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16 June 2011

WI's Collective Bargaining law...

is going to take effect in late June.

Secretary of State Doug LaFollette said Wednesday that he would publish the bill June 28, meaning it will be effective June 29....  Some critics have questioned why La Follette is delaying the law's publishing. He said Wednesday he didn't understand the hurry to publish a law that is going to "harm and affect" thousands of people.  "I just don't see what the big rush is here," he said.
Dear SoS LaFollette,
It is not your job to determine if a law is good or bad, worthy of enactment or not worthy of enactment.  That is the role of the legislature.  The WI Supreme Court just ruled about separation of powers, dude.  YOUR OPINION about any given law is just that.  Your opinion.  Your civic duty as Secretary of State is to publish the laws determined by the legislature and signed into law by the Governor.  You have a legally defined maximum of ten days to publish a law.  In case, ya know, you have the flu or there is a blizzard which prevents you from coming into the office.  OR in case a crappy, partisan SoS oversteps and thinks it's his duty to evaluate laws and determine whether or not a given law harms people, subsequently attempting to thwart the political process by not publishing a law.  Oh, but that would never happen, eh, Doug?

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