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21 September 2011

Weathermen, Cops, Vietnam Vets, & the New New Left

Yesterday I started thinking about the old New Left, the new wave of old protests, and the tight rope between the two.  Here's the small nugget that I'm stuck on right now.

One of the differences between then and now: people have learned that when it comes to soldiers, one should love the sinner but hate the sin.  In other words, spitting on returning vets doesn't help anyone (except helping the establishment make the protesters look heartless).  So I've been thinking about what other things the protesters might have learned.

In the 60s, cops were pigs.  They were the house nigger who enforced the establishment's bogus rules.  Now, the protesters are quick to point out that the cops are on their side.  WTF?  Oh...

Is it possible -- possible -- that the protesters realized that if you want to break the rules, it's best to have the first line of rule-breaking-enforcers on your side... not wanting to enforce laws against you... doing whatever they can to secretly help you (or, at least, not mess you up)?...

But, how do you get the pigs on your side?  How do you get them to trust you?  Just telling them you're on their side is not enough.  You gotta make it seem like your actions benefit them.  You gotta make them feel torn, such that they must make a Sophie's choice between (A) doing their job and enforcing the law lest they lose their job and (B) not doing their job which somehow will help them keep their job.  In other words, if the protesters accomplish their goal, the cops benefit.

<b>Enter the new alliance of the New New Left, in which they support and promote the unions.</b>

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  1. Certainly fits what goes on in Madison. I don't lampoon that relationship without reason.