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18 June 2011

The Undefeated, early showing

Palin's film, The Undefeated, was shown to the Right Online convention in MN this weekend.  It will be released in Iowa (and a few other states?) on July 15th, rivaling the premiere of the last Harry Potter movie.  Har har.

It is important to note that the movie was produced by an independent film maker, and Palin had nothing personally to do with it other than writing the book on which it is based, Going Rogue.  Palin's voice over work in the film was taken from her audiobook.  Perhaps to maintain distance and to provide the film with indy cred, Palin did not give the audio to the filmmaker.  He had to buy it, just like anyone else would.

See, this is not Palin's film anymore than W was George W Bush's film, Frost/Nixon was Nixon's film, or O Brother, Where Art Thou? was Homer's film.  Sarah Palin wrote a book.  Sarah Palin sold the film rights to the Victory Film Group.  Everyone should know that selling film rights is not a guarantee that a film will ever be made. It's more like a company calling shotgun on that film -- if, over a certain time period -- a film is to be made based on a [book, play, song, etc], buying the rights is calling shotgun.  Documentarian David Bannon who brought us Generation Zero wrote and produced the film.  Sarah Palin did not see it until she was on her One Nation bus tour.  

Sarah Palin had nothing to do with the actual making and production of the film other than writing a book two years ago.   

Palin is media gold.  It doesn't take genius to expect that the movie rights to this book would be bought, nor does it take genius to expect that the movie would be made and released at a time when Palin's politics are even more captivating than usual.

Just stop calling it Palin's move, okay?  The Palin Movie?  Fine.  But she did not make this movie to glorify herself.  Actually, she wrote the book to do that, but no one seemed to have a problem with that mode of expression.  Sheesh.

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