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09 June 2011

The Glenn Beck Program, June 9 LIVEBLOG (Jim Rogers guests) + video

I am so excited today.  If this is your first day watching this show, you might not know, I'm a right wing war monger who needs more kinetic military action.  Headline today:  The Obama administration is intensifying the covert mission in Yemen.  Did you know we're in Yemen?  That's war #4.  Count 'em.  And it's secret, great.  Congress is completely irrelevant.

I thought war #4 might push people over the edge, where are all those antiwar protesters?  Surely those lefties would be out there protesting against yet another war.  [Footage of small groups of protesters.]  Losers, but God bless em.

Does anyone know what side we are supposed to be on in Yemen?

has there ever been military action where you don't know what side you're on?  why the silence?

you remember the weather underground?  woah.  if you read the manifesto, it's what's exactly going on now.  Beck reads from 69 Manifesto about making 2, 3 vietnams to entangle us in war to defeat and destroy the imperialists (us).

Obama video, speaking in front of chrysler.  speed bumps.  japan, ME instability, makes folks uncertain.
instability in the ME hhurts the economy.  obama: the people of egypt are calling for change.  but it's young people -- just like you -- who want their voice to be heard.

let's get out the marching band and encourage the youth of america.

81 days later, libya was supposed to last days not weeks.  29 days since war powers act has expired.  promised no boots on the ground, several reports that they are there.  now the president has strarted a covert war in yemen.  sounds like headwinds of instability are coming from WH.

america, we're headed for real trouble.  the excuses aren't working.  "these aren't the droids you're looking for."  the fundamental transformation of america has always been the goal of this administration.  tonight i hope to arm you with info so you can be part of the solution and not part of the brain dead sheep.

now what?

tonight, i'm going to introduce you to a guy who's spookier than i am.  because he knows why he's right.


according to new rasumussen poll, only 24% say they have similar views to obama.  45% dems.  only 13% say obama more convservative than them.

CNN poll, we're headed for a great depression in the next 12 months.

how long will the advice to prepare be ridiculed and mocked?
I lived in tampa, lived thru a couple mild hurricanes.  when a storm is coming, you board the windows, even if you don't think it'll hit you,, you prepare just in case.

you go into the storm cellar.  did we not learn anything from our grandparents?

i have a feeling that this audience will be the difference between the success and failure of the country.  my footprint, they tell me, is abuot 30 million/month.  how you talk to others, how you wake other people up, will make a difference.  it's time to launch the life boats.

we are, at this program, at the last 14 days of broadcast.  why are you leaving fox?  we've captured lightning in a bottle here.  time to change what i do and be much mroe specific about the things we can do to save our country.

our remaining time, we will go over some of those things.

we are americans.  and we need to be those people of wilmington and joplin.  tough times will come.  but the people in joplin, they didn't just wait for the fima trucks to bring in food.  people came from near/far to help.  some people were leaders, some people were hands.  we have to stop looking to Rs and Ds for help.  cut out the middle man.  you have to begin preparing for the storm -- not just for you, for your neighbors and community.  if the storm doesn't come, oh well.  you'll be stronger for it.

america needs leaders not sheep.  of that 48% that believes a depression is coming, have they begun boarding up their windows?

you start with what you can control.  be better at your job than anyone else, because they can't afford to lose you.  get over yourself, you're not awesome.  if you own a small business, don't cut corners.  be honest in your dealings.  know history, know the constitution.

the miracle of freedom is really that -- a miracle.

book: miracle of freedom, the 7 tipping points.  amazing book.

only 5% have ever lived under any kind of free society.  95% slaves. we're letting it slip thru our fingers.

what if we do slip into a great great depression?  remember, all of the housing stats that are worse now than in the great depressoin?  what happens when stores have no food or it's too expensive to afford?

have you ever seen a grocery store before a storm, when the shelves are wiped out?

james carville/ civil unrest/ i agree with him, even tho i said the same thing a year ago and he said i was crazy.

we have to be more free, at the state and local level.  more independent.  more religious, in a ben franklin way.  1790 yale university asked him -- what is the religion of the US.  one god, the most acceptable service we can do for him is to do good to others.  that is our american religion.

we have to find that within ourselves and prepare to be that greatest american religion once again.

tonight, meet a guy, at first "make him stop talking, because he scares the crap out of me", and then you'll want him to keep talking.

you'll meet him when we come back


it's not very often that I meet someone who sees the world the way i do...
Jim Rogers.

You're legendary.  To have a sit down with you, unless you're Neil Cavuto, you don't get this chance.  How long have you been deemed nuts?

