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23 June 2011

The Glenn Beck Program, June 23 LIVEBLOG (Rick Santorum)

Welcome to the Glenn Beck Program.  Good news!  Come here. [Motions at the camera.]  Come here.  This is the last show Erin's doing with me.  [Hugs Erin.]  No, that's actually really sad news.

The IEA is releasing emergency oil.  THAT is the good news.  You having problems at the gas pump?  Don't worry, the whole world is riding to your rescue.  They're gonna get involved.  They're gonna put 60 million barrels of oil right there.  Of course, you're responsible-- the 60 million barrels, that's for the whole world.  We're responsible for half of that.  [Editor's note:  what the...]  But it's going to.  You know.  Relieve the pressure.  Elsewhere.  

Look.  Here's the thing we have to understand.  Nobody's going to do a martial plan for the United States. I'm sick and tired of the redistribution of wealth.  Nobody's gonna send us one Hershey candy bar.  Not one.  We need to rebuild ourselves. We need to stand alone.

But the good news is -- oh, you've never heard this phrase: Thank Goodness the French are Here! -- It's always Thank Goodness the AMERICANS are Here.  The Americans are already here.  We just have to remember who we are.

We warned you about the Mid east.  We told you it would bring on an oil crisis.  Well, here it is.  And yet, everybody then and everybody now telling you, 'It's fine, it's fine.  We'll just take more oil out of our own strategic reserves.'  That doesn't sound like a good idea.  'Cause isn't that... strategic reserve, isn't that in case of war, and have a real--  auh, that'll never happen.

Anyway, Saudi Arabia is also increasing their energy foothold in the nuclear energy department.  You can't build a nuclear plant, no, not here.  Germany can't.  The West can't.  But the nutjobs in the Middle East?  We're all for building nuclear power plants!  Let 'em have... they've got a right, you know!  

Are we out of our mind?  

Why is Saudi Arabia building nuclear energy?  Because the announced today that they're starting to run a little low on oil.  Ohduhdudhdudh.  Don't worry about.  Nuttin' better than Saudi Arabia might be running a little low on oil, starting a new program.  Don't worry about it.  No. No.

We.  We are the people that are going to solve the problems the others are creating.  We are the responsible ones for our own solutions.

Now, the next one, I want to show you here [screen] is a clip.  I wish it were CGI.  I wish George Lucas were out there say, 'Watch, watch Ben Bernanke say crazy stuff.'  No, it's not CGI.  It's not made up.  It's Ben Bernanke.

[video, June 22]
We don't have a precise read on why this slower pace of growth is persisting.  One way to think of it is maybe some of the headwinds that have been concerning us, some of these headwinds may be stronger and more persistent than we thought.

Yeah.  Whatever.  Did I just hear him say maybe?  Maybe we don't have any?... Lemme tell you something.  The United States economy -- pretty big engine.  Pretty important engine.  For the whole world, not just you.  For the whole world, right?  It's like a Ferrari.  Gotta tune that baby up.  You know what, it's more important than a Ferrari, 'cos that's just some Fatcat.  This is like some really crappy commuter airline that you're sitting on, but that engine is really important to everybody on board the plane.  And you're strapped in the seat, you've got your whole family on board, and you're like, 'Okay kids, you ready to go?'  And then you look out the window, and you see a mechanic with a screwdriver and a flashlight, and he's looking inside the engine, and you hear him say, 'You know, I really don't know what's wrong with the engine, but I'm just gonna fix it some more.'  Stop fixing the jet.

Ben, if you don't know what's wrong with the economy, if you're just like, [voice] 'You know, I don't really know, maybe it's some headwinds or somethin'?'  Step away from the engine, Ben.  Step away from the economy.


Well, Hello America.  Glad you're here.  Wee little Erin is going on vacation.  Tomorrow we have a show with a studio audience, it's gonna be great, but nope!  She's on vacation.  Next week, I have four more shows left, but nope!  She's on vacation.  Don't let the door hit you on your back on the way out. [They laugh together.]

