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30 June 2011

TV goodbyes

Today, it's the end of an era.  (Can two years be an era?)  TV enters our homes, be it Walter Cronkite or Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and it becomes a welcome visitor and a part of our routine.  Similar to high school, when you'd always see specific friends between classes -- not necessarily because you liked them more, but because their locker was by your math class -- TV shows on the faces on the screen can become entwined with our everyday life.  Change is strange, and it can be hard to say goodbye.

When Twin Peaks ended, my sister and I drove to a doughnut shop in silence.  I've still not fully accepted the end of Buffy, partially evidenced by my refusal to watch the last two episodes of Angel.  Somehow, that keeps Buffy alive for me.  I felt empty when LOST ended, but to be fair, that might have something to do with the big middle finger that was the final episode.

Point being -- today is Glenn Beck's last show, and I'm feeling sad.  I'm suspicious yesterday was his last real episode and today will be a clip show, a tour of the new frontier, an hour long prayer, or something equally bleck.

I've started blogging about Beck.  On this blog, I type while watching Beck -- which has morphed into me pausing to catch every single word, sometimes inserting my own commentary -- and elsewhere I take my transcript and insert pics, links, and video.  It's a lengthy process, and it's led to me spending many hours everyday working with Beck material and his primary sources.  I've not been doing it for a long time, but I've highly enjoyed the time spent doing it.  I plan to continue to do this work with his older shows, but it obviously won't feel the same.

I have a feeling that my live blogging will be commentary, not transcript tonight.

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