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30 June 2011

The Glenn Beck Program, June 30 LIVEBLOG -- LAST SHOW

"Yes, we buy chalk by the case."
I'm gonna be doing less transcript work and more talkin.  Eventually I'll get the transcript up at TTHNA.

Beck is outside the building, showing the outside of the studio.  They're starting to take the set apart.  "We've really done some amazing things together."  And now... time for a clip show.

  • Question with Boldness
  • Hold to the Truth
  • Speak without Fear

Less of a clip show, more of a clip montage.

Now Beck is doing a backstage tour of Magnet Alley -- the prop room.

"Yes, we buy chalk by the case."

Now to the set.  The history timeline.  Beck sits on the stool.  "It has been an amazing ride."

Who were we 2.5 years ago?  Think about the way the country was then, we have changed a lot.

Chalkboard lists...

bon hoeffer
andrew jackson (beck writes SOB by his name, heh)
long list of names, things...

"I've learned right along with you."

"I can feel a connection when it's live [TV]"

"We've learned a lot together, and you've taught me a lot."

I think Beck is a historian who is researching current events.

"Tragedy is war, the hope they said in the 60s was that we tied the world's economy together."

"I always hated philosophy.  Shut up, what difference does it make."

Beck is a rhetorician.  I don't know why it took me so long to see it.

"Talking about these things isn't popular, doesn't make for ratings success, but that's why we are successful here."

"We've taken on everyone we weren't supposed to, and we thrived."

Chalkboards, he calls them ridiculous.  I love Beck.

"We've proved that Conservatives can read."

Some comparisons to Jon Stewart.  He has 40 something writers.  Beck bring in his writers -- Dan & Pat.

"It's easy to do things with a small and remarkable staff."

crap.  the commercial break is making me tear up.  this is embarrassing.


"My whole world has changed because of the time we've spent together."  Beck flips through his money, talks about the people on them.   "Man it's been a wild ride, and so many things have been said."

antisemitic Jew lover
most dangerous man to have "non-influential" ratings
record breaking for his time slot
newspapers want to know the Real Reason he's leaving...
"This is a news show.  I do commentary.  But I do more than that.  I have a desire to do more than commentary, and I have."  Talks Restoring Honor.  Hundreds of thousands showed up, and they didn't even know what was going to happen.  "Doing things like this would make the bravest of all networks wet their pants, and this one stood by me."

Rolling up sleeves, tired of waiting around.  Courage.  What makes people live in Israel -- it's a ticking time bomb and they know it.

"I'm no smarter than you... we're not that different."


The "first" I'm most proud of:  started the show with a handshake w Roger Ailes and ended it with a handshake.  Look carefully at your screen.  This is a national broadcast.  Do you see the word live in the corner.  I believe this is the first time a person has decided to leave a network -- or certainly has been "fired" -- that had the word "live" in the corner of the last 40 minute live, ad libbed monologue.

Then he gives thanks for earning our trust, and Roger Ailes and Rupert Murdoch's trust.


After his comments about the media yesterday, I'm surprised to see this show is live.  I thought yesterday was going to be his last hurrah, with today's pretaped and preapproved.  Ergo going off about the media.

Beck needs to continue to be successful and talked about by the Left and otherwise exposing stuff and being mentioned and being successful...  otherwise stupid Media Matters will think their boycott was successful (which it was) in silencing him (which I hope it won't be), and they will drive forward until Fox itself disbands.

I wonder if Fox realizes that as long as Beck was on air and being a target, the rest of the shows were "safe".  Network branding aside...  But I suppose that just means that I believe the stories and believe that Beck leaving was more about Roger Ailes's decision than Beck's.  I'm taking that information from sources I would never judge to be credible on anything else.  Why do I find it so hard to fully disbelieve them about this one?


False alarm -- walkout threat for the NBA... news break at the bottom of the hour...  I think there was a time that the term "collective bargaining" was not commonplace.

Aw, Bret just "wish[ed]" Glenn Beck good luck on his future endeavors."  Why does THAT warm my heart?  (Have any other Foxies really talked about Beck leaving?)  Why am I feeling tears forming in my stomach during the commercial and not during the actual show?  Is it because these commercial breaks are my first indications of a Beckless life?  Aw man.  Looking forward to 4:00 (central time) has really helped me get through a rough patch these last months.

Only 27 minutes left now.  Including commercials...


"How nice of you, Bret."

