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08 June 2011

Walkerville, Day 6: Wisconsin Unions Hate the Special Olympics

Shame on you.  Shame.

While Governor Walker was speaking, a line of protesters walked between him and the Special Olympians, blocking their view...  As the Governor tried to talk to the Olympians and draw attention to their accomplishments, these protesters drew attention to themselves.

ADDED:  Hey, the Unions are full of zombies!  This level of honesty in politics is refreshing.

ADDED:  A comment from a different blog that was so good that I had to share:
Listen, I'm a native New Yorker transplanted in the 60's to LaLa Land and for the last 30 years have lived in close proximity to San Franciso and Berkeley, so I feel I've pretty much seen it all. But, I gotta tell ya, you folks in Madison are bizarre. Seriously.

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