unions.</b>

11 September 2011

Biden: Labor Day & 9/11 speeches eerily similar

Please pick which of the following Joe Biden quotes were from his Labor Day speech (to a union audience) and his 9/11 speech.

1. "[T]this is a different kind of fight.... A fight for the right to exist. It’s more like the fights of my grandfather’s era."
2. "They didn’t know the horror that awaited them, but they confronted unimaginable fear and terror with a courage that has been summoned only by the truest and the rarest of American heroes."
3. "We’ve lost some battles along the way, too. But we’ve won when we’ve stayed together."
4. "They join an incredibly elite list of women and men, and a long history filled with ordinary Americans doing extraordinary things -- men and women of undaunted courage, uncommon resolve, and a stubborn perseverance in the face of unfathomable challenge."
5. "We’ve won, when we’ve amassed our collective will and strength to defeat those who try to stymie American progress."
6. "It’s about the rights too many people take for granted today.... Today is about remembering that none of those rights would exist if folks like you hadn’t stood up and fought for them."
7. "There is not a single moment of hardship that cannot be transformed into one of national strength."
8. "They not only want you—but they want your children and your parents—to pay the price for their folly"
9. "They knew it was the opening shot in a new war. "
10. "Like you guys, the president and I know [this day] is not about a day—it’s about a life."
11. "And so, they acted.  They acted as citizen patriots have acted since the beginning of our country.  They stood up and they stood their ground.  They thought, like Captain Parker said at Lexington, and I quote him, “If they mean to have a war, let it begin here.”"
12. " [We are] under the most direct assault in generation.... The other side has declared war on [our] house."
13. "We think of them.  We think of our nation.  We think of our history and we think of the future.  And we think of it, because of them, with a confidence knowing that ordinary citizens will continue to stare down fear, overwhelm evil, and bring forth hope from what seems to be none.  And although it will continue to amaze us and inspire us when it happens, it should not surprise us.  For that heroism is who we are.  And that courage lies deepest and beats loudest in the heart of this nation."
14. " The seeds of doubt, planted by those who wish to harm us, will instead grow into flowering meadows like this one where we stand in today, for they cannot defeat the American spirit.  We know this with certainty."
15. "What we’re fighting for is what my great-grandfather’s generation fought for, my grandfather’s generation, and my father’s fought for. "
16. "Folks, you and I both know that a lot of Americans are still hurting and hurting badly."
17. "The tide is turning, because Americans... are beginning to understand just what these guys are about."
18. "[Y]ou're the lifeblood that will sustain [the American] dream."
19. "[T]hose other guys see the world differently than we do. They have different priorities. They have a different vision.  But it’s not only the vision that’s different—they just have a different value set than you and me and President Obama"
20. "It’s about dignity. It’s about respect. And, above all, it’s about basic fairness. That’s what America stands for all around the world—fairness."
21. "The collective spirit of your mother, your father, your brother, your husband, your wife, your sister, your best friend -- that spirit lives on not only in you, but in your country.... And it definitely lives on in a new generation of warriors."
22. "It’s a fight literally for our right to exist. Don’t misunderstand what this is.... You are the only folks keeping the barbarians from the gates."
23.  "The seeds of doubt, planted by those who wish to harm us.... [T]hey cannot defeat the American spirit.  We know this with certainty."
24. " My mother used to say... “Courage lies in every heart, and one day it will be summoned.”"
25. "And we will win this fight the same way: together. Because, this, ladies and gentlemen–this is the fight of our life."

09 September 2011

NYT loves Palin?

"[S]omething curious happened when Ms. Palin strode onto the stage last weekend at a Tea Party event in Indianola, Iowa. Along with her familiar and predictable swipes at President Barack Obama and the “far left,” she delivered a devastating indictment of the entire U.S. political establishment — left, right and center — and pointed toward a way of transcending the presently unbridgeable political divide."
I'm in shock.

05 September 2011

Right to Work Day!

Happy Right to Work Day!
In celebration, I spent the day investigating and learning.  Then I ate a porterhouse. Rare.  (And, honestly, don't tell my bbq-meister-Dad, I woulda eaten it rare-er).  We opened less-than-fancy wine with our steaks, and we toasted in honor of the day that workers in my fuckin' state (/all states) might be allowed to cash in a pay check without bending to Senor Union's will.

After that, we watched Undefeated.  Yeah, that movie.  The Palin movie.

Before watching the movie, I told my mother that I was going to have a difficult time returning to Madison (after spending the summer in northern WI w my folks).  Gotta say, the movie didn't change my position at all.

Gotta say. Aw, shit.  Negate the coupla paragraphs I was gonna write and reduce it to this: Happy Right to Work Day!  Palin 2012!