"Bill O'Reilly -- unbelievable gentleman"

They are breaking down the set during the show, which is an amazingly symbolic action that is emotionally transformative.  (Like when he pulled down the Caliphate blue boards yesterday and showed the timeline beneath -- and I utterly freaked out.)  Beck notes, about breaking down the set -- that they're "restoring it, not transforming it."  Brilliant, sir.  Brilliant.

"I told you this show was a show.  We believe in something, but it was a show. [Reference bunny/chainsaw.]  I admit, there are times when I only do stuff like this to hack the Left off."

"Now is the time for action, and I'm not your leader."

Talks about crew.  "This crew taught me something."

"There was a time when I was gonna get rid of the chalkboards."  And it was Oscar [crew member] who said You are MR. CHALKBOARD.  Also his idea to talk to black conservatives.  Jack's idea to have a juggler on to "juggle the balls of inflation."

7/23/09 episode where they brought crew into a show to comment, like an audience member.

"That is the key.  It is not one person dictating down.  When you work as a team, when you hire good people, we all have the ability to make the difference."

I feel like we're doing the 17 hugs at the end of the last episode of Family Ties.

"Best negotiating advice I ever get -- don't negotiate.  Make promises."

"My promise to you was that I would stay through the changing of the seasons."

Beck invites doubters to go back to the transcripts of this program.  "I left breadcrumbs everywhere."

Sept 30th clip -- "You don't ever run from something, you run to something... I sense that the seasons are changing."  Beck says that he felt the niggling feeling that he wasn't supposed to be doing this.

They [media] won't hear this, the ones who are celebrating his departure, "You will pray for the time when I was on the air for only one hour a day."

Yep, because in September (if Beck doesn't get shot in Israel), they'll have to watch him 24/7 to catch everything.  Be careful what you wish for, Media Matters.


fifteen minutes left.

Leaving messages:
Never ever give up.
Never ever listen to the experts; they're usually wrong.
Believe in yourself.

"I am leaving...  I have given up on the problem, I am focused solely on the solution... I am not going to wait around... become part of the solution."

"Don't let anyone tell you what is the truth."

He's not running away from something, running to something.

Jack Par, started the tonight show.  He left this business, too.

"I am no different than you.  I have never in my life been the cool kid."

Tells story about having "it all" -- in NYC, huge platform, audience, access... "How could I throw it all away?"  end of story after...


"This is when it gets hard not to steal a memento... Honor, stinks on ice."

He's standing by himself at home, overwhelmed with the feeling -- if you don't leave now, you will not leave with your soul.  "As a guy who has traded my soul before, I will not trade it again.  Never want anything too much.  Never.  It will destroy you."

"Now is the time to explore before it gets too bad."

He'll announce later "Mercury One", a new plan.  Look for that announcement at

Final thought, next.


Beck raises the blinds, see out to people on the streets now.  "It is not the person on the stage, it is all the people behind them."  wrote "credits" on the chalkboard.

"From New York, Goodnight America."

As the end music plays, the camera zooms out to show an empty studio, lit by light from the street.

I am reminded of the Cheers finale.

I pause the TV to look at the picture of the empty studio.  Beck's ghost of a desk.  No chalkboards in sight.  Light pouring in through the now-open windows.  Passersby walking, unaware of the events inside.

Closing a door, opening a window.

ADDED: (from GBTV post-show interview)

"I believe the country will be fine if we let her bottom out."

"If you're not risking your life for what you believe in, you're probably on the wrong side."

"Do not tip your hand until you have everything done."

"My system rejects -- I'm happy to say -- my system rejects vegetable and fruits. Hates them.  This summer, I am -- I am happy to say -- a meat eater."

Q: Which founder do you not respect?
A: Respects all, not fond of Hamilton (wanted a big central bank), was ready to reject America for king-dom early.  Thomas Paine, because he really lost his way.  (Note: I know about that!!  About Paine, I mean.)

The technology for GBTV is being designed by Major League Baseball peeps.

GBTV is designed to watch it anywhere, including your livingroom on your TV.

Designing a whole system to take you into their brain, so Beck doesn't have to repeat shit.  You can click to replay "What is Crime Inc", for example.  He describes a system that is really being able to go off the map, into a map of where stuff came from and other misc stuff -- plus being able to track your own homework, bundle it, show it to them (the connections you are making)....  Honestly, this sounds like Flying Cars tech.

My connection just got fuzzy.  I be at the end of my allowable bandwidth for the next bit...  Boo.

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