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18 June 2011

New is Always Better: "Jumbo Jim's Grape Scotch. Don't Let It Touch Your Skin"

New Coke, Ghostbusters 2... why depend on the originals when New is ALWAYS better?  Why get back to basics when Van Jones wants us to REbuild the American dream?

1. Why does it need to be REbuilt?  And what is it being built INTO?  What's wrong with the old American dream -- of neighbors and government that keep their noses out of your bidness?
2. Sowwy, boys.  This whole thing is blatantly ripping off one of your self-proclaimed enemies.  It's like the Alinsky playbook in reverse.  You're supposed to accuse your enemies of your own indiscretions, not revamp our enemy's public platforms and then public perform them.

Jim Bob's Grape Scotch?  No thanks.  I'll have Macallan, please.

Note to self: check back through Rules for Radicals.  Perhaps I've missed a rule.

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