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09 June 2011

Palin's emails...

...are being released. All 24,000 of them. Over at Daily Caller, they're calling a spade a spade. Or, so sayeth their headline: NYT, WaPo give up even trying to be a news organization.  They're asking for volunteers to comb through the boxes and boxes of emails.  My favorite line from the article: Wow. Just imagine if they had put this kind of effort into analyzing… I dunno… Obamacare?

Wife of Fred Risser (D) Calls Cops on Walkerville

Ha! Hahahahahahahaha!

Obama's Ride

How do Sarah Palin's Paul Revere comments look when compared to...

Walkerville: day 7.

I guess Walker was giving a speech, and 20 people didn't like that.  What was the speech about?  Who the hell knows.  That's not important anymore.

Government! Spies! Hiding! In! Your! Closet!

This is a riot.  The article states that a group has been gathering by the Capitol to monitor protesters' planned activities via Twitter, Facebook, etc.  (Crap, are they talking about my house?  Whew, it's closer to the square.)

The article defines this kind of behavior -- surfing the internet -- as spying and then goes on to say that the Department of Homeland Security has investigated, among other places, the Planned Parenthood in Madison.  (To assess threats, they say.)

The article ends with this juicy bite (emphasis mine):
There is currently no evidence to connect the emergency response team's social media suveillance with these programs, but little information yet exists on what all they are doing.
No evidence exists to connect these things, but that doesn't stop the connection from being made, especially when it's smashed together in print.  This is what democracy looks like...

To the protesters: If you don't want your planning to be known by the general public, then don't plaster it on Facebook and Twitter.  People reading your publicly posted words?  Yes, this IS what democracy looks like.  Get over it.

Newt's Top Staff Quit...

...prompting a Craigslist prank...
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The Glenn Beck Program, June 9 LIVEBLOG (Jim Rogers guests) + video

I am so excited today.  If this is your first day watching this show, you might not know, I'm a right wing war monger who needs more kinetic military action.  Headline today:  The Obama administration is intensifying the covert mission in Yemen.  Did you know we're in Yemen?  That's war #4.  Count 'em.  And it's secret, great.  Congress is completely irrelevant.

I thought war #4 might push people over the edge, where are all those antiwar protesters?  Surely those lefties would be out there protesting against yet another war.  [Footage of small groups of protesters.]  Losers, but God bless em.

Does anyone know what side we are supposed to be on in Yemen?

has there ever been military action where you don't know what side you're on?  why the silence?

Unions Bought Guv! Guv Bought By Unions! (erm...)

This article claims that the police and fire dept bought Governor Walker.  Or, rather, that Walker was bought by the unions.  Which is the worse crime, bring bought or buying someone?

Freshman Republican Assemblyman Chris Kapenga says “We have pushed for police and fire to be included with all other public employees... Bottom line is the unions have bought out several people and we can not get it put through. It has been very frustrating.”

Walker's Fault? Our Fault.

I believe any social collapse — here or anywhere — will probably take decades to unfold and will have more to do with a sort of willfully ignorant self-interest common to all points on the political spectrum — not just with a handful of right-wing politicians doing their dirty work in 2011.
The middle class dies with a whimper, in other words, not a bang.

So sayeth Chris Rickert, my favorite commentator on all things Wisconin Union/Protesty.