Rogers: my whole life.  US is now the largest debtor state in the whole world. you'd think washington clowns would read history and see what's going to happen.  no one ever gets out of this without a huge crisis. they're gonna inflate the currency, cause inflation, and we'll pay it off with worthless money.

glenn: how do you control inflation?

rogers: no one has even been able to control it.  just read some history books.  i'm not smart, i just looked it up.

beck: when they started tarp, a friend of mine said "read all you can about vimar".  i have.  there came a point where they said, if we stop all of this, there will be riots in streets.  all they're doing is giving us more time.  they could have the best intent.

rogers: i don't think any pol has ever brought disaster on purposefully.  they're just not that smart.  they excelled at playground.  that's why they're politicians.

beck: would you agree that israel is the keystone of the west?

rogers: if israel falls, we certainly have chaos in the middle east.

beck: you destabilize israel...

rogers: more social unrest in europe, everywhere, US.

beck: do you belive they'll be burning buildings in NY, La
rogers: don't you? look it up. Cox's army.  in the 30s we were more disciplined.  now everybody expects a free lunch.
beck: is gas going up because we're printing money or because opec won't produce more?
rogers: we're running out of resources, but then you have bernanke printing money as fast as you can.
beck: how did the gulf and BP thing effect stuff
rogers: it was an environmental disaster.  the unknown consequence, now we're not drilling.
beck: have you seen the coal regulations
rogers: everything is gonna be more expensive.  they don't seem to understand that we're running out of known sources of energy. prices are gonna go thru the roof.  we need to drill.  we've got a lot of oil in the US, apparently, and we need to drill for it.
beck: wehn we come back, what do you do if you're not a billionaire.  i've asked jim to come up with a few things that regular folks should be doing.  also, i've read that you believe the dollar is over and it could happen in the next 5 months
rogers: it COULD happen
beck: and then i want to talk about food and farming and farmers, and some stats about farming that i have never heard anywhere else


Beck: when you wrote this book, was it as urgent in your mind?
Rogers: i was very against children.  i never wanted to have them.  my friends with children, i thought they were saps.  i was so wrong.  i started writing down things i thought i'd want to tell her when she got older...
beck: it's common sense, what used to be.  above all be ethical.  save.  focus on what you like.  i am a big believer in education, but george washington was self-educated.  most cases, $300,000 you don't get the return on what you invested.  focus on what you love to do--
Rogers: the money will follow.  do what you love.  the people who do what they want will never go to work.
beck: you have what you need, you are complete inside.  back to ivy league schools.  you went to one
rogers: don't bring it up, heh
beck: education $ has gone up, and it's a bunch of gobbledygook.  you are indoctrinated there.  can you get away with being self taught?
rogers: you don't have to go to an ivy league school to be successful, don't even have to go to college.  if you go to princeton, someone will be out 300k.  is it worth it?  it might help you get first or 2nd job, but after that it's still up to you
beck: i said to my daughter, she was working hard and wanted As, and I said to her relax, nobody cares about your GPA
rogers: maybe your first job, but that's all
beck: how do you prepare if you're just eking out a living, as most are
rogers: if you're gonna invest in anything, only invest in what you know a lot about.  otherwise, jut put the money in the bank and earn a little interest, but at least you won't be losing money.  and wait.  wait til you find something that you know will be a winner.
beck: you said that you think the dollar -- cash -- will be worthless
rogers: yes.  don't you?
beck: yes.  heh.  but i don't have the answers you do.  so, if not cash, then what?  back in a sec

yep, the Holocaust Survivors commercial is still running strong...

Back!  When you listen to what Jim Rogers says in his book, it's hard.. "Don't panic.

Rogers: very few people do the right thing when they're panicking
Beck: what do people do when they hear the dollar will be worthless?
Rogers: own real assets.  silver, rice.  the things that go up in price when the world goes down.  that's how you protect yourself.  and you learn about investing abroad.
Beck: what do you invest in in asia?
Rogers: i own some shares in singapore stuff, some chinese money
Beck: is that the future currency?  china?  or will we have a one-world currency
Rogers: i can't imagine a one-world currency, except maybe gold
beck: you said we should all learn at least one foreign language
Rogers: that will give you a leg up.  we're not going to be the main power forever.  spanish, mandarin, portugeuse maybe.
beck: when we come back, i want to talk about farms.  the stats, what you think is coming.

note: Jim Rogers said "don't trust me, do your homework" in that segment.  they're talking so fast that I didn't catch it at the time, but I thought that was interesting.

Beck: tell me the state of farming around the world.
Rogers: serious crisis coming up.  no inventory. average age of farmers = 58.  the world's gonna be facing serious problems in the next decade.
Beck: why?
Rogers: agriculture's been a horrible business.  all these college kids in your audience, i bet they don't know agricultural majors.  you can't make money in it, so prices are gonna be higher
Beck: how long do I have to be able to put some food away?
Rogers: go to the store and see how high prices have gone.
Beck: new york icecream $8 a half gallon.
Rogers: prices have to go higher so farmers can make a living.  farming's gonna be a much better profession the next 20 years than wall street.  we have very low inventories right now.  prices will get worse.  protect yourself.
Beck: don't own water, how dare you be somebody who's trying to hoard water... (public opinion)
Rogers: don't own water, figure out a way to supply water.  oh, no, you don't want to be an evil spectator.  they'll hate you.
Beck: back in a minute.


Tomorrow, Greta Van Sustren will be doing a special about sex scandals, and we'll be back Monday.

me: monday?! hrmph

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