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18 June 2011


In no particular order...

ronnocomot‎ If you stood there and watched Gov. Walker get everything he wanted but still claim victory #YouMightBeAWisconsinProtester #wiunion #idiot

gl33p‎ They say #YouMightBeAWisconsinProtester. Rest easy, you are. You just#mightnotrealizeityet

annaironside‎ RT @wiartteacher#YouMightBeAWisconsinProtester you know every product Koch makes.

G0vSWalker‎ If you can look at a map and mentally fill in the reds and blues#youmightbeawisconsinprotester

MollyMag‎ #YoumightbeaWisconsinprotester if you have ever thanked the cops "guarding" the Capitol or seen them carrying signs the next day

BattiestGrrl‎ If your spouse has ever referred to him/herself as a #WalkervilleWidow/er, #YouMightBeAWisconsinProtester

4SHCrane‎ #YouMightBeAWisconsinProtester if you sing #wiunion songs while mowing the lawn

MollyMag‎ #YoumightbeaWisconsinprotester if you never used to vote a strict party ticket but refuse to ever vote Republican again. Ever. Ever

G0vSWalker‎ If you really, really wish Alec Baldwin had used an alternate spelling#youmightbeawisconsinprotester

meimichan‎ If you had to get used to paying for your pizza again after the middle of March #YouMightBeAWisconsinProtester 

babaoreilymike‎ If Ians Pizza is your idea of a home cooked meal#YouMightBeAWisconsinProtester

icefishinglady‎ RT @MollyMag#YoumightbeaWisconsinprotester if you're more likely to turn to #wiunion when you need a morale boost than to your rl friends/family

pianomomma379‎ If you have a secret crush on Fred Risser#YouMightBeAWisconsinProtester

Steffi5461‎ #YouMightBeAWisconsinProtester if every time you see someone wearing red you wonder if it's because they're on our side

4SHCrane‎ #YouMightBeAWisconsinProtester if 2/1 you were a hermit, but 120 days later you're active in 4 political groups & have 350 twitter followers

meimichan‎ If you are counting down to the recall election dates like none other at this point #YouMightBeAWisconsinProtester

4SHCrane‎ #YouMightBeAWisconsinProtester is you wish you were related to FightingBob LaFollette.

meimichan‎ If you were cheered on for wearing a Solidarity shirt while on vacation in Michigan #YouMightBeAWisconsinProtester

PatriciaB42‎ If you can honk "this is what democracy looks like" on your car horn.#YouMightBeAWisconsinProtester

Steffi5461‎ #YouMightBeAWisconsinProtester if you remember where you were when you got the news the Fab 14 had fled to Illinois giving you hope

jjinsf‎ If the word "democracy" is more meaningful to you now than ever before,#YouMightBeAWisconsinProtester

wiscolover‎ #youmightbeawisconsinprotester if teabaggers at work won't even come near you anymore.

ctaylor64‎ If you actually read the entire Budget Repair Bill#YouMightBeAWisconsinProtester

jjinsf‎ If you'd rather sleep on the pavement in the snow at 15 degrees than in your own bed, #YouMightBeAWisconsinProtester

jjinsf‎ If the democrabeep is your favorite ringtone,#YouMightBeAWisconsinProtester

sammee57‎ If you have palm trees in your yard#YouMightBeAWisconsinProtester

Steffi5461‎ #YouMightBeAWisconsinProtester if the word "shame" has taken on a new meaning

meimichan‎ If you know what democracy looks like, tastes like, honks like, drinks like, or limps like #YouMightBeAWisconsinProtester

4SHCrane‎ RT @meimichan: If your response to any estimate the DoA gives for any numerical amount is 7.5 million #YouMightBeAWisconsinProtester Or a smartass

Steffi5461‎ #YouMightBeAWisconsinProtester if you live in Milwaukee but have been applying for jobs to relocate to Madison permanently

meimichan‎ If news came through Twitter to be at the capitol NOW and you made a mad dash to get there #YouMightBeAWisconsinProtester

Steffi5461‎ #YouMightBeAWisconsinProtester if you have now banned all local and national news stations from the television (except MSNBC nighttime)

lizfarrington‎ If you loved seeing union construction workers at the Shamrock & elderly people bellied up to downtown bars, #YouMightBeAWisconsinProtester

hipparchia2‎ RT @wiartteacher#YouMightBeAWisconsinProtester if you ask everyone you meet if they've signed up to help with #WIrecalls yet

dwilant‎ If at least 90% of your tweets contain #wiunion#wibudget#Fitzwalkerstanor #FlipTheSenate#YouMightBeAWisconsinProtester

truthwisdomlove‎ Your feet have developed callous from going door to door#YouMightBeAWisconsinProtester

