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27 June 2011

The Glenn Beck Program, June 27 LIVEBLOG (with Rick Perry)

Welcome to the Glenn Beck Program.  Oh, to be young again!  Who doesn't remember being a wacky, crazy kid and organizing mass mob attacks on businesses and random strangers on sight?  Besides me, and maybe you.  50 young people stormed in Chicago a Walgreens.  They took bottled drinks, they took sandwiches, other items off the shelves, and then they left.  (

That mob attack was just the latest in a string of other incidences in Chicago we've been telling you about over the last few weeks.  In Pennsylvania this weekend, a flash mob of about 50 people aged 11-19 -- eleven to nineteen -- converged on a Sears store about 7:00 P.M.  They grabbed sneakers, socks, watches, whatever they could get their hands on, and then left.  Thousands in merchandise taken in seconds.  The mob was organized on a social networking site.  I'm pretty sure Saul Alinsky mentioned this in his book -- you know, the one that mentions Lucifer as the first rebel?  Yeah.  He mentioned this as a way of overwhelming the system.  You know, you don't want to protest with just one person, but if you can get 50 people to protest, well then they can't all get caught. [Editor's note: that last part was garbled.]  Hmm.  There just wasn't any Facebook when he wrote that.

Everywhere if Pennsylvania, these kinds of things area starting to break out.  A Pennsylvania, woman from Pennsylvania, her leg was broken.  Several others were injured when a large teen mob of 30 or 40 men and women began assaulting pedestrians on Broad Street in downtown Philadelphia.  They heard someone yell, "Just run, run!" and the next thing, punches were being thrown.  When they ran, the mob chased them down, and they kicked and punched them at will in the middle of the street.  And when they fell to the ground, they didn't start.  If it weren't for a few women in the group  that suddenly had an attack of conscience and protected this woman, it would have been much, much worse.

In Washington D.C. this weekend, there was a joyous celebration at a Caribbean festival.  [video of violence.]  Who doesn't -- I mean, when you're listening to Bob Marley, who doesn't want to do this? [gesture to fight on screen.]

I find it amazing that anyone calls me or anyone on the Right dangerous yet it is the Lefistst who are urging the youth to get angry and take to the streets.  As teen unemployment now stands at 25% -- how's the hope and change working for you?

Reminds me of Francis Fox Piven, quote,
So where are the angry crowds, the demonstrations, sit-ins, and unruly mobs? (The Nation, Jan 10/17 2011)
Oh Francis, you've worked so hard.  You, I think, will see them soon.  Oh you already are.  It's almost like they're giving out advice and people in the street are taking it.

If nothing is done, it will get worse.  And it will begin to look like Europe.  [Europe/protest images on screen.]  But isn't that the progressive, socialist utopia!  We need to be more like Europe!

This is what's happening in Europe: at some point, I believe it was in the 1880s, the elites in this country along with Woodrow Wilson decided we needed to be more like Europe, and we needed to model them.  Well, they've accumulated massive debt, they've had all kinds of red tape, and it's impossible to do business there, and now Europe is self-destructing.  Italy's youth unemployment rate is now 22.5%.  Spain, on top of their 21 over all unemployment, has a youth unemployment of 44%.  That's gonna work out well.

Now the states are are forced to make cuts, and people are out in the streets.  But that sounds totally unlike what's happening here in America.  Here in America, we're just chanting "What does democracy look like?"  Well let me show you what democracy looks like.

This is over in Egypt now.  Oh, the home of the brave and the land of the free.  These are police cars going down the street over and over again [with people throwing rocks at them].  Do you compare this democracy to the way our democracy is looking in our streets?  [split screen: Egypt, fights in D.C.]  Oh wait, that's right.  We're not a democracy.  We're a republic.  THIS [gestures screen] is what democracy looks like.  Know the difference between a democracy and a republic.  Better yet, know the difference between democracy and freedom.  Because freedom can only come when you have responsibility.  But that's not where we're headed.  That's not where Europe's headed.  That's not where the Middle East is headed.  That's not where South America's headed.  Is it?

Is anybody talking about responsibility? -- Except the responsibility that goes to somebody else that is richer than you.

Let me go back to Egypt.  Watch this.  This is what's been happening over the weekend:
[video, June 24]
I want to say that democracy is a bad idea.  We should not feel ashamed to say it.  It is a bad, backwards, and retarded idea.  Among the freedoms inherent in the democratic system are freedom for women, freedom of ownership, freedom of homosexuality, personal freedom, freedom of conscience and expression, freedom to disbelieve in the Creator of Heaven and Earth.

Oh, isn't that horrible!  Freedom leads to all sorts of crazy things, like women and homosexuals buying a car or a house, going to the bank.  Crazy!  America [yells close to camera] Hello!  When are you gonna wake up??  Maybe it's just me.  Good things this guy is only an Egyptian Sheikh who has the ear of a country.  And, of course, there's the Muslim Brotherhood, who is completely unlike this guy.  The Muslim Brotherhood?  They don't even know the word caliphate.  I  mean, sure, they do, but they won't admit that.

Most of this country didn't even know what a caliphate was 'til we brought it up on this program, and still, most of this country doesn't know what a caliphate is or was.  Better brush up on it.  Here's the Muslim Brotherhood's former spokesperson in the West, saying this:
Why shouldn't we have a country called the United States of Islam?  I propose that the Arab people who demonstrated for the sake of revolution take to the streets with the slogan "The Arab People wants to remove the borders [between countries]."  [June 24]

That's fantastic.  Oh!  Wait a minute.  That's the same the socialists are saying here about us with Mexico.  They're trying to get rid of the borders.  Wait a minute.  That's the same thing that George Soros says -- his open society, what is it? That's right -- It's a Borderless World.  What are the odds.  That's crazy isn't it?

Aw. what's your problem?  Why do you hate Arabs so much?  Why do you hate everybody who is different than you just so much?  These are crazy-- of course, we've got 'em on videotape.  We've got all the proof.  Yeah, that's crazy.  Pay no attention to any of this.

George Soros is a philanthropist.  He just has an organization that happens to be working with socialists and Islamists to create a region of the world with no borders.  Nothing to see here, people.  Move on -- dot org -- move on.  Soros has come out over the weekend and said that Europe is on the verge of collapse.  The leopard never changes his spots.  Do ya, George.  Hmm.  Seems to me, we said you would do that in January, we said, "Uh oh, look out, because when he comes out and says 'There's nothing left', that's usually when that fundamental transformation is around the corner.  By the way, he also said now is the time to correct the fundamental flaws in the system.  His idea?  Totally out of the box.  More centralized power, more taxes, and more control on the banks.  

[Spooky Dude voice.]  What, this is what democracy looks like.  Yeah.  Vlad the Impaler, is that you?? Heh, I thought so.

There's only four ways this can end.  Tonight, I will show them to you.  Come on.


Oh Boy.  Hello America.  We have a studio audience tonight.  I can't believe how many people actually want to come and watch the last four shows.  Thank you for that.  We do only have 4 shows left on the Fox network, and we are grateful for every moment of airtime we have been given, and I am truly grateful for every moment of time that you have spent with us over the last two years.  Thursday is our last broadcast.  I want to stay in touch with you, will you please go to and find out the information of where I'll be, how we can remain in touch, and sign up for my free email newsletter.  It's imperative that we stay in touch with each other.

Last night I was reading a story on [picture of screen text: "Presenting The (Only) Four Outcomes To The Global Public Debt Crisis"]  I want to give you the basic gist of it.  The gist is, this whole thing that we've got going on can only end in one of four ways.
1. The Debt Trap.  This is where you keep spending money and borrowing money.  You try to spend your way out of it.  This is what we're doing now.  [Editor's note: Simpsons episode in which town is stuck in a hole that they've dug themselves, look for treasure.  It's time to get out, but they're stuck.  "We'll dig our way out," someone yells.  They cheer.  Chief Wiggum instructs, "Dig up, stupid."  Whenever I hear liberals talk about the debt, that's all I think of: Dig Up, Stupid.]

2.  Hyperinflation.  Print your way out of it.  We're doing a little of that one, too.

Here's a unique one you've probably never heard of:
3. Austerity but in conjunction with actual economic growth.  For those of you who are no longer familiar with economic growth, that's when someone besides the government creates economic jobs which create something of lasting value.  Ohhoho.  It's so old fashioned.  Nobody's even considering that one, 'cause it means cut the spending, cut the size of government and red tape, and allow entrepreneurs and actual people to create.  Yeah, I knew.  Free People.  [Shudder/ew noise.]  It's almost like they're monkeys or something.  I feel like I'm in a Lifetime movie.  I can't get clean, I can't get clean.  I know.  Good thing there's not a lot of free people anymore.  Get out of bed with the giant global corporations would be some people's advice if you want to do this one.  Get out of bed with companies like GM or GE -- or GS, George Soros -- and get into bed with, ew, Free People.  Let them create.  let them dream something up.  Like one of them is gonna come up with the lightbulb.  Please.  He wasn't a little person, we know who he was...  He was like one of the presidents or something, I'm pretty sure.  Also, what you would do on this is you would keep taxes low.  Spending low, Red tape low, Taxes low, Free People up.  It'll never work.  /sarc

4. Default.  Yeah.  A lot of us know what this one is. In fact, a lot of people on the Left are encouraging people all across America to try this on their home loans and stuff.  That's when you say, "I'm not gonna pay for this," and somebody comes in and takes the stuff that you have.  This is kind of what it'll be like when China comes to collect.  You know, they'll just take the stuff we have.

Now, the option that they're pursuing overseas is the third one, austerity.  But not with the low taxes, and not with the cutting of the red tape.  In fact, no one over there is willing to work anymore.  It's like, "What?  I'm 28 years old.  I'm in retirement."  Yeah, it's gonna work out well.

In Europe, the result has been similar to, uh, if i just took this [chair cushion], and -- this is Jackie? [audience member] -- and I took this [cushion] and I held it over Jackie's face for a while, and I held it, and she [lady screaming noises]....  That's pretty much what it's like, okay?  That's Europe.

Not gonna work out well.  I mean, unless you're in the molotov cocktail manufacturing business.  Then, you and Europe?  [Laughs.]  You got a booming business, no pun intended.

Austerity plus higher taxes and more red tape, not good policy, not good policy.  But, lucky for us, that's what our president is doing.  He's following that.  He even bragged about following the oh-so-innovative Spaniards on their green economy, in fact this I think was what Michelle Obama was referring to when she said this the other day
I think there's so much more work to do.  We've really just begun to lay the foundation.
Take Six?  [Faith, Hope Charity blackboard.  Adam, Washington, Franklin.]  I'm pretty sure these guys laid the foundation.  What foundation are you talking about, Michelle?  [Makes a funny tiger noise/hand gesture, gets a laugh from audience.]

We do still have work to do here in America.  We've got to get up to 20% unemployment -- the Spaniards are beating us!  Oh, but we'll also be totally green.

This is a bizarre trend from the Obama Administration, looking at a failed economic system to save our economy.  But that's what we do now.  We look at somebody who's making it miserable for everyone, and we say, "Wait a minute, how did Romney do that up in Massachusetts?  'Cause I gotta get me some of that."  That's how we modeled Obamacare -- after the failure that is Romneycare.

[Pause.]  I was gonna say, "Call me crazy," but everybody in the media already has.  It wouldn't be anything new.  Call me... a thinker.  This is off the top of my head.

Why wouldn't you try things that are actually working?  I know, I know.  Hear me out.  But, Glenn Beck, you--  Obama said he wasn't an ideologue, he was a pragmatist.  If that's true, wouldn't he be on the phone with anybody in Texas.  Just dialing random numbers -- [accent] "Hello, Texas here."  "Could you tell us what you're doing, because it seems to be working."

Texas right now is creating half the jobs -- or darn near half the jobs.  [Chalkboard.
Texas job creation: 237,000
Other 49 states: 259,000.
[Beck taps numbers with a pointer, going back and forth.]  Got it?

Now it-- I'm not a brilliant, Harvard pragmatist smartest president ever, forget about Jefferson, he was a slave owner...  No, this guy?  He's so smart, he's insisting we be more like Europeans.  Well, the good news is we are.  We are racking up the debt!  Now they're cloaking it as something new, here in America.  Why?

Now, it's the American dream.  No, no.  It's the European dream.  And it's not working out.  May I ask again, why not look to have those things that work?  Maybe, maybe it's because the elites can't possibly learn from anything in those flyover states.  You know, those people with the low-sloping foreheads?  That was David Carre, his quote from the New York Times, he said that this weekend: low sloping foreheads, the people in the middle of the country.  Oh, that's so nice of you. [Makes stereotypical "retarded" noises, in a weird voice:] "Thank you, David."

Now here's how the elites at MSNBC reacted to a recent speech [back to "retarded" voice] "[Inaudible] Rick Perry, watch, MSNBC"
1: "After Perry got a huge response -- and I watched this, I just felt like a huge alien watching this -- "
2: "An alien?  teehee."
1: "Yeah"
2: "I think I saw this guy on Broadway"

Now this is after, the clip they played right before this is Perry saying "We have to get back to the entrepreneur."  No surprise there that they would consider someone from the middle of the country an "alien creature" that they can't relate to.  They went on to say "but Texas has a big debt."  Yeah.  Now I'm surprised that the folks over at MSNBC would be acting so concerned by the financial status of a state.  Now I'm no fan of debt, but everybody has it.  Every state has it.  Forbes magazine has done a special on debt, and I read, like, all of the short words in it.  They did an interesting analysis of every state, and they found that Texas has the fourth best situation of the entire country.  Behind Nebraska, New Hampshire, and Utah.  Maybe we should look at those states.  What are they doing right?

The debt MSNBC is so concerned about in Texas is 1/6 of the debt that the state that they're broadcasting from -- New York -- has.  That's true even though New York has some of the highest income tax in the country, and Texas has no income tax.  Something I've been thinking an awful lot about lately.  Let's all think about no state income tax for awhile.  Ahhh.  [Dreamy face}
[sings (!)] Can you feel the love tonight?... I can.

Texas has 1/6 of the debt per capita of New York.  1/7 of New Jersey.  1/8 of Massachusetts.  1/9 of Connecticut.  Texas also has pension obligations that are less than half of New Jersey and Connecticut and one third of that huge, enormous state called Rhode Island.  Yes, and let's not forget that last month S&P gave Texas government bonds a double A+ [AA+] rating.  They said the state's economy will likely recover quicker than other states.  Texas, by the way, is now the largest economy -- passing, you guessed it, MSNBC -- New York.  It's one of the three biggest gains of any state in America over the last 50 years.  Not to mention, from 2008-2010, again, that whole job thing, while California was losing 1.2 million jobs.  We should be morel like California, don'tcha think?  No.

Remember these things.  When you hear Barack Obama, taking credit for all of the jobs he created, just remember these things.  There was one state, run by policies that are in complete disagreement with this president that created a lot of the jobs.  I'm gonna introduce you to somebody that kind of knows it, but you [TX accent] might feel like an alien.



Yes, it's one of our last four shows here on Fox.  On Thursday, it is our final episode.  Make sure you join us this week, and thank for watching.

Rick Perry, who is the governor of Texas, joins me now [video], and we have a few questions for you.

Beck: Can the government actually create jobs, sir?
Perry: Actually, what a government can do is create an environment where those jobs can be created.  Government doesn't create any jobs.  They can actually run jobs away -- ask the folks in Illinois.
Beck: Okay, heh, now you, ah, you don't have a state legislature.  How does your state legislature work?  Well, it meets every other year for 140 days, which we just finished that about 27 days ago.  They didn't finish all the business at hand.  So hopefully they will meet up the day after tomorrow, and go home and live under the laws they have created -- by the way, one of those, "Loser Pay", in the continued reform of our legal system will make Texas even more competitive to those who want to live outside the bounds of frivolous lawsuits.
Beck: Who are those alien lifeforms?
Perry chuckles.
Beck: A Time Magazine report says that you are just the master at the theater of job poaching from others states.  In other words, you're just hurting all of the other states.
[Me:  Atlas.  Shrugged.  Colo.  Rado.  Palmface.  Palmface.]
Perry: Actually that's what our founding fathers had in mind with the 10th Amendment.  He said you guys go out there and compete.  Whoever can put the best environment together -- the tax structure that you're most comfortable with, a regulatory system that is fair and predictable, a legal system that doesn't allow for over-suing, accountable public schools so there's a skilled workforce -- and then let's see where everybody wants to live.  Over the last decade, Texas has won that contest.  Pretty much, not even a close second.
Beck:  Yeah... well, I don't know who these [airquotes] founding fathers are of whom you speak, but I have to tell you, you're just poaching jobs-- like, for instance, all you're doing is you're saying to people, let's say, well let's say my business.  Probably by the end of the year we'll have 150 employees. We had 10, I think, a couple of years ago.  If I said to you, on the QT, Rick, I'll move my company to Texas, but I need you to give me zero income tax.  You see what I'm saying, Rick?
Perry: I think we can work with you.
Beck: You see what I'm saying, it's dirty guys like you!
Perry laughs.
Beck: Oh wait a sec, you don't have a state income tax.  I have this theory, Rick, that you are going to -- I mean Texas -- become a real problem in America, because they are going to say that you are hurting states, like California, that's already just trying to keep its head above water.  You're hurting New York City, because people are leaving New York City, all over the country they're leaving to come to Texas, so you're hurting them.
Perry: You know, it's interesting.  The legislature and the Democrat Lieutenant Governor came to Texas about six weeks ago to sit down and just talk about how we'd created this environment for job growth in Texas, and it's really that competition, Glenn, that's gonna make America strong again.  The Federal government getting out of our hair, the idea that they're telling us how to educate our children or how to deliver our healthcare or, for that matter, how to clean our air is really nonsense.  If you really want to get America back to this vibrant economy, then respect the 10th Amendment.  Allow the states to be the laboratories of innovation.  I can promise you, when Rick Scott over in Florida or Nicky Haylee over in South Carolina, or for that matter Andrew Cuomo -- well, I don't know if Andrew Cuomo would come up with something that I would bring back to the state of Texas -- but the fact is, if those governors and their legislatures come up with some great ideas, we're gonna go snitch 'em from each other.  We're gonna bring those into our states and try them.  It's how our founding fathers actually foresaw our states being competitive.  So, you know, Washington, just kinda let us come up with our great ideas.  You all take care of our military, defend our borders -- oh wait a minute, that's a problem for them, too.
Beck: You know, Rick, I mean this sincerely, I know you're considering possibly running for the president of the United States.  I'm considering possibly moving to Texas.  I don't know who your Lieutenant Governor is, but I'm thinking that we're not gonna let you leave Texas.  I mean, I could run for Governor of Texas.  I'm just saying.
Perry, hesitantly but charming: That's an idea
Beck cracks up: It's a really crappy, bad idea.
Perry: Talk about creating some alien--
Beck: Oh, I'd make MSNBC's head explode, it'd be great.  Um.  The 95 year old woman on the TSA -- I'm gonna change topics on you.  95 year old woman that was frisked at the airport, told that she's dying of cancer, she's in a wheelchair.  They told her to take her diaper off, her adult diaper, it's humiliating.  AFL-CIO gets the contract, gets the deal that they are going to organize the airport workers.  Texas tried to stand against this stuff, and they said, 'We'll make sure that no plane ever flies into Texas.'  How could a state actually fight back?
Perry: It's actually interesting.  We've introduced legislation during the regular session and then I've put it back on the call for the regular session.  It was the threat of that legislation, just this last week, TSA has started doing their operations differently.  They're responding to the threat of a state, and hopefully other states in the country will stand up and say 'We're not going to allow federal employees to abuse the people in our states.'  And there are a host of areas like that when you look at how the federal government is abusing the people of our country.
Beck: Are you concerned at all by the organizing of the airport workers by the AFL-CIO, the security, homeland security?
Perry: Sure, I think any time you have federal employees being unionized, I have a problem with that.  Don't have to look much farther than what we have already, that those federal agencies, those federal employees that are unionized.  At the end of the day, it's not in the best interest of the citizens, certainly the citizens who aren't part of that union.
Beck: Really quick, Governor Perry, where do you stand on Israel.
Perry: As a Christian, I am taught to support Israel, and I do.  Rather strongly, I might add.  I've been going to Israel since 1992.  I'm greatly concerned that we have an administration set up in place today that does not respect the relationship that we historically had.  It's the only democracy in the Middle East.  One of our greatest friends.  A great trading partner for Texas and this country.  The message needs to be clear from this country that we may not always agree with what Israel does, but we're gonna be standing with her everyday.
Beck: Governor Perry, thank you very much.
Perry: You're welcome, Glenn.  Thank you, brother.
Beck: Back in a second


more in a sec!

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