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26 June 2011

Who said it: Democrat or Republican?

A Wisconsin blogger has asked an important question regarding the celebrations -- the "glory" -- at the end of the road when questionable tactics wereused to achieve victory.  In other words, do the means justify the ends?  I've clipped some quotes from the blog.

  • Our ethics is what holds the whole democracy ball together.
  • The system we honor allows for a seemingly endless opportunity to initiate, argue, and communicate our political stance through elections, legislative efforts, and following the rules of political engagement....  We can engage in a myriad of activities to express and legislate our convictions.
  • All of this activity of democracy rides upon a single track.  We agree to follow the rules of engagement.  No matter how strongly we feel about any issue, political gain, or legislative action -- we agree to stay within the rules of engagement.
  • [A group] has, I fear, become drunk with new found power and allowed their strength of purpose to promulgate activities to manipulate, bend, or ignore rules so they can do what is best for Wisconsin.
  • Oh, your followers will laud your accomplishments until the inevitable day when they learn how you went outside the rules and were using steroids.

The blog continues, citing a few instances meant to support the idea that one side of the Wisconsin divide is using questionable means to accomplish their end goal -- that one side has crossed a line.

What do you think?  Which side is being criticized?  (You can check out this link to find out the answer, but try to guess the answer on your own first.)

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