Steffi5461‎ #YouMightBeAWisconsinProtester if your entire facebook newsfeed is filled up with anti walker/republican/pro dem pages

gregorthecat‎ #YouMightBeAWisconsinProtester if you have gone directly from the Capitol to work or vice versa

iamtraceyc‎ If random Republicans start following you on Twitter#YouMightBeAWisconsinProtester

wi_defender‎ If you are frequently disappointed when people don't appreciate your obscure jokes about GOP legislators, #YouMightBeAWisconsinProtester

lizfarrington‎ If yelling "SHAME!" is now one of your most cathartic activities,#YouMightBeAWisconsinProtester

sammee57‎ If friends unfriend you on FB for "overposting" #wiunion tweets#YouMightBeAWisconsinProtester & don't want to be friends with em anyway!

pianomomma379‎ If you know what ALEC is & who the Koch brothers are#YouMightBeAWisconsinProtester

superbranch‎ If you hope you & friends' tweets are monitored because you want the opposition to see how strong #WIall are, #youmightbeaWisconsinprotester

pianomomma379‎ If you've considered boycotting your favorite brats in the whole word because of politics #YouMightBeAWisconsinProtester

G0vSWalker‎ If you've used "fighting Walker" as an explanation#youmightbeawisconsinprotester

lizfarrington‎ If you give people around town the stink-eye wondering which side they're on, #YouMightBeAWisconsinProtester

GovWalkerNOT‎ If I've stood at my window at the Capitol and crushed your puny head between my fingers as you marched by.#YouMightBeAWisconsinProtester

Cog_Dis‎ If you can take one to the jaw and then give back as good as you got and then some #YouMightBeAWisconsinProtester

kevinjk‎ If your elected Republican officials won't respond to your letters but WILL conduct surveillance on you, #YouMightBeAWisconsinProtester

ari_WISCslob‎ THAT IS SO ADORABLE! RT @6oh8:#YouMightBeAWisconsinProtester if your kids pitch a tent in the backyard and pretend they're in #Walkerville.

MollyMag‎ #YoumightbeaWisconsinprotester if you ever rethought your behavior because the world was watching. (Course, it doesn't bother the GOP...)

pianomomma379‎ If you refuse to give up ... EVER#YouMightBeAWisconsinProtester

superbranch‎ If you assume any media account of any protest anywhere must have it completely wrong #youmightbeaWisconsinprotester

wiartteacher‎ #YouMightBeAWisconsinProtester you had to tell your 4th grdrs what civil disobedience bcuz they were scared of being arrested after watching

kelly8sully‎ #YoumightbeaWisconsinprotester if you are already planning your November and December around Recalling Scott Walker

EVictoriaF‎ #YouMightBeAWisconsinProtester If you wear a shirt with the word "SLOB" written on it and strangers walk up and congratulate you.

kiramke‎ If a colleague calls you at work to say you need to be in Madison tweeting,#youmightbeaWisconsinprotester

kelly8sully‎ #YoumightbeaWisconsinprotester if you cried as the firefighters walked by you in the Capitol when they told you we'll all get through this.

truthwisdomlove‎ If you don't need a song book anymore#YouMightBeAWisconsinProtester

gregorthecat‎ #YouMightBeAWisconsinProtester, if people you've never met honk democracy beeps when they drive by your house

EVictoriaF‎ #YouMightBeAWisconsinProtester you know to look up every time you enter the Rotunda to see if that heart balloon is still floating.

4kward‎ If the words "tools", "silent majority", or "modest increase" make you cringe#YouMightBeAWisconsinProtester

ChuckSchilling‎ #youmightbeawisconsinprotester if you don't understand the difference between "right", "benefit", and "entitlement"

 Joanne Staudacher 


 Chris Liebenthal 


ctaylor64‎ If the phrase "Rotunda community" makes you feel all warm inside.#YouMightBeAWisconsinProtester

MollyMag‎ #YoumightbeaWisconsinprotester if you almost wish you lived in a red district just so you could actually vote in the recalls on July 12th

ctaylor64‎ If you wish you'd had an M&I bank account just so you could close it#YouMightBeAWisconsinProtester

pianomomma379‎ If you consider Capital Police Chief Charles Tubbs to be your favorite superhero #youmightbeaWisconsinprotester

kelly8sully‎ #YoumightbeaWisconsinprotester if you've stopped talking to your father and brother until they figure out they are wrong.

