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30 June 2011

It Takes Five People to Replace One Glenn Beck

For now, at least, a rotating ensemble of five Fox personalities will be filling up Beck's time slot.  Gutfeld sounds intriguing, Williams bores me already when he subs for O'Reilly, I have no idea what to think about Beckel...

Here's the money question:  Did they even ask Breitbart if he wanted the slot?

It seems to me that Fox should have been heeding Beck's advice to be prepared.  This is bullshit -- testing out who might rate well during that slot rather than having an actual show ready to premiere?  It seems to me that this, if nothing else, is proof that Beck left rather than being fired.  Fox is already juggling to fill the void.  This sort of juggle is supposed to happen AFTER their original show/filler idea fails.

And, really, it's not like they'll ever recapture the magic for that timeslot.  Beck was the only one thus far, on any network, who was able to do it.

Damn, I miss GB already.  I'm gonna go take a walk about pout now.  And daydream about Breitbart swooping in to take 5:00 by storm for a few months.


  1. I think they should give the whole slot over to Gutfield. The man is a conservative/comedic wunderkind. I'm not as big a fan of Beck as you sorry to say but will look forward to days Gutfield and Dana Perino are hosting. Juan Williams is embarrassing to watch. He should stick to radio . . .

  2. Update: The Blaze gives some more info about The Five.

    Some of the revolving FOX personalities to be showcased in the weekly ensemble include: Greg Gutfeld, Juan Williams, Dana Perino, Judge Andrew Napolitano, Geraldo Rivera, Andrea Tantaros, Eric Bolling, Monica Crowley, Bob Beckel and Kimberly Guilfoyle. The program will also feature added guests, including politicians, celebrities, sports figures and key newsmakers.

    The article says The Five is a temporary summer replacement... In other words, they are doing the largest test-audience ever. It also sounds like the show will always have five people, but the members will change. Think The View, but with all of the chairs rotating.

    I agree with dicksharpe that Gutfeld is the natural choice of the current Fox personalities to take over the time slot. But then, what happens to Redeye? And can he rein in the raunch? (Hopefully, he cannot, and hopefully that will test well.)

    I'm curious to see if they have "guests" (Breitbart!!) that test well. (No, I don't realistically think Breitbart will be offered -- nor would he accept -- the time slot. But a girl can dream.)

    I wish Fox would take a leap on someone unique (like they did with Beck), but I don't see them going out on a limb before the 2012 elections. Perhaps I'm being cynical.