Spring is -- I'm gonna miss you, Erin -- Spring is over, but not the Arab Spring.  It is going fresher and stronger than ever.  It's very exciting.  In fact, it's catching on in Pakistan.  [Me: SHIT.]  In fact, a Pakistani officer, about the equivalent of a one-star general, that guy [screen] has just been [airquotes] detained, because of his ties to Hizb ut-Tahrir.  Hizb ut-Tahrir!  They're great.  They're an extremist group that even the Muslim Brotherhood goes Whoa! Okay, these guys are [cuckoo noise]!  Hundreds of thousands of members of Hizb ut-Tahrir.  Now, where have we heard that name before, ya know, besides on this program, back when we were talking about them setting the Middle East on fire.

They just happen to want the destruction of the West, Israel, the United States, establish a Caliphate.  Ya know.  There the ones we were telling you about having an annual Khilafah conference, which is my favorite of all the Alifah conferences in the world.  The Khilafah conference which is, uh, Dutch or Hollaindaise for caliphate, I think.  I'm not really sure. They're coming up and they're calling for uprisings in the Muslim world.  According to their site, quote:
In the Muslim world, we work at all levels of society to bring the Muslims back to living an Islamic life under the shade of the Khilafah (Caliphate).
Oh, who doesn't want that?  Beheadings for everybody!

Last night I showed you on this program a video that is being used to promote their upcoming global event.  Watch out kids, here it comes.
[video from yesterday.  Editor's note: It's still terrifying. Also, what's up with the burgundy/purple stained window and the black and turquoise garbage bags??  Seriously, someone figure that shit out for me, please.]

Looks good, doesn't it?  Now I really want to see the movie.  OH, it's gonna be great! [Glenn touches his neck, ala beheading.]

Call to the entire world, 44 countries.  And did you notice "colonialism?  It showed England, the United States, and Israel.  Hey, wait a minute.  Colonialism?  Isn't that what our president and everybody is always saying they're against?  Nah, pay no attention to that.

It's believed now that Hizb ut-Tahrir has an even deeper political and military connections than previously thought.  I'm sure our CIA is all over this.  Nothing to worry about kids, move along.  It's not like Pakistan has any nukes are anything.  But don't worry about this group.  It's not like they're having conferences in Great Britain and America and Australia..  Oh, wait, I'm sorry, they are.  But don't worry about it.  Nothing to see here.  It's the Arab Spring.

They anti-Israel swell is not happening solely in the Middle East.  It's happening everywhere in the world and happening here in America.  I'm gonna show you some video here of Congressman Lynn Woolsey.  She was at an event where she was standing with the angelic Code Pink.  In attendance -- you remember when Benjamin Netanyahu was giving his speech in front of Congress and someone was screaming and yelling and interrupting his speech over and over again?  Yeah.  Well look who was at this speech with the Congresswoman.  Here is she, watch.

Beck: There she is!
video: Repeat after us.  Not one dollar, not one dime!  Occupation is a crime! [Repeats]

Look who turned out for cheerleader tryouts and lost and can't let it go.  By the way, stop with the chanting like you're in high school.  If you want my support, don't try to get me to chant.  Doesn't work.  [Editor's note: chanting -- AND BEEPING.]  Here she is, she is talking proudly about how they gotta stop the occupation in Israel.  Right after her, standing behind her in that chanting, was a United States Congresswoman, applauding her disruption tactics, and then she also was there chanting about the occupation.  But here's the Congresswoman.

I have a little story about what happened to Rae during Netanyahu's speech.  They were very rough with her when she stood up in the gallery and spoke out, which was, um, they didn't need to do.  But, uh, one of my colleagues says to me, 'Well, I bet she was in your seat, we'll see.'  [Laughter.]  I said, 'No, no.'  They said, 'Well, I bet she's your constituent.'  I said, 'Well, I don't know who it was.'  Well guess what.  Thanks, Rae.  You made me proud.  

Oh, isn't that [Beck applauds].  

Then on June 16th the coalition of supporters got together -- here, right here in the United States -- and they wanted to talk a little about how evil Israel and the United States is.  The imperialists.  They had a little conference.  And these are nobodies.  There's a few faces you might recognize.  First, Louis Farrakhan.
All of this fictitious dream of a few that rule the many, they will continue their rule.  I will say it again [Beck: Say it again!] loud and clear [Beck: Say it!] your time to rule is up.  And your rule will end in war.  And America's power will be broken in war.