wiartteacher‎ #YouMightBeAWisconsinProtester if half your family isn't talking to you since February

liciousdarb‎ #YoumightbeaWisconsinprotester if all the Evangelical Christians you went to hs with have unfriended you on FB bc of #leftwingrants

Steffi5461‎ #YouMightBeAWisconsinProtester if your two year old yells out "RECALL WALKER" whenever she wants you to smile :)

wiartteacher‎ #YouMightBeAWisconsinProtester if you know the rules of the Assembly and Senate gallery by heart

superbranch‎ If you're not sure if you still have some whiskey in your bag from your last stay in #walkerville#youmightbeaWisconsinprotester

shreksshrek‎ If you voted twice or more in one election#youmightbeawisconsinprotester

meimichan‎ If you have a collection of songs written in honor of the protests on your hard drive #

wiartteacher‎ #YouMightBeAWisconsinProtester if you've ever been afraid of getting arrested for holding a copy of the Constitution

pianomomma379‎ If you don't like hearing the words ... "well, we thought of that ... "#YouMightBeAWisconsinProtester

4SHCrane‎ RT @MollyMag#YoumightbeaWisconsinprotester if your next tattoo will be an outline of #wi & you can't decide if it'll be w/ the #solidarityfist or not.

wiartteacher‎ #YouMightBeAWisconsinProtester if you know exactly where all the bathrooms are in the Capitol

ButSiriuslyFlks‎ #youmightbeawisconsinprotester if you always want to walk in circles counterclockwise

kevinjk‎ If you end your correspondence & conversations with "Forward!"#YouMightBeAWisconsinProtester

meimichan‎ If you didn't know who your senator/rep was in the state government before Feb. 14th and now know them all #YouMightBeAWisconsinProtester

kelly8sully‎ #YoumightbeaWisconsinprotester if you remember people telling you to be peaceful and walk by Glen Grothmann without screaming Shame at him.

ktuerk‎ #YouMightBeAWisconsinProtester if you have a "protest bag" at the ready at all times that contains toiletries and a change of clothes

ChrisJonesUW‎ RT @wiartteacher#YouMightBeAWisconsinProtester if you were sadly apathetic to politics prior to January 2011. (guilty)

4SHCrane‎ #YouMightBeAWisconsinProtester if you memorized the location of all the hidden parking lots & parking spaces around the capitol

ctaylor64‎ If you have you legislators' email addresses in your contacts list#YouMightBeAWisconsinProtester

ronnocomot‎ If your dream romantic partner is an un-washed smelly dirtbag#YouMightBeAWisconsinProtester#WIunion

ctaylor64‎ If you can estimate how many 1000's of people are in a crowd--and anything below 10000 is a slow day. #YouMightBeAWisconsinProtester

MollyMag‎ #YoumightbeaWisconsinProtester if the drive from Milwaukee to Madison started to feel like a daily commute in early March

BattiestGrrl‎ If you've ever chalked new lyrics to Pop Goes the Weasel in freezing weather at 3am, #YouMightBeAWisconsinProtester

lizfarrington‎ If protesting days & nights with your mom were the best moments of your entire mother-daughter relationship, #YouMightBeAWisconsinProtester

wi_defender‎ #YouMightBeAWisconsinProtester if more than half the people you talk to every day are people you didn't know before February 14th

4SHCrane‎ RT @wiartteacher#YouMightBeAWisconsinProtester if you've ever tweeted with a group who is also with you in person

BattiestGrrl‎ If youo're unemployed but still buy a WI state flag,#YouMightBeAWisconsinProtester

MollyMag‎ #YoumightbeaWisconsinProtester if you think that night protesting at the Capitol might have been the best date ever. cc: @wiartteacher

wiartteacher‎ #YouMightBeAWisconsinProtester if you carry your cell charger with you at all times

kelly8sully‎ #YoumightbeaWisconsinprotester if you know names and faces of senators and treat them like rock stars when you see them!

G0vSWalker‎ #YouMightBeAWisconsinProtester if your throat has gotten sore shouting "shame!"

wiartteacher‎ #YouMightBeAWisconsinProtester if you can sleep through fire engines, #democrabeeps, shouts of #recall! and vuvuzelas for hours

pmkleppin‎ #youmightbeawisconsinprotester if you ever crawled through a window or waited more than an hour to get into your own capitol

wiartteacher‎ #YouMightBeAWisconsinProtester if you collect pics of you and your Senators like baseball cards

4SHCrane‎ RT @wiartteacher#YouMightBeAWisconsinProtester if getting drunk and then watching the Assembly vote to take away your rights is your idea of a good time

superbranch‎ If you chuckle while reading reports in progressive blogs and news sources that #wiunion has been defeated, #youmightbeaWisconsinprotester

Shripe‎ RT @annaironside: RT @wiartteacher:#YouMightBeAWisconsinProtester if FB friends blocked you on their newsfeeds because you were 'too political.'

