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31 July 2011

Tea Party: It's Our Time Now

I just read a great article over at Mark America -- Bi-Partisan War on the Tea Party and Sarah Palin.  As I tried to decide which paragraph to excerpt, my first choice was to highlight the whole damn thing.  Instead, I ask you to go over there and check it out for yourself.

Here's the first paragraph to get you started.
There has been a sudden wave of attacks by the DC establishment against Sarah Palin and the Tea Party.  You know something is afoot when forces of the elites of left and right begin to unite, with Bill O’Reilly, and his recent mini-me, Laura Ingraham, along with all the other usual suspects, aligning with such leftist jackals as Maureen Dowd, who today compares the Tea Party members of Congress to suicide bombers. Foxnews is busily hustling Tea Party critics into their studio and via live feed, to claim that the Tea Party is to blame for our current crisis.  With Foxnews having secured a lock on many Republican minds, they’re now free to push stories fitting the corporate messaging in service to the DC establishment.
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