[Beck gets close to the camera and whispers.]  Just between you and me, I think he means it.  I think he means it.  And I think he knows why he means it.  He means it, because he's connected with -- oh wait a minute!  Radicals, Islamist, Communists, and Socialists!  Yeah.  That crazy chalkboard there. [picture]

Now, at the same conference, here comes Congresswoman Cyntha McKinnery.  She's wandering pretty darn close to crossing the treason line lately.  Ya know, she went to Libya to talk about how great Libya is and how bad the evil America is.  She's talking about bringing Libyan-direct-democracy right here to the United States on Libyan TV.  Watch.

[video, May 24]
On a previous visit to Libya, I was able to learn about the Green Book and the form of direct democracy.  When I went back to the United States, I spoke with Senator Mike Gravel, who was a presidential candidate in 2008, because he too is pushing a form of direct democracy for the United States.

My daughter, Cheyenne, has that princess dress-up costume.  It is so cool.  Anyway.  She also called in by phone to participate in this conference with Louis Farakhan.  Here she is.

I would just like to say that they International...

It was a hi-tech conference.  Anyways, sitting behind that baldhead guy, his name is Brian Becker.  Here he is being introduced.  He's from International Answer.  Watch.

Farrakhan: I'd like to recognize Brian Becker from Answer Coalition. [Beck: there he is.]  Brian has [Beck: yes] organized a tour for Cynthia to speak in about five cities across America.  So here he is, Brian Becker.

There it is, there it is.  Now.  In case you don't remember him, here's one of Brian Becker's greatest hits. Watch.

[video, Becker standing at Si Se Puede/ The Workers podium]
We are not pacifists.  And in fact, we recognize that sometimes violence not only is necessary, but necessary for the liberation of human beings.

And it's a good thing that we're the oppressors.  He's gonna liberate with violence.  It's almost like this [chalkboard] Radicals, Islamists, Communists, and Socialists work together against Israel, work together against capitalism, and to overturn stability.

That's it.  It really ain't that hard, America.  It ain't that hard.  I mean, we could gather some more facts, but I've only got about five shows left, and I think we've pretty much covered this, don't you?  

Now what?  You're not gonna get the truth from the media.  You know why?  The next Gaza Flotilla is having the media ride along with them.  Now, you're never gonna guess.  Fox News?  No, they're never... The New York Times is gonna be on board the Flotilla, along with CNN and CBS.  So, it's gonna be completely fair and balanced.  It's gonna be great.  No, it is.  They're gonna be right there to capture how evil the Israelis really are.  Same kind of reporting that said Iran only needed nuclear power for energy in the Middle East.  Oh, and in totally unrelated news -- well, not so much news, they're not really reporting it anywhere, I mean not much, you might find it deep in your paper -- Ahmadinejad has come out and said he doesn't have a problem producing nukes.

And in the face of this, you have to stand up.  You have to stand up and speak out. 

Lemme tell you something.  They are very well coordinated, and they are very well funded.  And they pretty much own the media.  God help ya if you wanna stand up.  But now is the time that you link arms.  You can see the machine that you're up against.  But have no fear.  You try to stand up and support Israel and suddenly, you're with the occupiers, you're with the war criminals.  What did the Washington Post call me?  Oh right.  On Friday, they called me a [airquotes] creature.  

Wow.  Haheheheh.  I've seen some other people in the 1930s use that kind of language to dehumanize people.  It always ends well.  

Right now, America needs people who are willing to stand up and lead.  No matter what the blow back may be.

