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09 June 2011

Unions Bought Guv! Guv Bought By Unions! (erm...)

This article claims that the police and fire dept bought Governor Walker.  Or, rather, that Walker was bought by the unions.  Which is the worse crime, bring bought or buying someone?

Freshman Republican Assemblyman Chris Kapenga says “We have pushed for police and fire to be included with all other public employees... Bottom line is the unions have bought out several people and we can not get it put through. It has been very frustrating.”

He also said that he would like to move forward with a bill that lifts the exemption on police and fire fighters, but “We’ve been told the governor will not sign it."

The cops and Guv deny the allegations.

Is this news?  The sources deny the one-man claim, but according to my Facebook wall, this article is "TRUTH".  Is it?  What is it actually saying?

And for that matter, if the cops and fire had a deal with the Governor, why were they such a visible presence during the February and March protests?  Wouldn't that immediately break the deal?

AND for that matter, who's to say that the reason the governor will not sign "it" is due to a deal?  Perhaps he's happy with what he's gotten and does not wish to push the unions' buttons any more than he already has.

Sloppy journalism leads to an uniformed public.  Lack of applying critical thinking leads to zombie protesters.  Oh wait!
"Zombies for change in Madison"

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