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26 May 2011

"Judge strikes down Walker's collective bargaining law"

Read story here.  One step of the fight was struck down, but the war's far from over.

This really ain't a big deal.  It was bound to happen, especially given the politics of the judge.  No one thought this court would make the final decision.  Next, one of two things will happen.

1. Case keeps going through the court system til it gets to the state Supreme Court.
2. Walker tries to re-pass the bill.

With the students gone -- but teachers going on summer break soon -- I wonder if the govt will risk re-passing the bill, thus also risking a flood of protesters at the Capitol.


I find WI politics obsessively interesting, as well as exhausting, depressing, and generally a display of the worst parts of society (on both sides).  Today I'm feeling too tired to get on a soapbox.  I can only hope that the protesters feel the same way, too.

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