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29 July 2011

Where did the Tea Party come from? MSNBC answers

I'm listening to MSNBC.  The vote in the House just passed Boehner's plan (+BBA amendment), putting the ball in the Senate's court.  There is so much to talk about that's coming up, but what are they talking about?  That damn Tea Party.  If it weren't for those meddling kids...

Al Sharpton (I think that's Sharpton... he's looks different to me right now) is saying, regarding the Tea Party: "Here we are.  The monster is alive.  The Squeaker, I mean Speaker Boehner has no way to control it."

Joining him is an investigative reporter from -- get this -- Think Progress.  Yep.  (And they dare call out Fox's credibility?)

They discuss the monstrosity that is the Tea Party, which apparently is taking over the Republican party.  It's taking over!  Guard your children, lest they be taught about George Washington!  Apparently, both the left and right have been working on grassroots efforts to rise up and blahblahblah.  The DIFFERENCE is -- you'll love this -- the left (America Coming Together, Joint Victory Campaign, The Media Fund, The Thunder Road Group, America Votes, Center for American Progress,, ACORN, AFL-CIO, Media Matters, Think Progress, SEIU, 527527527527527527527527...) did it all for the awesomeness of doing it.  The right, however, paid peeps to start stuff going.  Specifically, they claim the Koch brothers paid to start stuff up.

I don't know a single Tea Partier who adopted the cause who was paid.  Nor can I think of a single glossy ad promoting the Tea Party.  Join us!  Wave this yellow flag!  Cool kids like the Gasdsen Snake!

As if.

If the only foil to Soros the left can come up with is the Bros Koch, that shows just how squeaky clean the Tea Party is.

More importantly -- they are PISSED.  The left is pissed, Soros is pissed, (therefore) Obama is pissed...  This silly little group of troopers that was supposed to be a passing housewife/racist fad not only stormed 2010 but was THE key group to influence the vote tonight.  If those Tea Partiers had all been plain ol' Republicans, the first bill would have been voted upon (and passed) the House last night.  And, AHEM, that would have been without the Balanced Budget Amendment attached to it.

The Dems did NOT want that constitutional amendment.  And they needn't have been saddled with it, if they had voted for a compromise last night.  They could have even tricked the Rs -- agreed to a compromise and then sneaked a compromise deal in at the end.  Then the NO vote (if it happened) would be on the Republicans, and there would be verifiable proof of the Rs' alleged unwillingness to compromise.

Nope.  The Dems were all in, and they didn't blink when the Republicans doubled down.  They didn't think that Boehner would get the votes.  Which means they thought the Tea Party would stand firm.  Which means they were calling the Tea Party monstrous hostage takers... why?  Are they new?  Do they really think that kind of bullshit will make Tea Party people... well, do what, exactly?  What did they want?  Did they want the bill to fail?  Then why antagonize the one faction on which success/ failure hinged?

Which brings me to the most important part -- "IT WASN'T SUPPOSED TO BE THEM!!"  Obama's most faithful were supposed to rise up after 2008 and form a super force to push him through any possible challenge.  Instead, the Tea Party rose up BECAUSE OF Obama.  The Tea Party wave crashed onto the shores of 2010.  And the left is PISSED, because THAT group was supposed to be them.  Soros money was supposed to buy them that group.  Obama's smile was supposed to buy them that group.

This Tea Party beast is one that can't be politicized into complacency.  They have principles.  They were elected for a primary (fiscal) purpose.  They are too green to be snookered.  And the left can't stand it, because THAT minority-minority group ended up holding ALL of the power in this vote.  THAT minority-minority vote was supposed to be THEM, goddamnit!

(Side note:  Why the hell didn't the Democrats put a stopper in the Democrat Media Machine and try to work out a deal with the Tea Party.  If they could look at them like people, real live people, they might have been able to string together a deal that would have secured enough NO votes.  After that, the Dems wouldn't need to fufill their end of the bargain.  It's be boohoo for the Tea Party, welcome to Washington.  Instead they call them terrorist monsters?  What the hell kind of bipartisan spirit is that?  No.  What the hell kind of political smarts is that??  Are all of the Democrats under the Soros spell and cannot believe that a plucky group of patriots could overtake a giant empire?  News flash!  That's exactly how this country was formed.)


  1. Just discovered your blog. I like your writing style.

    There is an implication on the other side of the coin of this post; the Republican establishment does not know what to make of the Tea Party either.

    Republicans and conservative talking heads are still voting the supplicant stance as if nothing has changed. In fact they are afraid they will be voted out if they do not take what I call the blue dog Democrat middle.

    I believe this is a mistake. The world has turned. I suggest the scenario where Tea Party conservatives inflict historic damage on the Senate and continue their demolition of the House in 2012 to be the most likely one, despite the shrill and irrational rantings of the MSM.

    And many Republican pundits will be swept away. Let's begin with the Weekly Standard:)

  2. I agree that Republicans don't know what to think of the Tea Party. They (old school Rs) were bred to believe that leaning to the middle is "safe" -- and now we have an amazing crew of patriots who were elected to NOT sway to the middle, who were elected to stand for fiscal responsibility. I wonder if the Rs might be nervous enough to, when under fire, start standing on conservative principles rather than seeking shelter in the middle.

    I hope the Tea Party storms 2012. And I hope that might send the message to the Republicans that when the world is falling apart, "compromise" won't fix a damn thing.