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20 June 2011

ISO: Spain protest footage with "democracy chant"

When I was watching Fox News on Saturday, June 10th, they showed protest footage from Europe (Spain, I think).  They were chanting to the beat of This-Is-What-Democracy-Looks-Like.  The anchor did not comment on this, but it's been haunting me.

I don't remember which show I was watching.  (It was likely between noon and 7:00.  Small window, eh?)  I don't remember who was reporting.  I don't remember anything but the familiar chant in the background of the news report.

I've been searching the internet to find this footage -- either from Fox, the original source, or other footage of the same protest.  (Certainly there was more than one camera recording the large mass of people.)  I've had no luck.

If anyone out there can hook me up with this video -- or even just confirm that I didn't dream the entire thing -- I'd be incredibly grateful.


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