We only have five shows left after today, and I am picking very carefully what we do on these five shows.  I want to introduce you to a man tonight that I think will make a difference.  He already has made a difference.  You may not know much about him.  You may not like his style.  You may not like his policies.  In the end, I hope you at least walk away with the feelings I have about him.  He is an honest man.  [Editor's note: Is. It. Gene. Simmons??]  Um, I don't pick or choose or back any presidential nominees.  I don't pick or choose or back any presidential nominees, but I do think that some of them need to be exposed.  Herman Cain we exposed a couple of weeks ago.  I thought he was worth your time.  I think this one is as well.  [Editor's note:  Politician.  Christie?  Ryan?  Perry?]  Not many politicians have spine.  This man does.  [Editor's worry: Newt?]  He's proved as much to me.  A few years ago, facing a tough election, he was ahead of the curve on radical Islam.  [Guiliani?]  We've talked about it between us for years.  Radical Islam growing in Iran.  The Middle East.  And the increasing pressure being put on Israel.  [Editor's note: not Ron Paul?]  He knew it wasn't popular in the polls, the last thing he wanted to talk about was the Middle East.  He told me at the time when I said, 'You know, you should back off of this, because this isn't helping your re-election,' [BUSH?  No, certainly not Bush...]  He said he wouldn't be able to face his children if he didn't speak out.  Even if it meant he lost.  He did.  But he can sleep at night.

Joining me now [Editor's note: GAHHHH!  I want to be able to guess it.  I paused the DVR to wrack my brain in hopes of guessing it, but I'm drawing a blank.  It's like I know no names in the world at all.  GAH!]  is former senator and GOP presidential candidate Rick Santorum.  

[Editor falls to the floor, absolutely stunned.]

Beck: Rick, how are you, sir? [They shake hands]
Rick: Doing good, Glenn. Thanks.
Beck: You bet.
Rick: Thank you for the kind words.
Beck: It's not kind words, it's the truth.  Um.  You have been on Israel and Iran for a very long time.
I have
Would you agree with me that Israel is the key to the Middle East?  I mean, if you pull it out, the West collapses.
Yeah, it's our anchor in the Middle East.  It's a strategic ally for us.  It's also essential for the Jewish people.  I mean, we can't ignore the history of the Jewish people and understand the significance to the world of having the Jewish homeland.  So it is a strategic ally for us, it is a stopper for the Middle East, as you mentioned, but it's also an important humanitarian place as well.
I am going over to Poland in a couple of weeks on something that's a venture that I'm doing.  I'm not going to do a special on Auschwitz per se.  I'm visiting Auschwitz.  But I am talking about the town, which is just a few miles outside the gate.  And I'm doing my research and trying to figure out how did this happen?  Poland -- I didn't know this when I first started doing my research -- Poland rose up.  A lot of Poles rose up to try to help the Jews, but they had nothing left.  They had no arms.  The Jews couldn't defend themselves.  They had no state.  They had nothing.  At least at this point, we have a Jewish state that can defend themselves, but the world says they shouldn't.
Well, I mean, the whole key to all of this is that the people are opposing the Israeli state in the Middle East have never recognized the existence of the state of Israel.  You cannot pull away from Israel.  You have to stand by Israel until the people who seek to do them harm come to terms with the fact that Israel will exist and the United States -- and hopefully the world -- will stand behind their right to exist.  As long as the Palestinian authority, as long as the others in the Middle East, refuse to accept Israel's right to be there, then there can be no peace.  And we should not force Israel into any negotiation until that condition is met.  
Do you think America has enough courage to turn the tide on Israel?
If we had a strong leader who had the respect of the world, yes, the answer is.  Because we've done it in the past.  Leaders throughout the course of time that Israel has been in place have stood strongly with them, and as a result, Israel has had a modicum of stability and success.  We see now is a president who is backing away -- as you've talked about here -- and internationalist, someone who sees his role as transcending the presidency.
And sees his role as working with the international community to their own ends.  Not to the ends of the national security interests of our country.  Not to the ends of of supporting allies who are strategic for us.  But to the ends of some greater goal than the goals here in the United States.
Okay, um when we come back, I want to talk about -- America, have you seen this yet? [Holds up magazine.]  Time magazine.  The Constitution: Does it still matter?  They're conclusion -- nah, not so much.  And, Rolling Stone, and what they said about Michelle Bachmann.  Um.  The role of God in  your [Santorum's] life, creation of jobs in America, what we're doing with the Fed--

Beck gets cut off for--

More in a few hours.  Time for a dinner break!

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