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24 June 2011

How Will Wisconsin's Budget Cuts Affect YOU?

The IWF has a "non-partisan" answer.  Since I'm currently not in Madison (and embrace the northwoods -- and any chance to pretend I actually live up here year-round), I checked out the stats for my current little town.  According to these stats, my town will have $9,127 less moneys.  The town's population is just under 1000, so that will affect each town member by about $9.

Sounds okay to me.

The website also notes
There are 1,943 public workers in Vilas County. Under the proposedstate budget, each will lose about $2,071 in take‐home pay.  This will reduce local buying andeconomic activity by $4 million leading to closed businesses and retail job losses. 

First, this is just not true.  The $4 million dollars not being paid to the state employees is money that's not being attained because taxes weren't raised; that $4 million dollars is currently in the wallets of Vilas county.  It is fallacious to assume that it will not be spent.  The assumption of closed businesses and retail losses as a result of public employees having less take-home pay is a strawman argument.  We, the people, deserve better from the propaganda machines.

Now, let's say that $4 million dollars were taken out of Vilas county wallets via taxes.  Would that result in $4 million dollars being spent at businesses and preventing their closure and other retail losses?  NO.  About $1 million would be taxed, going into state and federal programs but not into keeping the economy vibrant.

Let's not forget union dues!  I'll be incredibly generous and assume an average dues payment of $35/month.  By my math, that's just over $800,000.

So, this website has taught me that Governor Walker's budget puts $1.8 million back into this county's economy that wouldn't otherwise be there, and it only cost each member of my town $9 of government services to do it.

Thank you, Governor Walker!  (I can't wait to find out how sweet Madison made out in the deal...)

I couldn't resist.  Here are the numbers for Madison.  You ready?  For $35 less services per person, there's $121 million more in the economy.  Egad.  Beware, entrepreneurs!


  1. that $4 million dollars is currently in the wallets of Vilas county...

    no it's not...are yar really claiming to bee a deep thinkr? cuz yar dont seem able to think yar way outta a wet paper bag hahahaha

  2. Instead of raising taxes, Walker opted for budget decisions that resulted in, among other things, reduced take-home pay for public-sector union employees.

    IWF claims that these budget changes and their effects on public-sector employee paychecks will reduce the amount of money spent in Vilas county (by public-sector employees, via their paychecks) by $4 million.

    If, as you claim, that $4 million dollars is not in taxpayer wallets, where is it?