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26 March 2012

Leftist Tolerance in Madison, WI (with video)

In Wisconsin, if you're in political office and don't kowtow to Big Labor, you risk facing recall.  When they launched the recall of Governor Walker (for limiting public unions' collective bargaining privileges -- and related monetary and political power), a group of Walker supporters gathered in Madison to show our support for Gov. Walker and his state-saving reforms.  The anti-Walker folks gathered in the Square around the Capitol building -- on the Capitol grounds, on the sidewalk around the Capitol, on the streets surrounding the Capitol...

The sidewalk on the other side of the street? That's where we Walker supporters were allowed access.  We circled the Capitol a few times.  Here is the reaction from the Tolerant Left:

(For a shorter compilation of the above two videos, click here.)

To contrast, this is how the crowd behaved when we were not there.  (I took the following footage before our march.  The only thing different -- besides it being about 30 minutes earlier -- was my lack of stickers, buttons, etc. that would indicate that I'm not in their ranks.)

So what?  You think we would do the same thing if the situation were reversed?  Actually, the situation was reversed.  A few months later, thousands of Walker supporters rallied in Wauwatosa.  Counter-protesters picketed the event.  Walker supporters did not heckle the counter-protesters.  They just walked on by...

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