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20 June 2011

Egypt Supports Spain: "Do you have Tahrir Square? We can bring it to you."

"The video [uploaded 19 May 2011] is a message of solidarity from people of the working-class neighbourhood Ard al-Liwa in Cairo", according to the video's description on YouTube.  

Click all images to enlarge.  Subtitled text written below each picture or series of pictures. Entire video is at the end of this post.

"May God give power to the people and remove dictators from all Arab and foreign countries.  And with the help of God the collective will be victorious over the Zionists 
and those who oppress the people."

"I wish revolution in the whole world, to change all systems."

 "Give them victory and let the revolution live everywhere."

 "I wish from all of my heart success to the Spanish revolution."

 "May the youth participate more and achieve the highest positions after the revolution."

"Do you have Tahrir Square?  We can bring it to you." 

"Any revolution of the people we support with heart and body.  
I stand with the Spanish people." 

"There is, between us and Spain, a shared history and ideology"

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