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29 September 2011

Palin = Democrat Nominee?

No, I'm not saying that Sarah Palin is a Democrat.

I'm saying, what if she runs as a Democrat.  What if she primaries Obama!

Before getting into logistics, just imagine it for a moment.  Obama certainly would not be expecting that.  It would force Obama to spend more time directly campaigning.  It might force Obama to the center while he is trying to cater to his base.

Let's face it.  Obama is thin skinned, and Obama thinks he is the smartest person in the room.  The best way to expose him for what he is = 12 months of baiting him into eventually losing his cool on camera.  Or something like that.

Let's say Palin does primary Obama.  Worst case scenario: she loses.  But she stirs the pot and forces her primary concerns to center stage for awhile.  Crony Capitalism.  If she wants to affect the issues and ideas, this would be an ideal way to go.  As for explaining her ticket choice, it would be easy for her to say "Republican, Democrat... We all love this country and want to do right by it.  In Alaska I took on corruption in both parties, and the state was better for it.  The current crop of Republican candidates seem to have good coverage of the issues, but oh my, the Democrats certainly seem to be lacking when it comes to clean records.  This was the place where I felt I was called to serve my country.  And it's never a bad thing to provide the president with debating outlets to explain and defend the choices that he's made.  We're just gonna do that a little earlier than people were expecting..."

And -- what if she won.  Seriously, what if?  I, for one, would switch parties to vote for her in the primary.  And honestly, I bet a helluva lot of people would, too.  ABO, right?  Sure, the Dems' super delegates might not allow her to get the nomination (even if she won every single state), but the Republican nominee could have a field day with that.

One minute point: if Palin runs for the GOP nomination and doesn't get it, she'll lose a lot.  A. Lot.  She might even lose everything.  She has been elevated to a status I'm unable to parallel with another politician in our history (but suggestions are more than welcome!).  If she runs as a Dem, she has a decent chance of very effectively making  lasting impression on the race and subsequently on the future of the country.  And if she loses, it's not really a loss.  It's much easier to claim that "winning" was never her plan to begin with.

My idea is obviously a long shot.  (Almost as much of a long shot as a know-nothing minority senator beating Hillary and then winning the election, no?)  It could go in a lot of different ways, but I don't particularly see it going in a way that works out negatively for Palin.  If her largest ambition is not to be president but instead to affect the election in a way that gets important issues to the surface and helps prevent Obama's reelection, then she really might be more influential as a Democrat candidate.

I gotta say it:  I would take immense pleasure in the watching the lefties drown themselves in spittle of rage.

I'm trying to remember a time when a politician did something like this, but I can't say that anything comes to mind.  Perhaps when T Roosevelt left the Republican party to run as a third party against his previous vp?

Anyways, Palin did tell Hannity that this was going to be a very unique election.  She also told Greta that she was trying to figure out if vying for the GOP nomination would shackle her, shut her in a box,  make he dance for the GOP machine rather than allowing her to speak the truth.  With that in mind, perhaps primarying Obama isn't that crazypants of an idea.  Maybe.

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  1. Interesting! I like out of the box thinking like this.