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08 June 2011

The Glenn Beck Program, June 8 LIVEBLOG (Herman Cain guests) + video

My cable's still jumpy, so we'll see how this goes.  I think my wires go funky in extreme.  This is a live blog, so I type while I listen.  Sometimes i have time to grab a link, sometimes I miss words and names.  (Okay, that always happens.  This show's got a lot of words!)

ADDED: there's video of the episode at the end of this post, and a transcript with source-links and pics can be read here.

Welcome!  Tonight I'm going to introduce you to someone you're going to like.  [spoiler]

Let's go back in the time tunnel.  Obamacare debate in it's peak.  Flashback to old Beck show foretelling current events.  "I'm not genius.  I listen."  Those pushing Obamacare, in their own words -- "Trojan horse, it's right there"; "it wouldn't let private insurance companies compete"; "potentially some transition process."

Their intent seemed clear, but we were called liars.  Clip of Obama calling Beck a liar.

It's found out that the # of employers who will stop providing insurance is vastly greater than expected -- 30%.  Employers who have a higher awareness of Obamacare that are projected to dump are higher, 50%.  Ooh, this will be so great for your tax dollars.  Soros: unintended consequences.

The economy, Middle East, and jobs.  Glenn will show us a guy that might be telling the truth.  And maybe he's a guy you could vote for...


Hello, America.

Be very careful, we're gonna talk about the things we need to tonight.  Progressives and their influence in the ME.

They've stopped calling themselves progressives.  History.  60-34 winner, that guy (Hoover)
That's when the term liberal came around, to replace progressive.  Then when liberal started to have negative connotations, now progressives again.

Muslim Brotherhood taking a page out of the playbook.  They say they're good!  Sunshine and lollipops!  They're now legally recognized as the "Freedom and Justice Party".  Hey, the logo looks like the EPA.  Beck picks up a red phone to call Obama.

And who isn't for Freedom! and Justice!

missed something from carter era

guy from univ of tripoli in Lebanon -- video of guy talking about 9/11 was a show produced by the Jews.  (May 12 clip.)

The Arab Spring!  Breathe it in, it's great.  Freedom and Justice is in the air!

Muslic cleric talking about compassing (Feb 28 video) -- chopping off hands, etc.

There is good/evil in the world, and it's pretty clear which is which.  Light/dark.  I can see it.  Helloo, Washington, anyone in washington that's awake?

If you're awake... quite honestly,, there are times when i just think to hell with everybody else... they're busy playing politics and everything else.  it's up to you.

those people are like my dad.  he worked all of the time.  he'd be on the couch watching Wild Wild West and he'd fall asleep but say "i'm just resting my eyes.  that's what people in America are doing now.

Do we have any leadership in this country?

I'm gonna introduce you to a guy... I saw speak in Chicago.  I've never asked to meet a politician.  Except this guy.  He gets up... and I've never seen him speak before.  It was riveting.  he said what he meant.  When he was done, he finished and he walked off.

I wanted to bring him in, but we have 22 days left.  i wanted to bring him in.


(Herman Cain and Glenn Beck on the same stage.  I'm giddy.)

Cain: my daddy used to say he was resting his eyes, too.  to me, it's clear as day.  the deeper i looked at the issues, layerws and layers, it's scary.  it is as clear as day.
beck: where do you stand on the 67 lines
Cain: obama threw israel under the bus.  it was discourteous to do that days before netanyahu was gonna be here (and then leave).  i had a reported ask if netanyahu was rude for giving a tongue-lashing, i said NO.
beck: muslim brotherhood
Cain: it's a problem.  changing their name doesn't change their stripes.
Cain: about "would you be comfortable with a muslim in your cabinet/ no" -- he would if there were proof that there were loyalty to the constitution.
beck: would you do that to a catholic or mormon?
cain: no.  because there is a dangerous element to the muslim religion that's not present in those others.  there are some peace loving mulsims, but.  i heard netanyahu give a speech a few months after 9/11, and it resonated.  that's a oint of reference.  he said there will always be terrorism & they want to kill all of you
beck: so your point of reference is sharia law, and it creeping into society
cain: yes!  and everyone wants to deny it.  oklahoma example

beck: okay, so how do you... people hear this at home, and they get frustrated.  70% something, they sit around and whine and nothing changes.  so what does the average person do?
cain: write letters to the editor.  get active with somebody, with some organization.  this is one of the reasons that i was inspired to run for president of the united states of america.


In the next few days I'm going to show you a few people that I find inspiring.  Some of them I agree with, some I don't.  (Presidential parade?)

