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29 July 2011

while we await the House vote: Gutfeld on the TEA Party

Greg Gutfeld, The Five, 28 July 2011:
The TEA party is actually a threat to this duopoly.  This is what's so interesting about it.  It is the most encouraging political movement I've ever seen....  This is a group of people based on a principle.  They are metaphorically a brick wall.  It's why the people like Wasserman are going crazy, because they've never seen anything like it.  
I love this.  It also makes me wonder about the uber lefties I know...  Perhaps some of their TEA Party hate is misguided jealousy.  I mean, both groups hate what the establishment has done to our country.  Both groups want a revolution.  Hell, exchange "Taxed Enough Already" for "Tax the Rich", and voila!  The uber left IS the Tea Party.

But for all of the lefties' bitching on the Daily Kos and stomping around the Wisconsin Capitol in Madison, they didn't get organized first.  That damn TEA Party beat them to it.  They mocked the TEA Party, and the TEA party incited an election wave in 2010 that undid the Democrat monopoly on the electable branches of government.

The biggest fear of the uber left is that the MSM might figure out that, really, the only difference between them and the TEA Party is that the TEA Party is better at it.  At all of it.

I mean, the left has been cuckoo bananas for starting a third party and turning the system upside down for whole long now?  The Green Party, that's what they got.  How's that workin' out for y'all?  The TEA Party has fused themselves into government TO THE EXTENT that they are, in Wasserman's words, "taking the country hostage" via their legislative choices.  I'm not commenting on the morality of that statement when I say that that is something that the left-equivalent has NEVER been able to do.

Take a building hostage?  Sure.  Alinskify the hell out of a target?  Sure.  But acutally, legitimately, have Congressional power?  In your dreams, comrades.  And you detest that the TEA Party has accomplished what you could never do.  Can't wait for Soros to use you, chew you up, and spit you out.

(Truth be told, I would prefer that Soros never get that far.)

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