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20 June 2011

The Glenn Beck Program, June 20 LIVEBLOG

Welcome to the Glenn Beck Program.  Tonight I'd like to start here.  I'd like you to play TV Executive.  Now the producers have played their signature producing package that's going to kick off coverage of one of the biggest sporting events of the year.  The U.S. Open golf tournament.  You, the producer are about to watch it for final approval.  See if anything jumps out at you.
[video of "The Pledge of Allegiance" with "under God, indivisible" omitted]

I'm sorry, did I lapse into a coma there?  It was very, very subtle.  You might have missed it, Mr. Executive Producer.  The words "under God" and "indivisible"... just magically disappear.

Beck to Van Jones: Suck it

Van Jones challenged Glenn Beck to a debate.  On his radio show today, Beck declined.

Here's how Think Progress characterized Beck's reaction to Van Jones:
Glenn Beck took to his radio show to assault Jones’ record. Beck refused Jones’ debate challenge, claiming that Jones is hiding his true desire for a “violent overthrow for a Marxist government.” Beck continued his smears against Jones, comparing him to Mao, Che Guevara, and Joseph Stalin and saying the policies Jones supports — which Beck claims are communist — “only lead to death.”
Here's what Beck said according to an audioclip at Media Matters.  Read it, and you tell me if you think that Think Progress has accurately described Beck's response to Jones.  [For a complete understanding of Beck's tone, check out the radio clip below (cut by Media Matter).  Any mistakes or typos in the following transcript are completely mine.]
I just want you to know, Van, I truly love you as a brother as well.  I think you are so misguided.  I just said my prayers this morning with some members of my team where I prayed for people like you -- and you're included in this -- that I hope we become a nation that can weep for you, we can actually weep for your misguided action.  I love you as well, and I would hope that you would put your Communist revolutionary tactics aside, because it only leads to death -- as it did with Mao, as it did with Che, as it did with Stalin... as it does every single time anyone has the government try to solve things through Socialism and then surround themselves with people who are full of hate, cloak that hate...

Egypt Supports Spain: "Do you have Tahrir Square? We can bring it to you."

"The video [uploaded 19 May 2011] is a message of solidarity from people of the working-class neighbourhood Ard al-Liwa in Cairo", according to the video's description on YouTube.  

Click all images to enlarge.  Subtitled text written below each picture or series of pictures. Entire video is at the end of this post.

"May God give power to the people and remove dictators from all Arab and foreign countries.  And with the help of God the collective will be victorious over the Zionists 
and those who oppress the people."

ISO: Spain protest footage with "democracy chant"

When I was watching Fox News on Saturday, June 10th, they showed protest footage from Europe (Spain, I think).  They were chanting to the beat of This-Is-What-Democracy-Looks-Like.  The anchor did not comment on this, but it's been haunting me.

I don't remember which show I was watching.  (It was likely between noon and 7:00.  Small window, eh?)  I don't remember who was reporting.  I don't remember anything but the familiar chant in the background of the news report.

I've been searching the internet to find this footage -- either from Fox, the original source, or other footage of the same protest.  (Certainly there was more than one camera recording the large mass of people.)  I've had no luck.

If anyone out there can hook me up with this video -- or even just confirm that I didn't dream the entire thing -- I'd be incredibly grateful.


On this day in history...

Jaws opens in 1975 and begets my sister's ongoing fear of sharks.
The red phone WH-Moscow hotline begins in 1963 and begets hours of fun for political prop comics.
The telegraph is patented by Samuel Morse in 1840, begetting Twitter.
John Goodman is born in 1952, later warning America about the dangers of marijuana on Roseanne: