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15 June 2011

WI unions: when in doubt, sue

Reuters reports that Wisconsin unions are suing to block the state's new collective bargaining (limitation) laws.  The basis?  The law creates two classes of public workers (those who receive extended collective bargaining privileges and those who don't), and this "differential treatment violates the constitutionally protected equal protection rights of the employees covered by the law."

1.  The current firefighters and cops are grandfathered in, but new ones will not be exempt.  Originally, this was not the case, but new legislation sought to correct this inequity without fanning the flames.  So, what would make the unions happy?  No collective bargaining for current cops & fire fighters, too?

2. While some cops and fire fighters donated money to the Democrats, some donated money to Walker's campaign in 2010.  The cops and fire fighters were exempt from the collective bargaining limitations when the issue was first presented in February's Budget Repair Bill.  The unions said this was evidence of preferential treatment to the groups who donated to Walker.  So which is it?  Or was that so long ago that it no longer matters?

Golly, I hope they don't waster all of their money in court and subsequently leave their recall candidates high and dry.  Wouldn't that be a shame?

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