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12 November 2012

Romney Lost... What now?

I've seen a lot of emotions and political philosophy being tossed around .  It's my turn to weigh in, I suppose.

I believe in God & country. I believe that God is on the side of freedom. I believe that if Romney were the only/best path back to a truer America, we would have won. I now believe that we have to hit a worse rock bottom before the idiots get their heads out of their butts; however, I also believe that while America is near the tipping point, America is not yet forever lost. IMHO.

I believe the soul of our country is sick -- sick like a junkie. Some who vote against the betterment of the country know better, some don't, some hate America and want to transform it into something else. Sick like a fuckin' junkie. I never thought Romney was the Magic Cure. No single, one president can fix a junkie-country. I thought a President Romney could slightly turn the Titanic away from the iceberg, buying us time to better prepare for harder times ahead of us and perhaps making the eventual iceberg-collision a little less devastating. Instead, the whole country is gonna hurt a lot more than it needed to, and it's gonna happen sooner than it needed to. It's a damn shame, but what's the point of the captain steering the boat a little to the right if enough of the passengers don't believe that the boat is capable of sinking? Maybe that's part of our job now -- reaching out to the passengers in the boat.

It feels like we are outnumbered, but the margin is so small that it is nearly insignificant. (Especially given the amount of voter fraud that we know exists, and especially since 300,000 different votes in key swing states would've gotten Romney a victory, and especially because [fill in the blank myriad horseshit]. Point being -- small ass margin.) Apparently, there are some (many) dumbfuck voters who still believe the lie that government is the answer. (Or, maybe they simply cannot admit that their '08 Obama vote was a racially driven, affirmative-action vote; thus, they voted for him again to try and prove to themselves that they're not racist. I digress.) 

Our country is a heroin/benefits junkie. Sometimes junkies go into drug-induced comas when trying to sober up, so they don't have to experience the horrible withdrawal. (QE-infinity comes to mind, but, again, I digress.) But those are the junkies that have a higher percentage of falling off the wagon -- because they don't experience the pains of withdrawal. It appears that America has to hurt -- and to feel the hurt deep in our bones -- before the more rational of the stoopid Obama voters will see the light. It's gonna suck. But maybe we have to hit the iceberg hard -- and then have all hands on deck to yell out warnings beforehand and then fix the damn boat once it hits. America is the only country built on an idea, and it's a helluva a lot stronger than some damn boat. We can bring her back to her glory. 

Until then, until we hit the iceberg, we can freak out about the country being lost... but we've been on this course for awhile, and the country has been losing its way for a long time. Have any of us experienced true liberty in our lifetimes? I don't know. But I do believe that in an election where more than 40% voted on either side, it cannot be the tipping point if everyone remains vigilant on their home turf. (WI being our home turf.)

If Romney was the only way out of the mess, then we are screwed. But this is goddamn America, and there are no "only one way" options. We are tough. We are innovators. We don't just survive, we thrive. We invented the lightning rod, and Morse code, and toilet paper, and roller skates (ahem), and the vibrator, and jeans, and ball point pens, and zippers, and the assembly line, and air conditioning, the air plane, and cheeseburgers, and chocolate chip cookies, and electric guitars, and deodorant, and airbags, and spandex, and PCs, and email, and cell phones, and FB, and and and... Hard days are ahead, but all is not lost. We are Americans. There will be better days for our children or grandchildren, days we might not be alive to see but that will exist nonetheless, but only if we continue to do our own part in our little corners of the world.

Those are my thoughts, as best and as briefly as I can put into words right now. I'll be trying to shut up about this now, and instead I'll be trying to focus my energy on the hard road ahead of us and very important work we have not yet accomplished. We may not live to see the eventual fruits of our labor (hell, the progressives have been building their movement for a century), but those fruits will never be known if we do not fight now.

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  1. For health reasons, I have not been actively blogging. Perhaps now this will change. Seems like a good time, anyways. We'll see how it goes. I write this blog, and I approve this message.