"Manufactured Crisis"

Listening to Obama's Labor Day Right to Work Day Speech, I heard him use that irksome phrase "manufactured crisis".  During (& since) the debt ceiling previews of 2012 talks, that phrase has been tossed around a lot.

It pisses me off.  Inconsistency pisses me off.  They call the Tea Party terrorists/hobbits for holding [insert whomever] hostage during the debt talks.  They also say the debt ceiling crisis was manufactured.  Finally, they also say that the Tea Party was willing to let the govt/country fall off a cliff if that's what it takes to get their way.


BUT!!!  But, I think I finally understand.  Something in Obama's (more passionate than usual) speech clicked something into place for me.  It's not that they think the crisis was both manufactured (e.g. non-existent, created for political manipulation) and used to threaten the country...  They think that the Republicans' refusal to approve a simple debt ceiling reduction CREATED the crisis.  IF the House had just okayed the increase like good little kiddos, then there would be no crisis.  The crisis was manufactured by the House insisting on the country getting something in return for raising the debt ceiling.

In other words, because the Republicans would not do what the Democrats wanted them to do, the Republicans/TP created a crisis, held us hostage, etc.  How bipartisan!

If you can figure out a different explanation that logically explains the seeming inconsistencies, please share.

ADDED:  Based on Obama's speech, I think part of his new jobs plan will, essentially, be large amounts of stimulus moneys funneled not to the states but directly to the mayors of Democrat cities in key states.  Like Detroit.  This helps to buy back votes of key demographics.  This gives those cities extra funds to keep their unions afloat.  This money could get laundered into campaign & GOTV efforts.  And, most importantly, if the Republicans try to block it, all the better!  Rage against Republicans denying people what's "theirs" is an even bigger motivator than Obama giving it to them straight up.  Hell, it's better, since Obama throwing money at those cities won't help them one damn bit.

I do hope Republicans let Obama do whatever he needs to do, so long as it's a one time shot.  (e.g. not starting new programs that will then need to be repealed.)  Sort of like giving your teenager a second chance to fuck up before grounding them...  Then they have no excuses to bitch.  Do whatever Obama says "needs" to be done & take away his whole "I'm a shitty president because Republicans are jerks" meme.  OH, and of course, write into the vote that there will be no increase in the debt ceiling until 2013...  In other words, the POTUS has a budget within which he must operate.  If his plans fail, he's gotta make CUTS.

01 September 2011

Ratings: Did Boehner fall into a trap?

Why the hell would the POTUS pull this?  Why announce a Sept 7th speech in front of Congress without talking to the House?  Why?!

I'm inclined to believe he fumbled.  If Obama hasn't stopped playing ball, then here's my theory -- in which Boehner has helped Obama.

THEORY:  Obama doesn't have a speech.  Not the presumed "speech about an actual, on paper, CBO-score-able PLAN".  Obama has a speech about the concept of ideas related to jobby-job related economicking.  In other words, Obama knows his speech will suck.  Obama wants to take back the promise of a speech.  Obama is scrambling.  Obama needs to have the least amount of people watch the speech, and he needs as many gimmes in his pocket as possible.  He needs the majority of people to hear about the speech from the forgiving media instead of hearing the bungling live...

"Hey, guys!  I got it!" Obama yells out to his advisers.  "Thursday is football night, eh?  Let's do the speech then!"
"There's one problem, sir.  You will look like a dick if you schedule a speech for Thursday."
"But, but, but..." whines Obama.  "I want it!  What can we do to get me Thursday night and not make it my fault?  Geez Louise.  So I guess that means Tuesday?  It's not like we can schedule it for Wednesday during the R debate.  Oh my.  Oh, wait..."

Thus, Obama schedules the speech for Wednesday, and he makes it a Congressional Speech.  Boehner will get pissed about the power struggle and insist on Thursday (which was Obama's first choice all along.  "Whatever you do, don't throw me in that Briar Patch!").  Then, on Thursday, Obama can have a little-heard speech.  And, he can blame the scheduling on the Republicans.  Republicans hate football!  Republicans care more about their debate than America!  Republicans are playing partisan games while I, the mighty orator, arise above it all.  YOU SHOULD ALL LEARN FROM ME, THE MIGHTY COMPROMISER

Now, it's time to compromise: everyone do what I tell you to do.

(Oh, and second-best scenario:  Do the speech on Wednesday, during the debate.  At least that will mess up the conservative press and make it more difficult for them to bash Obama and also help Perry ride the wave.  Only one thing can take center stage at a time.  Whatever, whatever happens, the president CANNOT speak on Tuesday.  That gives the Republicans a solid 24 hours to prepare for each of their zingers.  No Tues.  Gotta be Wed or Thurs.  GOTTA!)