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13 June 2011

Madison's Flag Day festivities include: brewing hostility and rage

The legislature will add collective bargaining to the budget by Tues (tomorrow) if it's not handled in the courts by then.  Conveniently, the legislature is scheduled to begin "extraordinary session" on Tuesday as well.

The Dems are freaking out.  FREAKING out.  Check out this FB page where the totally legal process of extraordinary session is described as financial martial law.  OR...

Corporate Agenda to be Hidden by Faux News Riot
Wisconsin, A State of Emergency -- a call to re-mobilize
Extraordinary Measures for Extraordinary Actions
Rally at the Capitol: The People vs Scott Walker
Nick Nice reports via Twitter that there are (currently) roving gangs of cops outside the Capitol.  Heh.
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I'm surprised no one thought to blame this on the Koch Bros.  At least they found a way to pull out a Fox News joke.  Whew!

Seriously, though, I'm a bit concerned about tomorrow.  I'm also bracing myself for any violence to be blamed on "plants."  (I brace myself, in hopes to prevent my inevitable the rage heart attack.)

ADDED: Some are pissed that education moneys were rerouted to roads.  WELL, for those living outside of Madison/Milwaukee/Greenbay... Much of this state is super spread out.  Where I'm staying right now, the regular school bus is an HOUR ride.  That's two hours/day on a bus on a good weather day -- in an area of the country that's covered with snow over half of the year.  PERHAPS, that was part of the reason to give money to roads instead of schools.  I mean, what's the point of having school if the kids can't get there?

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