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02 July 2011

Colbert's Super PAC: breaking the fourth wall

I don't watch The Colbert Report on a regular basis, but I did catch the May episode earlier this year, in which Colbert asked guest (and former chair of the FEC) Trever Potter about PACs while filling out an actual, legal form for creating a PAC.

Colbert is a man who follows through.  He has pushed the boundaries of both comedy and PACs; the FEC approved his PAC earlier this week.

If A exists under B, then B created A?

"Why shouldn't profitable corporations and finance-savvy individuals pay back to the system that made them rich?"argues social justice activist Paul Buchheit at Buzzfeed.

I take issue with the premise that "the system" makes anyone rich.  

Who said it?

It [the U.S.] can lose its dominance only as a result of its own mistakes. At present the country is in the process of committing such mistakes because it is in the hands of a group of extremists whose strong sense of mission is matched only by their false sense of certitude.
Click here for answer.

Birthday books -- suggestions?

My family is full of summer birthdays (except for me).  I've decided that this year, I'm giving books.  My dad's birthday is up next.  For him, it's mostly a matter of narrowing the list.  My sister is the next month, and that one is gonna be tough.  I have to walk a fine line with that one.  ANY suggestions are more than welcome!