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21 June 2011

"Democracy for Demmies"

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The Glenn Beck Program, June 21 LIVEBLOG

Well, hello.  Welcome to the Glenn Beck Program.  Back on October 5th, the White House said something -- By the way, final episode June 30th.  Eight shows left.  Don't miss a single one.  -- Tonight we're gonna talk about energy, because on the 5th of October, the Energy Secretary, Steven Chu, made America an exciting promise, and here it is
The White House will lead by example.  I am pleased to announce that by the end of this Spring, there will be solar panels that will convert sunlight into electricity and solar hot water heater on the roof of the White House.

While I waste time... Union History!

[Note: After I wrote this and came to a necessary break point, I felt the need to give you forewarning that absolutely no good information about Union History is contained in this post.  It's a prequel of sorts to posts-to-come.  Read at your own risk.]

My DVR messed up my recording of Beck this afternoon.  While I wait until 1:00 a.m. (it's midnight now) to
A. ensure the DVR records the second showing
B. watch A
C. try to transcribe what I missed before passing out
I'm going to spend time on a long overdue personal project -- researching unions.

I'm sick of being taught American Labor History by secondary sources, especially the public sector unions.  For months I've been poking around, picking up bits and pieces, but mostly I've been assaulted with contradictory information from opposing sides.  And none of it gels.  My critical eye doesn't buy any of the narratives.  My critical eye has discerned what I currently believe as truth, but my critical eye does not believe the whole narrative of both the Right or Left or Unions in this matter.  I'm sick of not knowing a more informed palette of information.  My palette is decent, I suppose, but not up to my personal standards.