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26 May 2011

Why I Write Novels

I'm quite shy.  Once I get to know ya, I'll talk your ear off. Blogging is new to me.  I usually write novels and long essays.

In both written and spoken word, Brevity is not my forte.

I'm finding this whole blog thing very interesting, but I'm finding it difficult to pick a topic.  I start writing, and an hour later, I realize that I still haven't made my point.  (Then I toss it.)  I think I need to start with small chunks.  Don't worry if the whole WHOLE W-H-O-L-E point is espoused.  Do another blog some other time and link to relevant points.  blah blah blah

I enjoy typing, and I'm trying to get my fast chops back, so the weird TV recaps have been fun.  When I have access to a DVR in a few weeks, I should be able to really have some fun with them -- hopefully in a more readable way.  I think I'll try to keep up with the Beck recaps at least.  With him leaving Fox sometime soon (rumored for the end of the summer -- if he doesn't get shot in Jerusalem, that is), I think he's gonna stop holding back.  Fuck the sponsors.  Fuck Fox.  Fuck Media Matters.  Fuck Soros.

I'm still stunned by his eerie alignment of his trip to Israel and Courage campaign, and how it aligned with the new Israel news.  It's not like he's Nostradamus or whatever, but damn, he's good at watching the other hand.

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