On Obama allies, Cain doesn't think Israel and UK are allies.
Cain: If Israel is attacked, you have a friend in the United States of America.  Israel has been our most important friend and ally in the ME.  Shared values.  They have stood courageously.  Herman Cain is going to Restoring Courage!  We need some courage back here at home.
Beck: Do you believe Israel is a keystone, you pull it out the West collapses
Cain: yes
Beck: you were a Fed pres in Kansas City, so you can read the tea leaves and know what's going on in the world
Cain: yes, it's getting weaker, the only problem is how fast it will happen.
Beck: unemployment is 9.1.  I believe it's being intentionally made weak.
Cain: me too
Beck: Texas -- 30 something percent of our new jobs (right #?)
Cain: This president has no clue what makes jobs -- right to work, lower taxes, no mandates, low regulations.  TX govt meets once every two years and then go home.  That's one of the reasons why Texas works.  I think we need to do this in Washington DC.
Beck: jokes that Obama is already working on making Congress irrelevant.
Cain: It's common sense solutions.  This is why the economics plan I'm talking about makes sense.  (My plan is what's in Ryan's plan, but we didn't corroborate.  It just makes sense.)  We won't come out of stagnate growth in a year or 6 months.  Pres Obama's advisor was trying to defend why that 9.1 number is there.  he said something that's true -- the private sector is gonna have to save us.  and that's why he's leaving the administration.   the obama administration doesn't believe in the private sector.  they want to make public sector jobs.

Beck: when we come back -- the head of GM says that we should have a dollar/gallon gas tax.  that's GM, that's the guy who just got all of our money!


Alright, the average cost for a gallon of gas ism ore than a dollar than it cost a year ago.  Not good enough for GM.  Dan Akerson (CEO) is talking about pushing up cost.  Detroit news 6/7/11 quote about slapping on a dollar tax, will make his republican friends puke.  50 cent tax would make everyone puke, a dollar tax makes you puke your lungs.

So now, everything, if it's being shipped to you -- food, clothes  -- goes up.  so the poor won't have food in their tummies when they puke, good news.

guy with tyes to the carlyle group.  GM ceo.  [Beck criticizes GM]  washington times quote 2010.

ben bernanke video june 7

Beck: you were a fed chair in kansas city, so you know all this stuff.  and you ran godfathers pizza.  A. is this unintentional?  are the things being done by bernanke and the administration, is this the dumbest group ever or do they know what they are doing?
Cain: for the first twelve months i hesitated to believe that they could make this many bad decisions collectively.  [Says something about how after awhile, what else are you supposed to think other than that it's intentional.]
beck: you don't want to believe that they could want to mess things up
Cain:  4 dollars is the tipping point according to analyses, suppose we go past which we could if -- missed it -- now, add a tax on top of that.  Puts a downward pressure on an already anemic economy.  They keep making these moves that may put us into a double dip.  If we add a gas tax, then at the mercy of OPEC, we could end up there.
Beck: Now, I don't know if we disagree about this.  I don't think it's oil production that we have to worry about.  It's not how much oil is out there alone, it's the value of the dollar--
Cain: YES.


Beck: talking to Herman Cain, 2012 candidate.  The Fed.  Do you think that the Fed should be audited.
Cain: Yes.  It's not an issue that I'm gonna take leadership on.  Not a fan of Ben Bernanke.
Beck: Inflation.  I think the Fed should be ended.  Here's a reason.  the Treasury and the Fed are too close.
Cain.  And that's the problem.  It's called politicization.  When you can't sell those notes, and the Fed starts buying its own notes, it becomes a vicious problem.  Back in the day, Alan Greenspan never would have let this happen.  People want to hold the Fed against me, but back in the day it wasn't the cabal that it is now.
Beck: China. something something something
Cain: We need to change the white house and congress.
Beck: musical chairs.  does that really make a difference?
Cain.  Yes.  it can.  It comes down to who you can trust.  obama convinced a lot of people that he had america's best interest at heart, and if you look at him, he doesn't.  it hurts me to say that.
Beck: Is it because he's black?
Cain: Is he black?


Herman Cain talks about "I'm only going to sing 3-page bills" -- it was part of a larger statement, representative that he doesn't want to deal with politicking.
Beck: Why do you want to run for president?
Cain: at some point, i asked myself, "what can i do to make this a better nation".  ran for senate, lost.  so that wasn't it.  2006 got cancer, 30% chance of survival. but  here i am, clean bill of health, still have work left to do.  president!
Beck: I gotta tell you.  You're real.  Your slogan is Let's get real, but Tiffany, my producer, said it oughta be Yes We Cain.
Cain: chuckles


Tomorrow night we'll spend some time with Jim Rogers, flown in from China.  And you'll always remember where you were when you heard THIS: Anthony Weiner's wife is pregnant.

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