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24 June 2011

Books & Cakes!

If only the emperors would give us cakes and BOOKS instead of cakes and circuses.  That'd be a swell world.  (Of course, with all of the learnin' that accompanies readin', that's just not a good move for the emperor.)

I woke up this morning and inexplicably walked outside.  I usually wait a few hours to do that.  There, outside, were my parents (in their car), whose summer home is next door to my current summer lake house.  And who I rarely see until evening.

They were holding two packages for me.
1. A shipping box full of books, on which I've been waiting for days (weeks! months!)
2. Chocolate chip pancakes & bacon.

What a treat!

On the summer reading list:

The Corrections (which I'm currently reading -- an enjoying -- but I'm not moving very quickly.  This might be better as a Fall book.)
a Bonhoeffer biography
The Nazi Connection to Islamic Terrorism
The Original Argument
Brave New World
Rules for Radicals
The Five Thousand Year Leap
Tropic of Cancer
The Creature from Jekyll Island
Righteous Indignation

Didn't make the cut (but waiting in my virtual shopping cart):
The Secret Knowledge
The Science of Success
Are You There, Vodka?  It's Me, Chelsea
The Coming Insurrection
The Shadow Party
Unholy Alliance

I'm really regretting not buying The Secret Knowledge, so I may need to sneak that in when I order books for my dad's birthday.  I'm also still looking for a good history book about modern-day Israel.  (By modern, I'm trying to differentiate between biblical history and WWII.)

Any suggestions for me?  There's only so much you can learn on the internet (plus, I'm of the older generation, and words don't click as much in my head when I read them on the screen instead of in a book).  The Road to Serfdom, perhaps?  Audacity of Hope?  Philip Roth?  Some juicy bit of new (or old) fiction?  I almost bought some Joyce and Faulkner this trip.

What do you like to read?

ADDED:  I read Rules for Radicals in college when I was studied social movement theory and rhetoric.  (At the time, I believe I found it fascinating and inspirational.)  I didn't remember this until a few weeks ago.  Recently, whenever I would hear people discuss "the playbook", it sounded familiar... it just took awhile to put two and two together.  I found this book fascinating in college.  Now it sits on my shelf, staring at me like a devil.  That might be one I read in parts rather than cover to cover.  *Shudder*

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