BattiestGrrl‎ If you laminate and carry your protest citations,#YouMightBeAWisconsinProtester. (This one's for Segway Jeremy!)

wiartteacher‎ #YouMightBeAWisconsinProtester if you had to clear a drawer out of your dresser just for #WIunion shirts

USWBlogger‎ RT @ctaylor64@BattiestGrrl If you have a collection of protest signs, org. by date. #WIUnion #WiRecall #Democracyaddicts#YouMightBeAWisconsinProtester

MollyMag‎ #YoumightbeaWisconsinprotester if you have ever berated yourself for forgetting to wear a "Recall Walker"button when in a crowd.

4SHCrane‎ RT @wiartteacher: Me!!! RT @BattiestGrrl If you have a crush on the President of the Professional Firefighters Association,#YouMightBeAWisconsinProtester

kelly8sully‎ #YoumightbeaWisconsinprotester If you have a rally checklist that includes several permanent markers in case you need to make a sign

BattiestGrrl‎ If you've ever pulled a lip muscle blowing a vuvuzela,#YouMightBeAWisconsinProtester

wiartteacher‎ #YouMightBeAWisconsinProtester if you were apathetic to all things politics 6 mo ago & now wouldn't rule out running for office someday

wiscolover‎ RT @wiartteacher#YouMightBeAWisconsinProtester if you're single and the litmus test of dates is their knowledge of #WIunion

kelly8sully‎ #YoumightbeaWisconsinprotester if you go to bed or wake up thinking about slogans for signs for the next rally

kstein65‎ If ur house rule is the remote must be in "muting" distance during news to mute He-who-must-not-be-named, #YouMightBeAWisconsinProtester

lizfarrington‎ #YouMightBeAWisconsinProtester if you hit the Capitol in winter w/ pregnant friends - & now in summer buy their babies #solidarity onesies!

BattiestGrrl‎ If you've stayed up later watching Wisconsin Eye than people are allowed to drink in bars, #YouMightBeAWisconsinProtester

ctaylor64‎ If you can name the legislator by the sound of his or her voice.#YouMightBeAWisconsinProtester

Marivic‎ #youmightbeawisconsinprotester if you can pick senators out of a lineup. And know some should be in one

GeJohns30‎ Fuckin Walker ruined my SB buzz! RT @ctaylor64: If you forgot that the Packers won the Superbowl #YoumightbeaWisconsinprotester

MSNChica‎ #YouMightBeAWisconsinProtester if you carried a 35 lb child sleeping on your around the Capitol multiple times to make his world better.

ShainalovesMKE‎ #YoumightbeaWisconsinprotester if your car now looks something like this #wiunion

G0vSWalker‎ If you can explain to most Republicans exactly how they have been voting against their own interests #youmightbeawisconsinprotester

theadingo‎ RT @MollyMag#YoumightbeaWisconsinprotester if you've had meltdowns since Feb 14th but got over them within minutes because there's still work to do.

ctaylor64‎ If you forgot that the Packers won the Superbowl#YoumightbeaWisconsinprotester

theadingo‎ RT @ctaylor64: If #YouMightBeAWisconsinProtesteris helping you recover from the sadness of last night, #YouMightBeAWisconsinProtester

theadingo‎ RT @wi_defender: If you are frequently disappointed when people don't appreciate your obscure jokes about GOP legislators,#YouMightBeAWisconsinProtester

BattiestGrrl‎ If you know what democracy looks like,#YouMightBeAWisconsinProtester

theadingo‎ RT @kelly8sully#YoumightbeaWisconsinprotester if you are already planning your November and December around Recalling Scott Walke

theadingo‎ RT @ctaylor64: If you've ever used the #wiunion hashtag from your phone while in bed #YouMightBeAWisconsinProtester

theadingo‎ RT @GovWalkerNOT: If ever you had someone from Egypt buy you a slice of @iansonstate pizza for lunch, #YouMightBeAWisconsinProtestee

meimichan‎ RT @BattiestGrrl: If trolls who've supposedly won with Walker's legislation and budget still keep trolling you, #YouMightBeAWisconsinProtester

theadingo‎ RT @babaoreilymike: If you're more excited about meeting Jon Erpenbach than to meet your favorite band #YouMightBeAWisconsinProtester

djambrek‎ RT @superbranch: If you assume any media account of any protest anywhere must have it completely wrong #youmightbeaWisconsinprotester

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