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27 March 2012

More Conservative Discrimination in WI

Everywhere you go in WI, there are people displaying their approval or disapproval of Governor Scott Walker. This can take the form of anything from a t-shirt to a sneer reacting to that t-shirt.  Great!  Political discussion is good.  Ideological expression and diversity of opinions are great.  The key, of course, is often displayed on liberal bumper stickers.  We must COEXIST.

Apparently the liberals in Madison have some trouble with that.

The newest story:  A Wisconsin woman was fired for having a pro-Walker sign on her car.  Her frickin car in the frickin parking lot.  Does her car even have anything to do with her job?  Nope, she's a custodian.

The story, as it was originally reported, was that Mary Taylor was not told to remove the sign from her car.  Radio personality Mark Belling has uncovered evidence that shows she WAS ordered to remove it.

My question: Why aren't the Wisconsin MSM sources doing their jobs and looking in the same areas as Mark Belling?  If the information was available to Belling, surely it would be available to at least ONE of the state's seasoned reporters.  Did the WI MSM find this information and suppress it, or did they not even bother doing their jobs and searching for all available evidence?


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